JAG: New Orleans is an American legal drama TV show with a US Navy theme, created by Donald P. Bellisario (creator of the original JAG, the NCIS franchise and Magnum PI) and produced by Bellisarius Productions in association with CBS Television Studios. It is a spin-off of the original JAG series that ran from 1995-2005 on NBC and CBS. It will premiere Monday, September 19th, 2016 on CBS.


JAG: New Orleans focuses in on the New Orleans branch of the US Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps, which investigates, defends and prosecutes the law of the sea.

Akin to the popular Law & Order franchise, plots can be "ripped from the headlines", meaning they can resemble cases that have garnered media attention, such as the Edward Snowden case or the Chelsea Manning scandal.

While not part of the mission, some episodes may include the JAGs being involved in CIA intelligence operations.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Mitchel Musso as Lieutenant Jason Thomas Jr., USN

Laura Marano as Major Jessica Scott, USCG

Thomas Middleditch as Ensign Patrick Kariya, USN

Don Johnson as Rear Admiral Randy Powell, USN

Jon Heder as Commander Sidney Turner, USN

Minae Noji as Petty Officer Wendy Tang, USN

David James Elliott as Captain Harmon 'Harm' Rabb Jr., USN (Season 3-present)

Catherine Bell as Colonel Sara 'Mac' Rabb-Mackenzie, USMC (Season 3-present)



After the original NCIS series was ingrained on CBS, Bellisario decided to retool the failed 'JAG: San Diego' pilot. 10 years later, the premise was once again pitched to CBS, who picked it up to series immediately, ordering 25 episodes for the 1st season. The cast was announced on Memorial Day, including former Disney Channel stars Mitchel Musso and Laura Marano, 'Miami Vice' alum Don Johnson, 'Napoleon Dynamite' star Jon Heder, 'Silicon Valley' star Thomas Middleditch and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' star Minae Noji.


Almost all scenes on JAG: New Orleans will be filmed on US Navy aircraft carriers, active or inactive. These include the Iwo Jima (LHD-7), the Hornet (CV-12), the Boxer (LHD-4) and the Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).


Season 1 (2016-17)

  • Consists of 25 episodes
  • Will debut on September 19, 2016 @ 9 PM Eastern/8 Central on CBS with a 2 hour series premiere and will air on Monday nights until '2 Broke Girls' and 'The Odd Couple' have their season premieres. After that, the show will move to Tuesday nights @ 8 PM Eastern/7 Central, followed by 'NCIS' and 'NCIS: New Orleans'.
  • Will end with part 1 of a 2 part season finale/season premiere crossover with Hawaii Five-O

1. "Anchors Aweigh (1)" [Air date: 9/19/16]

In the premiere, Lieutenant Jason 'Jay' Thomas Jr. and Major Jessica Scott aboard the Iwo Jima just outside of New Orleans as their fellow soldier, Colonel Sturgis Turner (Scott Lawrence), is framed for the murder of the wife of a Vietnam War veteran (Beau Bridges).

2. "From The Halls of Montezuma (2)" [Air date: 9/19/16]

As the trial of Colonel Turner begins, Jay and Jessica continue to try and prove his innocence. As evidence continues to mount against him, Jay and Jess struggle to believe that their fellow soldier could be a criminal. They soon find that they were set up by a rogue Marine out for revenge (Tim Russ).

3. "Sneak Attack" [Air date: 9/26/16]

4. "Subpoenaed" [Air date: 10/3/16]

5. "Miles Ahead" [Air date: 10/11/16]

6. "Danger Zone" [Air date: 10/18/16]

7. "The People v. Jay" [Air date: 10/25/16]

8. "Due Process" [Air date: 11/1/16]

9. "Intelligence (1)" [Air date: 11/8/16]

10. "Intelligence (2)" [Air date: 11/15/16]

11. "Semper Fidelis" [Air date: 11/22/16]

12. "Fighting Words" [Air date: 11/29/16]

13. "Partly Sunny (1)" [Air date: 12/6/16] (Mid-season finale)

14. "Partly Sunny (2)" [Air date: 1/10/17]

15. "Disorderly Conduct" [Air date: 1/31/17]

16. "Love and War" [Air date: 2/14/17]

17. "Measure Up" [Air date: 3/7/17]

18. "Infinity" [Air Date: 3/14/17]

19. "Mardi Gras Murder" [Air date: 3/28/17]

20. "Explosion" [Air date: 4/4/17]

21. "Counterfeit Cash Cow" [Air date: 4/18/17]

The JAGs investigate a counterfeiting ring plaguing New Orleans. The investigation takes a turn for the worse, however, when Kariya is mistaken for the kingpin of the operation.

22. "Nagged to Death" [Air date: 5/2/17]

23. "Premature Burial At Sea" [Air date: 5/9/17]

24. "Thunderstruck" [Air date: 5/16/17]

25. "Dishonorable Discharge? (1)" [Air date: 5/23/17]

In the season finale, Jay is accused of murdering Admiral Thomas Boone (Terry O'Quinn). If found guilty, Jay faces a dishonorable discharge from the JAG corps. Jess doesn't take this at all and does all she can to prove Jay's innocence with the help of a friend from Hawaii Five-O - Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin).

Season 2 (2017-18)

  • Consists of 24 episodes
  • Will begin with a 2 hour premiere on Monday, September 25th at 9 PM/8 Central, airing at that slot until October 9th. After that, it'll move back to its regular Tuesday slot.

1. "Dishonorable Discharge? (2)" [Air date: 9/25/17]

2. "Promotion" [Air date: 9/25/17]

3. "New Recruits" [Air date: 10/2/17]

4. "Graduation" [Air date: 10/10/17]

5. "On The Defensive" [Air date: 10/17/17]

6. "Tactics" [Air date: 10/24/17]

7. "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid" [Air date: 10/31/17]

8. "Outwit (1)" [Air date: 11/14/17]

9. "Outplay (2)" [Air date: 11/21/17]

10. "Outlast (3)" [Air date: 11/28/17]

11. "Secrets" [Air date: 12/5/17]

12. "High Crime On The High Seas" [Air Date: 12/12/17]

13. "Season's Beatings" [Air date: 12/19/17] (Mid-season finale)

14. "AWOL" [Air date: 1/23/18]

15. "The Skinny" [Air date: 1/30/18]

16. "Lonely Hearts Club Band" [Air date: 2/13/18]

17. "Full Frontal Assault (1)" [Air date: 2/27/18]

18. "Full Frontal Assault (2)" [Air date: 3/13/18]

19. "Cloudy With A Chance of Murder" [Air date: 4/10/18]

20. "Drafted" [Air date: 4/17/ 18]

21. "A Whale of A Case" [Air date: 5/8/18]

22. "Memorial Day (1)" [Air date: 5/15/18]

23. "Memorial Day (2)" [Air date: 5/22/18]

24. "Memorial Day (3)" [Air date: 5/22/18]

Season 3 (2018-19)

  • Consists of 24 episodes
  • Will premiere Tuesday, September 25th at its regular time slot of 8 PM Eastern/7 Central with a 2 hour season premiere.
  • Original 'JAG' cast members David James Elliott and Catherine Bell return as Captain Harmon 'Harm' Rabb Jr. and Colonel Sara 'Mac' Rabb-Mackenzie, respectively.

1. "Harm and Mac's Return To Duty (1)" [Air date: 9/25/18]

2. "Harm and Mac's Return To Duty (2)" [Air date: 9/25/18]

3. "Semper Paratus" [Air date: 10/2/18]

4. "Rules of Engagement" [Air date: 10/9/18]

5. "Training Day" [Air date: 10/16/18]

6. "Disabled" [Air date: 10/23/18]

7. "Right Flank" [Air date: 10/30/18]

8. "Feint Attack" [Air date: 11/6/18]

9. "Low Blow" [Air date: 11/20/18]

10. "The Shores of Tripoli (1)" (Mid-season finale) [Air date: 12/11/18]

11. "The Shores of Tripoli (2)" [Air date: 1/15/19]

12. "Come Sail Away With My Life" [Air date: 1/22/19]

13. "The Game Is Afoot" [Air date: 1/29/19]

14. "Confession" [Air date: 2/5/19]

15. "All's Fair In Love, War and Murder" [Air date: 2/12/19]

16. "Party's Over" [Air date: 3/12/19]

17. "451" [Air date: 4/2/19]

18. "Conviction: Impossible" [Air date: 4/9/19]

19. "Training Day" [Air date: 4/16/19]

20. "Unfriendly Fire" [Air date: 4/23/19]

21. "When The JAGs Go Marching In" [Air date: 4/30/19]

22. "Air (1)" [Air date: 5/7/19]

23. "Land (2)" [Air date: 5/14/19]

24. "Sea (3)" (2 hour finale) [Air date: 5/21/19]


'JAG: New Orleans' will use the original 'JAG' theme song by Bruce Broughton and an all-original score by weekly composer Steve Bramson.



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