Jack, no other name or title given is a notoriously powerful being who believes that he is the most powerful creature in the entire universe


Jack appears as a young adult male dressed in a black tuxedo and with dark, short black hair and ruby red eyes. His appearance can change depending on which form from which timeline of himself that he becomes.


Though he'd never admit it, Jack is a gratingly arrogant person who firmly believes that he is the strongest person in the universe. He plays by his own rules, fighting unfair and abusing his powers to their limits to crush all whom stand in his way, and believes himself infinitely

Powers & Abilities

Though most of his powers are unknown, he has demonstrated several chemical warping abilities to his advantage. This is because that in his base form, Jack posessess very few powers in truth, and is infact outclassed by the likes of Matsunaga Jordan

Natural Abilities

Tremendous Speed: Jack is capable of moving at speeds marginally faster than light itself, as shown in his first conflict with Matsuga Jordan.

Attacks & Techniques

Weight Amplification: Jack can amplify the weight of oxygen particles themselves to tremendous levels, solidifying them and making them weigh up to tens of millions of tons per particle.

Sound Manipulation: Jack is capable of causing agonizingly massive amounts of noise, a technique he tried to use to destroy his most threatening rival, Matsunaga Jordan, to no avail.

Gravity Warping: In his first conflict with Matsunaga Jordan he attempted to make the latter fall off the face of the earth by warping gravity to perform such an act, though it was fruitless ultimately.


Stopwatch: Stopwatch is an alternate form of Jack from a different timeline that can be summonned to aid him at any time, usually appearing out of a portal behind Jack to block attacks or pull him in. Stopwatch had demonstrated spacetime manipulative capabilities. Though not a transformation, Stopwatch can still be summonned to aid Jack in battle, having considerebly faster than light bandages that can deflect incoming attacks.

Stopwatch-Fused Form: During a three way battle between himself, Otora, and Shiromutsu, Jack fused with Online Stopwatch to obtain an even higher level of power. When fusing, Jack bonds with his mummified counterpart on the cellular level, often yielding in an exceedingly gory transformation where jack is torn apart and re assembled as stopwatches bandages to their work to assemble the two.

Elder Jack: The proclaimed most powerful form of Jack, from a distant future timeline. In this state, Jack claims to be ten times more powerful than any omnipotent, though this is a baseless hyperbole and blatant lie as he still exists as a single being. The very best that Jack has demonstrated this form is reality warping, and size manipulation on a universal scale, aswell as particle disassembly and re-assembly on a multiversal scale, as shown when he tried to destroy Jordan by seperating his particles and dispersing them through limitless multiverses.


"I'm still better" -Jack Speaking to Otora Jordan

Behind The Scenes

Jack is actually a roleplay character belonging to a friend of mine who insists he has the better character than i, when he doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time, this is my silent method of trolling him back xD

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