Jk JangWorks is a 2017 action-adventure animated comedy featuring LEGO bricks and minifigures. It was produced and released by Chris6dFilms, and stars Chris6d, JANGBRiCKS, and JK Brickworks.


The film mostly takes place in the real world, as its premise revolves around the real life LEGO enthusiasts and YouTubers Jason Allemann (JK Brickworks) and Bamidele O. Shangobunmi (JANGBRiCKS) meeting up at a Chris6d Convention which happened to feature both of their LEGO creations next to each other on display.

Adventure of John and Vanessa

The film begins in New Jang City, JANGBRiCKS' real life LEGO model city. In the film, the city is complete and citizens of New Jang City live, work, play in and explore what the city has to offer, from its towering skyscrapers to deep underwater explorations. Two LEGO minifigures, John and Vanessa Phlegmenhammer, live in a suburban house in the city and are having trouble raising their only infant son, John Jr., due to financial problems.

John is watching the news one morning and sees that the city is trying to find someone who would be willing to swim down into the depths of the New Jang Bay (what would be Jang's underwater exploration section of the city in real life, but obviously expanded for the film) and find a rare coin underneath an old shipwreck, worth millions of dollars, and give the person who found it a percentage of this money. John realizes this is the perfect opportunity to get the money to fix up the house and become financially stable to be able to support their son. John also always wanted to be a deep sea explorer, but his mother wanted him to become a trash collector, but when John went to take the trash collector test, he bombed it on purpose to prove a point to his mother. He then tried to pursue his dreams of being a sea explorer, but it was too late. He had already met Vanessa and was getting married soon, and right after their honeymoon, couldn't control themselves and found out a few days later that Vanessa was pregnant with John Jr.

Wow, I know, right, so much for a LEGO film. But that's the backstory. Anyways, John applies to do the deep sea diving to find the coin and get paid. Of course, Vanessa is against this due to the "dangerousness" of it, but John convinces her that this the perfect opportunity to get money fast, as well as it's what he always wanted to do but never had a chance. John submits an application to be the diver, and luckily, after a few days, he gets a letter from the mayor of New Jang City, telling him that he has been selected to take part in this adventure. Excited, John heads to City Hall to meet with the mayor, and from there they head to the shore, where everything is all set up to equip John with the proper gear, so he can head down into the water and find. This. Coin.

John gears up, and down he goes. After a few hours, his oxygen tank is starting to run dangerously low, but he is too far under the water to come up for more air. He is about to call it off when luckily, he finds the coin after hours of searching. He barely makes it out alive, but he is safe, and he's retreived the coin. Everyone heads back to City Hall, where John finds out the coin is worth 3,000,000 coins! But John only gets a 30% cut, so he gets 900,000 coins. Still a lot, John is overjoyed and he and Vanessa, who was waiting with him, rush home to start their new life with a lot more money. Aww, isn't it nice when animated figures get what they need? Or is this just weird? Well, don't think of it as weird, think of it as a valuable lesson in an animated kids' movie, where everything works out. Like the LEGO movie. Creep.

Jang and JK

Except this part's not animated. We find out that it was Jang himself playing as these figures all along, in his own city. All of a sudden, his doorbell rings and he answers it, and sees the mail truck pulling away. He looks in the mailbox and sees a letter from the Chris6dConvention. It is a letter inviting Jang to partake in the Chris6dConvention LEGO display contest. Each person who got this letter must build an awesome LEGO Creation, and the top two winners will have their creations displayed side by side at the Chris6dConvention in New York City, coming up soon. Excited, Jang gets to work on a concept for his creation.

We now switch to JK Brickworks (Jason)'s point of view, at his home in Toronto. He is at work building his next LEGO invention, a mini LEGO washing machine which works in the same manner as a real washing machine, except it's smaller and made to wash LEGO pieces, not clothes. His "Ultimate LEGO Machine" makes an appearance in a comedic scene, as well as his various other inventions, such as the LEGO Printer, Keyboard, Orrery, Maze, Clock, Buses, various animals, and others also appear in comedic scenes. All of a sudden, his doorbell rings and in his mailbox is the same letter that Jang got. Wasting no time, Jason gets to work on his concept.

Three weeks later, all submissions are submitted and the results are in: the two builders that won were, you guessed it: Jason and Jang. Woohoo. The following week, the Chris6dConvention is in effect and Chris6d himself is there giving a speech on-stage and later signing autographs. Everyone loves him, especially the ladies. Meanwhile, both Jang's and Jason's LEGO creations are on display side by side, and at this point, Jang and Jason meet for the first time. They talk about how good each other's creations are, that they've watched each other on YouTube before, and how awesome Chris6d and this convention is. Just then, Chris6d comes over to them, pats both of them on the back, and acknowledges how awesome he is, despite not being with them yet when the two of them acknowledged how awesome he was, resulting an a comedic scene. Chris6d then talks to them about how awesome their creations are, and thanks them for building them. The three of them agree to go get some coffee after the convention, and that hopefully the paparazi won't follow them.

Demise of New Jang City

Back at New Jang City, things are quiet since Jang isn't around. In fact, no one has been home for the week that the convention is running. The people of New Jang City, the LEGO residents, have lost hope and faith, plunged into the eternal darkness (which, in reality, are the lights in the room off, but they don't know that). All of a sudden, shown from the LEGO citizens' point of view, the city is destroyed suddenly. Buildings collapse and the ground collapses, swallowing everything and everyone. Everyone in New Jang City dies. The city is no more. The reason? In reality, due to a flaw in Jang's house deed, the city had bought over Jang's house and demolished it completely to make way for a doughnut 🍩 warehouse.

However, at the same time, Chris6d, Jason and Jang are out at a coffee shop in New York City, talking about their lives and how it was so nice of Chris6d to invite them for coffee, since he is the best person ever for taking the time out to hang out with sincere fans, unlike most celebrities, who are selfish liberals. All of a sudden, Jang gets a call from his wife, who is staying at a hotel a few blocks from the convention (which has since ended), saying that she got a call from a neighbor saying that the city has demolished their house to make way for a doughnut factory. Shocked, Jang tells Jason and Chris6d the news, and Chris6d vows that under his watch, this will not happen. He will help Jang fight this and rebuild his house.

Fighting for Jang's House

Chris6d, Jason and Jang (and his wife) head to California, specifically the site of Jang's former house, where the mayor of the town as well as construction men are working. Chris6d, Jang and Jason storm up to the mayor and demand that this cannot happen. The mayor replies that due to a flaw in the deed for Jang's house, starting last week the city now has the right to the property. A local donut company has invested millions of dollars to build this warehouse, since Jang's house and property was by far the biggest on the block. Eventually, after some legal battles, funny moments and some run-time of the movie, they eventually succeed, and by the end of the film Jang has a new house rebuilt in the same location, and everything is back to normal. Jang is upset that his New Jang City is gone, along with ALL of his LEGOs (I know "LEGOs" is incorrect, but I don't care), but thanks Chris6d and Jason for their work, and the three go their separate ways for now.

Post credits scene

In a humorous post credits scene, Chris6d gets a call from Jason, saying that the city of Toronto has demolished his house and auctioned off the property, leaving Chris6d to fight his fight, as well.


Production started in 2015 when Chris6d met Jason and Jang in real life, and decided to make a movie. R&Pelch Studios, a new film animation company, was hired by Chris6d to help work the film's animation scenes. R&Pelch Studios was later bought by Chris6dFilms and renamed R&Pelch Productions, and is now a subsidiary production company of Chris6dFilms, mainly specializing in animation.


The film was released on September 1, 2017, and grossed over $1.2 billion dollars. It has been nominated for and won multiple awards and Oscars. Despite some humorous scenes, the film is appropriate for children, being rated PG-13 like all of Chris6d's other films, and like other LEGO movies and comedy movies.


  • The title of the film is a mixture of "JK Brickworks" and "JANGBRiCKS", the two LEGO creators and YouTubers that star in the film.
  • The original title of the film was "JK JangBricks", but was later changed to the current "JK JangWorks".

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