It Dies is American metal band Wolverine's third studio album, released on July 30th 2006 through Vindictive Records. The album was produced by Jacob Vindic himself, and is regarded as Wolverine's breathrough. It is preceeded by 2004's Hacksaw and followed by 2009's Confessions of A Killer.


After cancelling their three album contract with Batched Records after delivering 2004's Hacksaw, Wolverine were soon picked up by Vindictive Records and Jacob Vindic headed the project of their next album. After two years and months of recording and writing, "It Dies" was done and dusted, and ready for the market.


It Dies was a generally well recieved album. Critics praised the band's indepence and growing sound, and also praised the guitarwork of Chace Edwards. According to Gods of Guitar: "Wolverine are somewhere between Mastodon and Metallica in sound, but also add their own flare to their albums. This one is definetly their breakthrough, and is a well-crafted album created with care and time as always with Vindic's work. However, Metalix was less swayed and disliked the album: "It lacks substance, and the band relies heavily on guitar riffs, which are lackluster here also. It is evident that Vindic himself did not produce the album directly. According to the band they were after an “explorative sound, based slightly off Metallica”. For It Dies, it simply doesn’t work whatever it is. Wolverine hasn’t taken the time to perfect the album like previously done with 2004’s Hacksaw and their self-titled debut in 2002".

Track listing

  1. "It Dies (I Live)" - 6:00
  2. "The Beast That Breathes" - 5:55
  3. "The Last Tsar" - 4:55
  4. "Empire Made of Ash" - 4:22
  5. "The Sound of Thunder" - 5:00
  6. "Unbreakable Phalanx" - 7:00
  7. "Endgame" - 8:56
Wolverine-It Dies
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