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Jōin are entities created by Solomon with the Reishi in the ancient times of Patriam.

Solomon's Jōin

List of Jōin


Dungeon Name Number Affinity Master
Ba'al 1st Jōin Lightning Sinbad
Agares 2nd Jōin Strength
Vassago 3rd Jōin Speed
Samigina 4th Jōin
Marbas 5th Jōin
Valefor 6th Jōin Water
Amun 7th Jōin Heat
Barbatos 8th Jōin Strength
Paimon 9th Jōin Winds Sinbad
Buer 10th Jōin
Gusion 11th Jōin
Sitri 12th Jōin
Beleth 13th Jōin
Leraje 14th Jōin Strength Sinbad
Eligos 15th Jōin Earth Sinbad
Zepar 16th Jōin Sound Sinbad
Botis 17th Jōin
Bathin 18th Jōin
Sallos 19th Jōin
Purson 20th Jōin Water
Marax 21st Jōin
Ipos 22nd Jōin
Aim 23rd Jōin
Naberius 24th Jōin Heat, Water & Lightning
Glasaya-Labolas 25th Jōin
Buné 26th Jōin Lightning
Ronové 27th Jōin
Berith 28th Jōin
Astaroth 29th Jōin Rot Sinbad
Forneus 30th Jōin
Foras 31st Jōin
Asmodeus 32nd Jōin
Gäap 33rd Jōin
Furfur 34th Jōin
Marchosias 35th Jōin
Stolas 36th Jōin
Phenex 37th Jōin Life
Halphas 38th Jōin
Malphas 39th Jōin
Räum 40th Jōin
Focalor 41st Jōin Winds
Vepar 42nd Jōin Sound
Sabnock 43rd Jōin
Shax 44th Jōin
Viné 45th Jōin Water
Bifrons 46th Jōin
Vual 47th Jōin
Haagenti 48th Jōin
Crocell 49th Jōin
Furcas 50th Jōin
Balam 51st Jōin
Alloces 52nd Jōin
Caim 53rd Jōin
Murmur 54th Jōin
Orobas 55th Jōin
Gremory 56th Jōin Heat, Water, Earth, Lightning Sinbad
Ose 57th Jōin
Amy 58th Jōin
Orias 59th Jōin
Vapula 60th Jōin
Zagan 61st Life
Valac 62nd Jōin
Andras 63rd Jōin
Flauros 64th Jōin
Andrealphus 65th Jōin
Kimaris 66th Jōin
Amdusias 67th Jōin
Belial 68th Jōin Life
Decarabia 69th Jōin
Seere 70th Jōin
Dantalion 71st Jōin Life
Andromalius 72nd Jōin
Aelos 73rd Jōin Death Sinbad
Phalex 74th Jōin Wind
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