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The JLA Wiki features a new list of antagonists that keep a very low profile. Unlike the other villains, they use the very embodiment of a group of magical girls to oppose the JLA. Although their short term goal is to destroy the JLA, their long term goal is to overwrite the laws of Paradise Island so that man and woman can enter there in peace without the fear of man being executed.

Using the very embodiment of those magical girls, they think of ideas that can utilize the powers of 1 of them to cause serious destruction and immense damage.


Vector X- Aphrodite's creator and guardian of Paradise Island. (formerly, now antagonist)

Persephone - First appears in episode 5, however later on, she will become an antagonist as foreshadowed by Misfortune.


There are two antagonists

  • Vector X - a gynoid that was once created to manage and enforce Aphrodite's Law on Paradise Island, now has gone rogue to destroy Paradise Island. She possibly has a grudge against Wonder Woman, calling her a bigot for enforcing a law that prejudges men.