Jack Bald Eagdehog is The Video Game Franchies.


  • Jack Blad Eagdehog (Voiced by Gerg Clips), a Fusion between Bald Eagle and hedgehog & the Main Character.
  • Kitty Catspaws (Voiced by Grey Delise), A Diapered Black and White Cat & a Girlfriend to Jack Bald Eagdehog.
  • Toddsteroxaos Fox (Voiced by Tom Kenny), a Genius Fox & a Old Elematery Friend of Jack.
  • Mattewausalis Hippo (Voiced by Chris Murphy), a Wrestler Hippo & a Middle Friend of Jack.
  • Professor Chimpan (Voiced by Mike Pollock), a Evil Champanzee Professor & the Wicked Arch Enemy of Jack, He Like Taking Over the Universe once & for all.
  • Rusakvkey Bulldogster (Voiced by Mike Madeoy), a Roughest Toughest Wickiest Bulldog Ganster From Utah & Former Friend & former Enemy to Jack.
  • Jucsbounceracko Bullfrogaton (Voiced by William Salyers), a Bullfrog who is a Millionair & Lived in london, Untied Kingdom & a Former Enemy & Friend to Jack.
  • Madam Starlighter Ruby Gold (Voiced by Jamie Marchi), a Vodo Female Crockdille Who's like Vodo magic & she's Born in Haiti.
  • Sarikuai Maysatiotaytiosamaskaitiousyuto (Voiced by Hironori Miyata (Both English & Japanese)), a Hedgehog who's make Ultimate Video games & Fireworks But a Former Frinemy to Jack.


  • The Unknown Island of Baccachubu (Jack's Homeisland)
  • Utah (States of The Untied States)
  • Peral Habor (Rusakvkey's Battlefield in World War 2.8)
  • Haiti (Madam Starlighter Ruby Gold's Homeworld)
  • Japan
  • The Ultimate Island of Hardcore Deadly Lair of professer Chimpan
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