Jack The Reaper 2 is Horror Thriller Slasher film and second part of Jack the Reaper Starring Lucy Hale,Steven R.McQueen,Michael Travino,Briana Evigan,Laura Ramsey,Travis Van Winkle,Bobby Campo,Darren Chriss,Marry Elizabeth winstead,Colton Haynes,Daniel Sharman,Britt Robertson,Ronney Mara,Penn Bagdley,Dylan O'brien,Malese Jow,Keke Palmer,Brandon t.Jackson,Alexandra Daddario and Selena Gomez with Jackie Ear Harley


A group of innocent teens are facing a railroad reaper in his desert carnival.



Lucy Hale As Kimberly(Kit) Taylor/main and tyler girlfriend and Jeremy sister

Steven R.McQueen As Jeremy Taylor/Kit little brother and Lisa boyfriend

Michael Travino As Tyler Bronson/Kit boyfriend and Jeremy Best Friend

Briana Evigan As Alice Eve/Kit first best friend and jason girlfriend

Laura Ramsey As Sam Val Salt/Kit second best friend

Travis Van Winkle As Joe/Sam boyfriend

Bobby Campo As Jason/Alice boyfriend

Darren Chriss As Dalton/Trent best friend

Marry Elizabeth winstead As Melissa/Alice Friend

Colton Haynes As Trent/Jeremy friend

Daniel Sharman As Danni/Jeremy friend

Britt Robertson As Lisa/Jeremy girlfriend

Ronney Mara As Shery/Kit Best Friend

Penn Bagdley As Teddy/Tyler friend

Dylan O'brien As Carl/Jeremy friend

Malese Jow As Shelby/Carl Girlfriend and Jeremy friend

Keke Palmer As julie/tyler friend

Brandon t.Jackson As Michael/Alice and kit Friend

Alexandra Daddario As Danna Lewis/she appears at the end she is the principal of the next movie

Selena Gomez As Raven Damon/she appears at the end she is the principal of the next movie

Jackie Ear Harley As Jack Reaper


Shery-crossed with cane basket churros

Carl-pierced in the mouth with the pike

Shelby-across your chest with pike

Dalton-face stuck in the grill of corn dogs

Melisa-bound and will throw darts to death

Joe-crossed over the head with the stick blade

Teddy-stabbed in the belly with the sink and run over by a trolley roller coaster

Julie-crossed over the head with a spear

Danni and Trent-double decapitation

Jason-impaled in chest by ax

Lisa-stabbed in the head

Sam-Stabbed in mouth by Machete

Alice-ax in back

Jack reaper-?¿?¿?¿


Tyler,Jeremy,kit and Michael

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