John Jeffery "J.J." Jacobs is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in Los Angeles, California, in April 1977, John Jeffery "J.J." Jacobs, with his older sister, Karyn, was raised by his single father, also a cop, until his remarriage when Jacobs was 13. The remarriage produced a half-brother and half-sister for him. Eventually, after graduating high school, Jacobs decided he wanted to get out of the big city, and went to Northwestern State University in Lousiana for college. He eventually ended up joining the NOPD and becoming part of the MCCIS.

Jacobs is regarded as a hot-shot cop; he solves cases and interrogates suspects with is own flair of style. He can, however, become serious when needed, especially in cases involving children and pedophiles.

In the third season, Jacobs started dating an ER nurse named Beth Cades. Almost a year later, the young couple was talking about marriage and kids, and Jacobs was all set to propose to her. Sadly, in the third season finale, Beth was fatally shot by the son of one of two patients involved in a family feud. Despite the doctor's attempts to save her, she succumbed to her injuries, leaving Jacobs shocked and heartbroken.

Months later, Jacobs had turned to the bottle for solace in dealing with Beth's death. At it got worse, he began coming in to work late and starts displaying erratic and temperamental behavior, towards everyone. His relationship with Detective Marquez and the rest of the MCCIS became strained when he indadvertedly nearly ruined Marquez's child custody battle for her. After finally snapping and severly beating a man who'd shot his girlfriend in a drunken argument, Captain Hicks puts his foot down and suspends Jacobs for 90 days without pay.

Following this, Jacobs's alcoholism goes completely off the wagon as he falls into severe debt, is unable to hold a job, getting arrested for DWI. After being framed for murder of a prostitute, coming under severe scrutiny by IA, and learning he's about to be evicted from his apartment, Jacobs reaches the breaking point and decides to end it all, by jumping off his apartment's balcony. He survives, but is left in a deep coma. During this time, his co-workers shared fond memories of him and his family decides to pay off his growing debts.

Three months later, Jacobs emerges from his coma. After being baptized, and becoming a born-again Christian, enrolling in an AA program, and undergoing several months of grief and physical therapy, Jacobs returned to the MCCIS, where his friends and co-workers (especially Marquez) greeted him warmly.

Jacobs is now romantically involved with his colleague, Detective Marquez, and is expecting twins with her. The two have also started the adoption process for 9-year old Alice Sebastian, whom they met near the end of the fifth season. By the sixth season, they finalize Alice's adoption, and mid-way through, Marquez gives birth to their twins, Lucas and Sofia.

Halfway through the eighth season, Jacobs, along with Marquez, is shot (on the orders of the deadly Vescaro drug cartel) after coming home with their children, while celebrating the anniversary of Alice's adoption. Both survive, but are placed into Witness Protection, along with their children, until the cartel can be brought down. Both detectives say farewell to co-workers Dallas Parker, Lisa Zhao, and Marcus Queen before leaving.

In the season nine finale, "Phantom", events surrounding the arrest of Ruka Kadslav, the assassin who shot them, lead to Marquez and Jacobs's return from the Witness Protection Program as Kadslav is arrested for their murders while being pursued for several others and an attempted murder of two children who witnessed his hit on their family. They reveal that the assumed identities they were given were as a club bouncer and an insurance salesperson originally from Florida raising their four children, that they were living and working in Oregon under the names "Thomas Slater and Gabriella Suarez", and that they missed Teresa's grandmother's funeral in New York due to what happened.

They are reluctant to see him convicted of a murder he did not commit (he does not know they are alive either), but still want justice and testify against him in court. Kadslav goes to prison, having been found guilty under four counts of attempted murder (Jacobs, Marquez, and the two young children), plus four counts of murder. Upon winning the case, the MCCIS squad goes to McCorrea and Ashe's office to celebrate, awaiting Jacobs and Marquez to join them. They do not show up, as a federal agent informs them that they, their children, and the two witness children have all moved under a new identity and they asked him to say goodbye.

In the fourteenth season two-parter "Prodigal", Jacobs and Marquez return as part of a U.S. Marshals Witness Protection team whose charge was murdered along with five others by Mafia boss Sonny Cantrel. It's then revealed that two years prior, Ramon Vescaro (the drug lord that ordered their assassination) was killed in prison by a rival, and Ruka Kadslav (the hitman that tried to kill them) was extradited to the Czech Republic to face punishment for another mass murder, allowing them and their children to leave Witness Protection and them to join the U.S. Marshals. During the case, they catch up with their old friends and meet the squad's new detectives and D.A.'s office's new workers.

During the case, they shoot and kill the hitmen who wound Shields and Jindal in court, and later lead the charge in bringing down the Cantrel family empire once and for all. They later celebrate with their old friends before moving on to their next assignment.


  • Beth Cades (former girlfriend, deceased)
  • Teresa Marquez (girlfriend; Lucas and Sofia's mother)
  • Karyn Jacobs (sister)
  • Lucas Jacobs (son)
  • Sofia Jacobs (daughter)
  • Alice Sebastian (adoptive daughter)


  • Has a passion for brownies.
  • Has had lingering feelings for Detective Marquez since Season 2.
  • Service weapon: Taurus PT92
  • Rankings/Jobs:
    • Junior Detective (Season 1-8)
    • Deputy U.S. Marshal (Post-season 8-)
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