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JAWS II is a sequel to JAWS and a 2017 Horror-Thriller Action 


Old Man Roy disappeared in the ocean with his brother and nephew while they were fishing. Meanwhile, Cindy and Trent raised 6 kids in their home city in Florida, Woodland City a place where they got great restaurants, great schools, great businesses, great parks, great neighborhoods, and a nice huge beach perfect for swimming. But one summer that all changes a severe hurricane hits Woodland City and floods it and that's not all a huge shark hits Woodland City and eats anyone and anything in it's way


Emilie De Ravin as Cindy Douglas, The Main Protagonist

Kellan Lutz as Trent Douglas, The husband of Cindy

Sierra McCormick as Tracy, 1st daughter of Cindy and Trent

Morgan Lily as Vanessa, 2nd daughter of Cindy and Trent

McKenna Grace as Mary, 3rd daughter of Cindy and Trent

Bridger Palmer as Danny, 1st son of Cindy and Trent

Mason Cook as David, 2nd son of Cindy and Trent

August Maturo as Tommy, 3rd son of Cindy and Trent

Jared Padalecki as Norman Strode, Cindy and Trent's neighbor

Genevieve Padalecki as Jerra Strode, Norman's wife

Davis Cleveland as Elvis Strode, Son of Norman and Jerra

Mackenzie Foy as Loretta Strode, 1st daughter of Norman and Jerra

Alina Foley as Sarah Strode, 2nd daughter of Norman and Jerra

Angel Parker as Kim Wendell, Cindy and Trent's other neighbor

Eddie Murphy as Spencer Wendell, Kim's husband

Skai Jackson as Beth Wendell, Kim and Spencer's daughter

Jaden Smith as Dre Wndell, Kim and Spencer's son/ Beth's older brother

Nana Visitor as Betty, A old lady who runs a bakery and lives near Cindy and Trent and makes goods and sweets for all her friend, family, and neighbors

Robert Englund as Old Man Roy, The doomsaying fisherman of Woodland City

Bob King as Old Man Josh, Roy's brother

Mike Vogel as Christopher, Roy's nephew/ Josh's son

Richard Riehle as Stewart, A fisherman who was a close friend of Old Man Roy

Madison Riley as Kristy, Betty's granddaughter

Nico Tortorella as Duncan, Kristy's boyfriend

Arlen Escarpeta as Dwayne, The lifeguard at Woodland Beach

Candice Accola as Karly, Someone Dwayne has a sexual attraction with

Asa Butterfield as Ben, The paperboy

Ron Perlman as Sheriff Andy Bruckner

Anna Faris as Deputy Daphne Bruckner, Wife of Andy

Kaitlyn Maher as Tamara Bruckner, The daughter of Andy and Daphne

Vinessa Shaw as Deputy Scott Holt, Uncle of Tamara/ Andy's brother in law/ Daphne's older brother

Max Van Ville as Fredrick Wilson, Woodland City's most famous professional surfer and brags about how rich and famous he is to the press

Teresa Palmer as Jessica, Fredrick's girlfriend who is also a professional surfer

David Arquette as Mayor Mark Llyod, Mayor of Woodland City

Jessica Alba as Missy Llyod, Mark's wife

Ty Simpkins as Rob, David's best friend who sleeps over at his house

Cody Longo as Evan, A local pizza delivery boy who is super warm hearted

Sophia Ewaniuk as Tanya, Vanessa's best friend who lives very close to her

Morgan Freeman as Dan ,A public bus driver

Sheri Moon Zombie as Dianna, A woman on the bus

Deon Richmond as Chet, Freddrick's best friend

Avan Jogia as Jeff, Close friend of Fredrick

Stephanie Maheu as Stacy, Jeff's girlfriend

Preston Bailey as Harry, Close friend of David

Danielle Panbaker as Kate, Close friend of Cindy

Cole Sprouse as A boy at the beach

Dylan Minette as A boy at the beach

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Man at beach

Jimmy Bennett as A boy at the beach

Caitlin Carmicheal as Girl at beach

Peyton List as Girl at beach

Cameron Boyce as Boy at beach

Griffin Gluck as Boy at beach

Amanda Righetti as Man in car

Toby Turner as Running man

Alexandra Daddario as Running woman

Clancy Brown as Max, Cindy's mother

Shawnee Smith as Rachel, Cindy's mother

Eric Roberts as Thomas Douglas, Trent's father

Linda Hamilton as Clarie Douglas, Trent's mother

Jessica Tyler Brown as Running girl

Pierce Brosnan as Man at beach

Norman Reedus as Bartender

Nicholas D'Agosto as Man on roof

Robbie Jones as Guy in van

Liam Hemsworth as Jogging guy

Willa Ford as Swimming lady

Matthew Lillard as Guy on balcony

Grayson Russell as Biking kid

Kevin Micheal Richardson as Guy at beach

Jamie Lee Curtis as Lady in summer dress

Davis Cleveland as Screaming kid

Tatum McCan as Girl eating hot dog

Will Forte as Guy kissing girl

Kristina Klebe as Girl kissing guy

Brad Dourif as Guy on dock

Regan Gomez Preston as Woman on dock

Alexa Vega as Woman on dock

Steven R. McQueen as Teen on dock

Freddie Highmore as Boy on yacht

Max Records as Boy on dock

Mackenzie Brook Smith as Girl in summer dress

Jake T. Austin as Kid in alley

Dakota Goyo as Kid holding radio

Rachel Covey as girl in beach

Jordan Fry as Swimming kid

Amanda Peet as Woman in car

Chase Ellison as Running teen

Jennifer Connelly as Screaming woman

Sadie Sandler as Jumproping girl

Katija Pevec as Cindy (Past)

Tyler Posey as Trent (Past)


Old Man Roy-He fell in the lake looking for his brother and nephew he felt something pull his boot he started swimming for help then a shark jumped out of the water and ate him his last words were "Oh Shit"

Old Man Josh-He pushed Christopher in the water and saqid " Find your uncle" he was swimming and swimming when he went back he saw Josh's boots covered and blood and saw a shark tooth in his boot

Christopher-He was trying to start the speedboat but the engine was bitten off then a shark popped out of the water and it held on to the other side of the boat with it's teeth and started dragging him away Christopher died off screen a month later people were talking about they disappeared

Fredrick-Eaten by the shark off screen

Jessica-When the City started flooding she was looking for her boyfriend she was waving her arms around and then the waves got really big and something landed in her arms it was Fredrick's half-eaten corpse she went silent and sawm for her life then she was dragged at the bottom of the water and eaten alive

All City People - They were mostly eaten by the shark and some of the were drowned

Duncan- He was in the storm shelter with Kristy and Betty it started overflowing and the door started shaking from the storm then the door flew open flooding the house he was looking for his friends in the basement then a shark grabbed him by the hips and ate him

Kristy-Dismembered and eaten

Betty - Died off screen

Dan-The tsunami was heading toward him he tried to back up but he was under the flood the windshield started cracking and then he drowned and died

Dianna-Some red liquid was surrounding the bus and something moving towards them then the shark bust through grabbed her and ate her alive

The Shark - Trent and Cindy ran on the roof of a 10 story building and started shooting at the shark the kids started screaming and freaking out the shark started eating the building while people were still in it since it was so windy Cindy could barely see through her hair then a struck of lightning hit the shark blowing him up to bits

Trent-A helicopter put a rope ladder down to help them Cindy went first then the kids went 2nd but Trent couldn't make it the building was flattening while Trent is still on the roof his last words were " I love you all " they all started sobbing of a broken heart and saw a tornado heading their way they all moved to Hawaii a few years later


  • 2 Hr 4 Min
  • Rated R for Bloody Violence, Bad language, and Sexual Content