Jack Frost 3 is a horror short american fantasy movie it star Shannon Elizabeth, Scott MacDonald, Velma Naniel, Jordan Clarkson, Bella Sana, Kristyna Kohoutova, Soday Sunny and Urnold MacDonald it co-starring Maria Belle with Shawnee Swith and Candy Clark

Summary Plot (31 minutes)

Jill is now alive Jacks back again in one day Jill was have a daughter two called Jacky and Alard a little baby female (Kristyna Kohoutova and Bella Sana) one day her daughter is now kid playing to the playground but Jill have a husband called Baldy

Baldy is her father Jack happy revenge Jack Frost shot her daughter with a two-ice Jill scream Jack get Jill and shot her husband but Jacky survive

one day she was now a adult. she have a friend now too her friends is died now killed by Jack and Jill was inside Jack body but throw her a icicides more and her friend died she running but Jack hold her foot and drowned into water


Jill- raped and died

Maria (Bella Sana)- died by icicides

Jack (Jordan Clarkson)- homicide by Jack with a gun and said ''you bitch''

Lean (Shawnee Swith)- sex and died

Mrs. Marn (Candy Clark)- get killed by Jack Frost

Alard- drowned to Jack turn water

Naniel (Maria Belle)- get drowned in the swimming pool

Jack Frost- get shot by a banana bow and smooties


Kris (Soday Sunny)

Mark (Urnold MacDonald)

Jacky (Kristyna Kohoutova)

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