IT is a 2016 horror film that is a remake to the 1990 two part film and is based off of the 1986 Stephen King novel. This film won't be like the 1990 mini series and the film will be more like the book and will have more blood and gore. In this film one half of the film will show the Loser's club when they were in pre-teens and the other half of the film will show the Loser's club as adults and will run for nearly two hours and fifty minutes. The film stars Bradley Cooper, Griffin Gluck, Amy Adams, Kendall Yeaman, Justin Chambers, Maverick Flack, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Affleck, Joshua Rush, Dennis Haysbert, Zailand Adams, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Horan, Adam Scott, Kit Connor, Carson Bolde, Jesscia Tyler Brown, Hugh Jackman, Colin Ford, David Born, Alex Ferris, Charlie Heaton, Ross Lynch, Dylan Minette, Spencer List, Brenton Thwaites, Amanda Peet, Isla Fisher, Kate Beckinsale, Patrick Wilson, Richard Burgi, Allison Tolman, Denzel Washington, Anna Gunn, Vera Farmiga, Gerard Butler, Gillian Anderson, David Tennant, Michael Bailey Smith, Nicholas King, Jonathan Breck, Sissy Spacek, Dennis Quaid, Levi Miller, Mackenzie Foy, Mason Cook, Aryana Engineer, Mark Strong, Jude Law, Derek Mears, Christian Bale, Rachel Weisz, Odeya Rush and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.


In a small town in Maine in 1958, Bill Denbrough who is a respectful, supportive and kind hearted boy that wants to make friends but has a hard time making some because he is one of the most unpopular kids in his school and the neighborhood kids. Bill had a perfect life with his mother, father and younger brother in the nice quiet neigborhood Derry. But one day Bill's life would change forever, his younger brother was found dead in the rain and they don't know how he was killed. A few months after his brother's funeral Bill, befriends 6 other kids and they call themselves the Lucky Seven but the kids in their neighborhood and at school call them The Loser's Club. One of the members of the Loser's club, Mike Hanlon has a book about a powerful shape-shifting evil creature has is in the form of a sadistic circus clown called Pennywise that has been around for more then 100,000 years and has the abilities to turn in your worst fear. Pennywise murders children and lives in the old abandon sewers of Derry, Maine. They all go to the old abandon sewers to kill Pennywise and avenge Georgie's death and they succeeded into doing. Then they said to never speak of it for the rest of their lives and vowed to come back if it ever returns. 27 years later when they are grown up and moved away from Derry, Pennywise returns with a craving for children and one of the Loser's stayed in Derry and calls all his childhood friends to come back to Derry to tell them that Pennywiseis back and so they can defeat the monster once again. It is up to all of them to stop this evil clown from destroying the innocent town that Derry is.


Bradley Cooper as William "Bill" Denbrough - Bill Denbrough is the leader of a group of unpopular middle school students called The Loser's club. Bill is a loving and supportive man that has grew up in a small town in Maine called Derry with his 6 best friends and his young brother, Georgie. Bill lives in the suburbs of a nice town in Maine called Derry. The town of Derry has a lot of great residents & people, stores, neighborhoods, restaraunts, private & public schools, arcades, a large carnival, churches, stores & malls, parks, and other businesses. Bill has a bike since he was 10 called Silver which he purchased from saving money and he never used or bought another bike. Bill had a happy, normal life until one day that all changed. On a rainy day in the autumn of 1958, Bill finds out that his younger brother Georgie was found dead with his arm ripped off near a storm drain. After the death of Georgie, Bill has anxiety and wants to find whoever is responsible for Georgie's death. A few months later, him and his friend Eddie befriend 5 other kids named Stan, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Mike where they call themselves Lucky Seven or the kids in their neighborhood call them the Loser's club. Unlike Henry Bower's and his gang, the Loser's have each others backs. They all claim they saw Pennywise the Clown and they all made an agreement to kill it but unfortunately they have another problem with a neighborhood bully called Henry Bowers who antagonizes the club and follows them wherever they go. But the Loser's club fight back but Henry never gave up. Bill's first encounter with Pennywise is when he was sadly watching a slide projecror of all his times and memories with Georgie and as he got closer to the screen, Georgie's hand came out from the screen and grabbed Bill by the arm tightly. The Georgie on the projector morphed into dead Georgie in his blood covered yellow rain clothes saying to Bill over the screen "You'll like it down here with us Bill, you'll float and we all float". One night, Bill and his friends enter the sewers where Pennywise lives where they are going to defeat the monster for killing Bill's brother and the succeeded. The Loser's made a vow that they will come back in the future if Pennywise returns. Years after Pennywise, he moves to a city in England where he is a successful writer with his pregnant wife, Audra. Then 27 years later after moving away from Derry, Mike, an old friend of Bill calls him and tells him that Pennywise is back so he comes back to Derry along with the Loser's not to only defeat the monster but kill it.

Griffin Gluck as Young William "Bill" Denbrough

Amy Adams as Beverly "Bev" Marsh - The only female member of The Loser's club and the love interest of Ben Hanscom. Beverly is young, tomboyish and loving woman that has lived in Derry her whole childhood and has grew up with her abusive father who doesn't like her hanging around other boys. Bevely is best known for being good for a slingshot and the others chose her to be the one that can defeat IT. One of the members, Ben Hanscom has secret love for her and made her poem that says "Your Hair is Winter Fire, January ember. My heart burns there too" ans Beverly keeps the poem for herself and keeps it a secret from her father. Bev's first encounter with Pennywise is when she hears the voice of dead children in her sink calling out "Help us" and then the fosset turns on and fills her sink with blood and blood shoots out of her fosset. Years after defeating Pennywise, Beverly then moves to Chicago where she marries a man that is a lot like her father named Tom Rogan but after Mike Hanlon calls that It's return she then leaves Tom and goes back to Derry where she reunites with her childhood friends to defeat Pennywise and make sure that It is finally defeated.

Kendall Yeaman as Young Beverly "Bev" Marsh

Justin Chambers as Benjamin "Ben" Hanscom - A member of The Loser's Club and a local resident of Derry. Ben is an obese but loving man that has moved to Derry when he was 13 years old in the winter of 1959 and on the same year him and his new friends defeat IT for the first time. Ben lives with his cousins, aunt and uncle when he first came to Derry. Ben is interested in reading and learning and he hates Henry Bowers and his gang always terrorizing him and his friends especially when he calls him "Fatboy" but when he meets the rest of the Loser's club they all fight back against Henry Bowers and his gang. Everyday after school, Ben rides his bike down to the Derry Library where he does his homework and studies. Ben then falls in love with Bev, the only female member of the Loser's club and leaves her a poem that says "Your Hair is Winter Fire, January ember. My heart burns there too" which Bev seems to appreciate. Ben's first encounter with Pennywise is when he sees a mummy in Pennywise's suit walking though an icy river holding rainbow colored balloons. Years after defeating Pennywise, Ben becomes a successful wealthy man who puts aside his memory in Derry until Mike gives him a call and he soon remembers everything that happened that summer and he reunites with his childhood friends and his first love interest, Bev.

Maverick Flack as Young Benjamin "Ben" Hanscom

Ralph Fiennes as Pennywise the Dancing Clown - Pennywise or IT is an immortal, evil entity that has lived since the beginning of time taking up many forms in order to catch his prey, children. IT is the archenemy of one of the guardian of The Beams called Maturin or also known as The Turtle who is one of the guardians that has created the universe and wants to stop IT from destroying the universe. IT mostly takes the form of the worst fear of his next victim but it's most favorite form is a child-hungry circus clown that is called Pennywise the Dancing Clown or Robert "Bob" Gray. Pennywise has red clown hair, pale white face makeup, bright red lips, black face paint surrounding his eyes, thin black drawn on eyebrows, red clown nose, white gloves, white clown suit with black puffy buttons, a white Renaissance ruff, black clown shoes, has two black puffy buttons at the end of both his sleeves and is usually seen holding red balloons luring innocent children into his trap. Due to his craving for children there have been many murderings of children in Derrry for the past century. Pennywise's truest form that can be physically seen is a giant half-man, half-spider creature that is twice the size of a house. IT's real form, the deadlights is impossible to be seen as it is a large bright orange light with a strange demonic creature dwelling within the lights as seen in Victor's death. IT lives and dwells in the sewers of a small town in Maine called Derry. Pennywise lives in the sewers where he takes on any form and frightens the young children of Derry before he kills and eats them. IT's most deadliest form the dead lights which is a huge bright demonic light that puts those in a trans if they stare right into it and he has caught many of his victims with the dead lights. IT comes out every 27 years for 12 to 16 months to feed off more children. Until a group of pre-teens called The Loser's Club fight back against the evil clown for killing Bill, the leader of the club's brother, Georgie and they succeeded into defeating him. 27 years later, Pennywise returns seeking vengeance and has killed 3 more children in Derry. Mike, another member of the Loser's club stayed in Derry after they defeated IT. Mike called his friends to remind them that Pennywise has returned and that they need to come back to fight it. Pennywise used the arch-ememy of The Loser's club, Henry Bowers who is now in a mental institution after looking into the deadlights 27 years ago to kill all the Loser's who are now adults so Pennywise can eat the young children in Derry and become more powerful over the universe.

Ben Affleck as Richard "Richie" Tozier - He is another member of the Loser's club and a local resident in Derry. Richie is a mischievous jokester that takes everything like it's a joke. He first met his friends in 1959 at Derry Junior High School where he became the silly one in the Loser's club. Usually when he says the wrong thing at the wrong time or says too much his friends say "Beep, Beep Richie" to make him be quiet. He is also bullied a lot by Henry Bowers and his gang and they usually call him "Four Eyes" but when he meets up with the Loser's club they all fight back. Richie usually wears huge black glasses, a white button up collared shirt tucked into his pants and khaki pants. Richie's first encounter with Pennywise is when he was biking arond Derry Public Park until he the Paul Bunyan statue mysteriously came to life and attacked him with an axe. Years after defeating Pennywise, Richie becomes a talk show host where he talks and chats with famous celebrities until Mike gives him a call that Pennywise has returned and that he needs to come back to Derry to defeat it and he reunites with his childhood friends.

Joshua Rush as Young Richard "Richie" Tozier

Dennis Haysbert as Michael "Mike" Hanlon - The only African-American of the Loser's club. Mike is a quite, intelligent and loyal man that has moved to Derry when he was 13 years old in May 1959 where he attended Derry Junior High School where he met his only friends, The Loser's club and where he made his first enemy, Henry Bowers. Mike and his father lives in the same neighborhood where Henry Bowers and his father is in and Mike feels uncomfortable walking home and to school everyday. Henry Bowers calls him "Nigger" and he doesn't really like it. But when he first meets the Loser's club he feels like he fits in and they all fight back against Henry Bowers and his gang. He is then the final member of the Loser's club and he knows all the back ground in Derry and there is one picture of a clown luring children back in the 1800s which is labeled Pennywise the Dancing Clown which Bill says looks like the one that killed Georgie. Mike's first encounter with Pennywise is when an huge crow attacked him one day when he was walking home from school and his other encounter with Pennywise was seeing dead people at the Black Spot. Years after defeating Pennywise, Mike stayed in Derry and finds out 3 other children gone missing noting the Pennywise has returned. He calls all his childhood friends to come back to Derry because Pennywise has returned and they all made a vow 27 years ago to come back and defeat it if it ever returns.

Zailand Adams as Young Michael "Mike" Hanlon

Robert Downey Jr. as Stanley "Stan" Uris - He is another member of the Loser's club. Stan is an intelligent, quite and cowardly man the only Jewish member of The Loser's Club. Stan doesn't really like fighting back or causing violence and that's why he gets antagonized by Henry Bowers and his gang a lot. He was always described as Richie's sidekick when they were in a Junior High. Stanley also has an interest in learning different birds and he carries around a bird book with him to mark down all the birds he discovered. Henry Bowers usually calls him "The Jew" until he meets the Loser's club and they all fight back. Stanley's first encounter with Pennywise is when he saw decomposing rotting corpses emerging from a lake near the entrance of the sewers. Years after defeating Pennywise, Stan moves away from Derry and he got married and wealthy. Until Mike calls and tells him that Pennywise has returned and that he needs to come back to Derry to defeat it. Stan didn't do what Mike said instead he commited suicide in his bathroom where he was found dead in his bath filled with blood with the word IT written in blood on the wall. Later Pennywise takes form of Stan's bloody corpse trying to lure the adult Losers into IT's lair saying "Come on guys, we all float down here".

Jack Horan as Young Stanley "Stan" Uris

Adam Scott as Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak - He is another member of The Loser's Club. He is an intelligent, weak but brave man that has lived in Derry his whole life and was the very first friend of Bill and a close friend of Georgie. Eddie uses an inhaler for medicine and to breathe and live properly. Eddie has a mother that has a Sprite grip on him that doesn't want him to have any friends but Eddie wants to be like a normal kid and hang out with other kids his age. Edie lives on the wealthy side of Derry. Eddie met the rest of his friends in Derry Junior High where he feels like he has real friends who appreciate him but he hates when Henry Bowers is around. Henry Bowers calls him "Sissy" due to him being weak but when he meets the Loser's club they all fight back against Henry Bowers and his gang. Eddie's first encounter with Pennywise is when a rotting homeless leper attacks him under the porch on the house of 29. Neilbot Street. Years later defeating Pennywise, Eddie moves to New York City where he married a woman that is a lot like his mother. Until Mike calls and tells him that Pennywise has returned and that he needs to come back to Derry to defeat it. Eddie tells his wife to stay in New York while he goes back to his hometown where he reunited with his childhood friends.

Noah Schnapp as Young Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak

Carson Bolde as George "Georgie" Denbrough - He is the deceased brother of Bill Denbrough, the youngest son of Sharon and Zack Denbrough and the brother-in-law of Audrua Denbrough. Georgie is a curious, sweet and fun-spirited 7-year-old boy that idolizes his brother and wants to be like him one day but sometimes he can get annoying. Georgie is always in a happy mood and always wants to do something fun. Georgie attends 2nd Grade along with his friends at Derry Elemntary School. He has lived in Derry with his mother, father and brother his whole life until it all comes to an end. On a sunny, rainy day in the Autumn of 1959, after having breakfast, Bill makes Georgie a paper boat so he can play with it outside. Georgie puts on yellow rain boots and a yellow hooded raincoat and plays around the neighbrohood with his paper boat sailing on a little stream until it falls down a storm drain where he first meets Pennywise and falls victim to him. Later the whole neighbors run outside gather around Georgie who was found dead near a storm drain with his arm ripped off. A few months after Georgie's death, Bill and his friends vowed to avenge his death by killing Pennywise. Pennywise then takes the form of a rotting corpse in Georgie's bloody rain clothes holding a bunch of red balloons trying to lure young Bill into the sewers saying "We all float down here".

Jessica Tyler Brown as Kaitlyn Winterberger - She is a 10-year-old girl that lives in Derry 27 years after the Loser's club killed Pennywise. Kaitlyn is a kind and sweet little girl that loves riding her bike around her neighbrohood and is one of the three victims Pennywise kills. She is much like Georgie Denbrough, sweet, fun, and adorable. One day when she is done riding her bike, she arrives at her home and hears laughter coming from the laundry her mom hung up to dry outside. She later then passes a weeping willow where she hears child's laughter coming from in the weaping willow and then the child's laughter turns into Pennywise's laughter. She then notices Pennywise in the weaping willow holding balloons and says hello to Kaitlyn. She then walks up to say hello back but then Pennywise turns into his monstrous form, runs up to Kaitlyn and kills her. This is making her the third victim of Pennywise after IT had 27 years of rest. Kaitlyn is the new version and replacement of Laurie Anne Winterberger.

Hugh Jackman as Henry Bowers - He is a tough, violent and sadistic man that lived in Derry with his neglectful father and the arch-enemy of The Loser's Club. Henry Bowers grew up with an abusive alcoholic father that would usually beat him and hit him several times with a belt and he hardly knew his mother since she moved away after Butch, Henry's father kept beating and raping her. By the time Henry was 16 years old he started turning into a thug and a bully taking his own problems on the neighborhood kids to make him feel like he is a better person. Henry then befriends some other thugs and they all form a group making Henry the leader. The gang wears black leather jackets, blue jeans, Vans shoes, black fingerless leather gloves, a white T-shirt, carries a pocket knife and they all ride bikes around town terrozing many people, mainly their classmates. Soon, Henry becomes arch-enemies with a group of pre-teen rejects that goes to his school called The Loser's Club that Henry and his gang antagonizes the most but The Loser's fight back but he swore vengeance and would kill them. On the night, the Loser's went into the sewers to get Pennywise, Henry and his gang followed them into the sewers ready to seek vengeance on the Losers. Soon Henry's gang members go missing one by one because Pennywise captures them in either the form of their worst fears or in the form of IT's true form as deadlights but Henry was the only one to survive and suffered severe trauma after looking into the deadlights which lead him being put into a mental institution for 27 years until Pennywise returned and made Henry IT's pawn and IT commanded him to kill the Loser's club after they all reunited.

Colin Ford as Young Henry Bowers

David Born as Oscar "Butch" Bowers - He is the sadistic, abusive father of Henry Bowers and a retired veteran. Oscar is seen to be very lazy, abusive and a drunk and he is described as a xenophobe as he hates Mexicans, Blacks, Indians and all races that aren't white. Oscar once dated a woman who he started beating everyday since they were dating. One day, Oscar brutally raped the woman causing her to get pregnant with a boy and they named him Henry Bowers. Oscar never loved her and he even comitted adultery with several prostitutes and 20 year old girls. Soon when Henry was a child, Oscar continued to rape and beat her until she finally stood up to Oscar and divorced him leaving Oscar with Henry. Later then, Oscar took his problems out on Henry by beating him with a belt or an empty whiskey bottle which turned Henry into a thug. Oscar also antagonizes the Hanlon family next door by calling the "Nigger", "Tar Face" and sprayed the swastika symbol on Will Hanlon's father. Henry was commanded by Pennywise to murder his father and Henry obeyed.

Alex Ferris as Victor Criss - He is one of Henry Bower's friends and gang members. Victor a 14-year-old thug and he is the youngest and most cowardly member is Henry's gang but he still loves participating in Henry's evil schemes to antagonize the Loser's club. Victor also has very high intelligence but he is still very violent and mischivioeous towards those around him. One day, the Loser's club fight back against the gang and finally stand up to them but they swore revenge on them. Victor participates in Henry's plan to kill the Loser's club when they saw them going into the sewers. As the gang split up around the sewers to kill the Loser's club, Victor failed at getting to the Losers in time as he got killed by Pennywise in the form of the deadlights. Pennywise then takes the form of Victor to tell adult Henry that the Loser's club has reunited and that he needs to kill them all. He wears a black T-shirt, a green bomber jacket, blue jeans and black hunting boots.

Charlie Heaton as Peter Gordon - He is one of Henry Bower's friends and gang members. Peter is a 16-year-old sociopath and one of the strongest and most violent members in Henry's gang and him and his gang once saw Mike coming home from school dragged him down a dark alley and tried to kill him with a pocket knife but Mike fought back and escaped. Peter loves participating in Henry's evil schemes to antagonize the Loser's club but one day, The Loser's club fights back against Henry Bower's and his gang but they all swore revenge on them and that they would kill them. Peter participates in Henry's plan to kill the Loser's club when they saw going into the sewers. As the gang split up around the sewers to kill the Loser's club, Peter failed at getting to them Losers in time as he got killed by Pennywise's deadlights along with the rest of his friends. He wears the same clothing as Henry Bowers.

Ross Lynch as Patrick Hockstetter - He is one of Henry Bower's friends and gang members. Patrick is a tough, intelligent and violent 16-year-old that is one of Henry's most violent gang members. Patrick loves causing mischief and chaos with his gang with the local residents of Derry like graffiti arting on people's houses, killing animals and he even killed his younger brother and he never told anyone but his friends about it. Patrick keeps a fridge full of all the animals he killed and all the roadkill he found in a junkyard. One day, when the gang went to the junkyard, Patrick admitted how he truly feels towards Henry making him as he has a sexual attraction towards him but Henry rejects it. Later in the junkyard, Pennywise turns into the form of Patrick's worst fear, flying leeches killing him. Patrick's corpse was later found in the Derry sewers by Henry Bower's and his gang because IT dragged his corpse into the sewers along with all ther other children and teenagers IT has killed. Patrick has a homosexual relationship towards Henry and their have been many signs proving that. Patrick where's a white tank top, blue jeans with a red handkerchief tied to one of his legs, brown hunting boots and a plaid red plaid button up collared shirt tied to his waist.

Dylan Minette as Belch Huggins - He is one of Henry Bower's friends and gang members. Reginald "Belch" Huggins is a tough and strong 17-year-old thug that loves causing destruction and chaos with his friends around the town of Derry. Belch is known for making long loud burps and that's where he got his nickname "Belch" from. Belch loves participating in Henry's evil schemes to antagonize the Loser's club but one day the Loser's fight back and stand up to Henry Bower's and his gang but they swore vengeance on them and would kill them. Belch participates in Henry's plan to kill the Loser's club when they saw them going into the sewers. As the gang split up around the sewers to kill the Loser's club, Belch failed at getting to the Loser's in time as Belch got killed by Pennywise in the form of a zombie. Belch's corpse was never found after he was killed by Pennywise along with most of his other friends it was possible that he was completely eaten by IT or his corpse rotted into tpdust in the sewers for the past 27 years. IT later takes the form of Belch's bloody zombie to make a grown-up, traumitzied Henry Bowers escape the mental asylum and kill the Losers' as he drives Henry in 1958 Plymouth Fury. Belch wears a white T-shirt, blue jeans, black Converse All-Star shoes and a New York Yankees shirt.

Spencer List as Gard Jagemeyer - He is one of Henry Bower's friends and gang members. Gard is a tough and violent 16-year-old that is one of the most violent gang members in Henry's gang. Gard has an interest in spray painting on public businesses and he usually spray paints rude or offensive words on fences, alleys, or on buildings. Gard loves participating in Henry's evil schemes to antagonize the Loser's club but one day, The Loser's club stand up to the gang and fight back but they swore vengeance on them and would kill them. Gard participates in Henry's plan to kill the Loser's club when they saw them going into the sewers. As the gang split up around the sewers to kill the Loser's club, Gard failed at getting to Loser's in time as he got killed by Pennywise's deadlights. He wears a a white T-shirt, jean jacket, blue jeans and black Converse All-Star shoes.

Brenton Thwaites as Moose Sandler - He is one of Henry Bower's friends and gang members. Steve "Moose" is a smart but dangerous 17-year-old thug that participates Henry's destruction and reckless schemes to cause chaos in Derry. Moose has an interest in destroying public properties and causing chaos around Derry. He also loves participating in Henry's evil schemes to antagonize the Loser's club but one day, the Loser's fight back and stand up to the gang but they swore vengeance on them and would kill them. Moose participates in Henry's plan to kill the Loser's club when they saw them going into the sewers. As the gang split up around the sewers to kill the Loser's club, Moosed failed at getting to Loser's in time as he got killed by Pennywise's deadlights. He wears a white T-shirt with the sleeves torn off, gray jeans, has a skull tattoo on his left arm and wears brown leather boots.

Amanda Peet as Margaret Winterberger - She is the mother of Kaitlyn Winterbergrer and a local resident of Derry, Maine. Margaret is a hard-working, motherly middle aged woman that lives in a quiet, peaceful suburban neighborhood in Derry with her daughter, Kaitlyn. One day, Margaret tells her daughter to come in for dinner and she walked into the house waiting for Kaitlyn. When she came back out, she found her daughter dead with her stomach ripped open and her bike nearby. Margaret then calls the police and tells her that her daughter was killed and Mike Hanlon arrives at the scene where Kaitlyn was found killed and Mike knows that it was in the hands of Pennywise and he called all his childhood friends to tell them that Pennywise has returned to Derry. Like Sharon Denbrough, she was severly traumatized after her child's death and was never the same ever since. Margaret knows about the rumors of the dissapearences of children in Derry back in the 80s and that's why she is over-protective with Kaitlyn.

Isla Fisher as Audra Phillips Denbrough - She is the pregnant wife of Bill Denbrough, the daughter-in-law of Sharon and Zack Denbrough, and the sister-in-law of Georgie Denbrough. Audra is 32-year-old passionate and loving British woman that has lived in England her whole where she fell in love with Bill, married him and now she is pregnant with Bill's baby. Audra is a famous British actress playing in soap operas, musicals and romance and her husband Bill is a famous author known to write horror and mystery books. When Mike Hanlon told Bill that he needs to come back to Derry because Pennywise is back, Bill packs his bags but Audra wants him to stay in London with her but he told her it's not safe and told her to stay in London while he goes back to Derry but she follows him to Maine because she wants to find out why he left England. When Audra makes it to Maine, she gets caught in a trance by Pennywise's deadlights and is kept hostage by IT in the sewers of Derry.

Kate Beckinsale as Sharon Denbrough - She is the mother of Bill and Georgie Denbrough, the wife of Zack Denbrough and the mother-in-law of Audra Phillips Denbrough. Sharon is a wise, motherly and passionate woman that lives in Derry with her husband and two sons and is a stay at home mother who prepares all the meals, cleans the house and gets her sons ready for school every day. Sharon's favorite thing to make for dinner for her and her family is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, rolls, green beans and blueberry pie. She is also very overprotective over her sons because Derry Police Department have made a curfew to 7:00 p.m. after children have gone missing in Derry and other towns in Maine. On a beautiful rain morning, a bunch of Sharon's neighbors and police officers start crowding up the neighborhood and when she went to go see what they are doing, she finds her son, Georgie dead with his arm ripped off and his rain gear covered in blood. Years later, it is mentioned that Zack and Sharon died in their mid 50s.

Patrick Wilson as Zack Denbrough - He is the father of Bill and Georgie Denbrough, the husband of Sharon Denbrough, and the father-in-law of Audra Phillips Denbrough. Zack is a hardworking, serious and fatherly man that lives in Derry with his wife and two sons and he is a working business man that makes enough money to support his family. Zack wants his sons indoors ever since the police made a curfew to 7:00 p.m. after children have gone missing in Derry and other towns in Maine. On a beautiful morning, a bunch of Zack's neighbors and police officer start crowing up the neighborhood and when he went to go see what they are doing, he finds his son, Georgie dead with his arm ripped off and his rain gear covered in blood. Years later, it is mentioned by Mike Hanlon that Zack and Sharon died in their mid 50s from severe sickness.

Richard Burgi as Alvin Marsh - He is the rude, abusive father of Beverly Marsh and the ex-husband of Mrs. Marsh. Alvin is a trash-talking, abusive middle aged alcoholic man that has grew up in Derry his whole life where he married a woman and had a baby girl with her and they named her Beverly Marsh but the woman divorced him after years of abuse and she left her daughter with him. Alvin doesn't like Bev hanging around other boys as he has a mixture of protection and abuse towards her. Beverly doesn't really like her father and wish she could go live with her mom but her father refuses to let her do that. When Beverly meets the Loser's club that's when she feels comfortable and doesn't think of her father. Beverly's husband, Tom Rogan is very similar like Alvin Marsh as they both physically abuse Bev. A few later after Beverly moved away from Derry, Alvin dies of a health problems after drinking to much alcohol. When the Loser's club reunites, Pennywise takes the form of an old lady that has rented the Marsh house.

Allison Tolman as Arlene Hanscom - She is the mother of Ben Hanscom and the widow of Mark Hanscom. Arlene is a young, motherly, intelligent woman that has moved to Derry with her son in the winter of 1989 which is the same year Ben and the Loser's club defeat IT for the first time. Arlene first met a man in the early 1970s named Mark Hanscom where they got married and she was then pregnant with a boy who she later named Ben Hanscom and Mark died shortly in the Vietnam War a few months after Ben was born. From then on, Arlene raised Ben by her self and by the time Ben was a pre-teen, she was transferred to Derry and now she lives with her sister, brother-in-law, and nephews along with Ben where he befriended the Loser's club and defeated IT for the first time. Years later, it is revealed that Arlene still lives in the house with her family all grown-up.

Denzel Washington as William Hanlon - He is the father of Mike Hanlon. William is kind, strong, hard-working and fatherly man that moved to Derry with his son in 1989 so he can start a new life. Like his son, William doesn't appreciate the Bowers family as they call him and his son "Nigger" or "Tar Face" and they once painted the swastika symbol on his fence. Mike tried to convince that they should move but William couldn't afford another house so they had to stay in Derry next-door to the Bowers family but William tried the best he can to ignore Butch and Henry's evil mischief. William works as a lawyer to make enough money to support him and his son. Will is also very kind to Mike's friends and he'd treat them the same way he'd treat Mike. A few year later, it is mentioned that William died of brain cancer.

Anna Gunn as Sonia Kaspbrak - She is the mother of Eddie Kaspbrak and the widow of Frank Kaspbrak. Ms. Kaspbrak is very over-protective, loving and paranoid towards her son, Eddie due to him having health problems and she doesn't like him hanging around other children and she is afraid that if he makes any friends that he might get or hurt. She also knows about the curfew in Derry and how children have gone missing and she doesn't want Eddie to be one of them so she has protected him his whole life since her husband died and Eddie never got a chance to be himself. Years later, Eddie married a woman named Myra Kaspbrak who is much similar to Sonia as both are protective and have a tight grip on Eddie and don't feel like he has what it takes to handle the outside world.

Vera Farmiga as Patricia Blum Uris - She is the wife of Stanley Uris. Patricia is happy, fun-spirited middle-aged woman that has fell in love with Stan since the first time she saw him. Patricia and Stan always keep their marriage alive and have a very happy loving marriage. When Stan was in his 30s, he started dating Patricia and a year later, they got married and have been a very happy couple since then. They both live a very successful but normal lifestyle and she wants to start a family with Stan and live with him until the end. 27 years later after defeating Pennywise, Mike calls Stan that Pennywise is back and that he needs to come back to Derry but he doesn't do what he says. When Patricia hears running water in the bathroom, she asks if Stan is alright but he doesn't respond back. Patricia then opens the door only to find Stan dead in the bathtub filled with blood with the word IT written in blood on the wall which made her suffer severe trauma and deep depression.

Gerard Butler as Tom Rogan - He is the abusive, sadistic ex-husband of Beverly Marsh and the son-in-law of Alvin Marsh. Tom Rogan is much similar like his father-in-law, Alvin Marsh as both show signs of physical abuse towards Beverly and Tom sees Beverly as a sex object and uses her only for sexual intercourse as he never actually loved her. When Bev was in her mid 20s, she started dating Tom and a few months later they got married and they both got a job at a business office in Chicago, Illinois. 27 years later after defeating Pennywise, Mike calls Beverly that Pennywise is back and that she needs to come back to Derry and she agrees to go back, but when Tom finds out she forces her to stay but she refuses to obey Tom and she walked out of his house saying that she never wants to see him again. Tom follows Bev to Derry planning to kill her for leaving him. Tom then falls victims of Pennywise in the form of a rotting corpse version of Bev and then Tom dies in the hands of IT. When the adult Loser's go into the sewers to defeat and kill IT again, Bev finds Tom's corpse hanging in a spider web. Later then Beverly divorced Tom and she married her real love, Ben Hanscom.

Gillian Anderson as Myra Kaspbrak - She is the wife of Eddie Kaspbrak and the daughter-in-law of Sonia and Frank Kaspbrak. Myra is much similar like her mother-in-law, Sonia Kaspbrak as both are very over-protective, loving and have a tight grip on Eddie. Myra lives in a luxurious neighborhood with Eddie in New York City and comes from a very wealthy family. When Eddie was in his 30s, he started dating Myra and a year later they got married and they moved into a mansion where they live a luxurious, wealthy lifestyle in New York. 27 years later after defeating Pennywise, Mike calls Eddie that Pennywise back and that he needs to come back to Derry and he agrees to go back, but when Myra finds out she tells him that it's not safe and that he has nothing left in Derry but he tells her to stay in New York while he goes back Derry.

David Tennant as The Leper on 29. Neibolt Street - The Leper is one of forms that Pennywise uses to scare Eddie Kaspbrak. For the past century, there have been rumors around Derry that a rundown house on Neibolt Street has been haunted. The loser's club think that the rumors are because of Pennywise and how he has been trying to scare local residents of Derry. So one day when the Loser's club is biking around the streets of Derry, they pass by the house and want to investigate inside the house. Eddie was the only one that didn't want to go in so he stayed outside. As Eddie walked around the house he heard noises coming from underneath the porch and then suddenly he was grabbed a bony hand and then Pennywise in the form a rotting, old leper with a horribly disfigured face and wearing old raggy clothes came out from the porch and attacked Eddie. The Leper said in a deep sinister voice "How bout' a blowjob, Eddie, Bobby will do it for a dime, he'll do it anytime" as Eddie ran and panicked as he ran in the house for the others.

Michael Bailey Smith as The Mummy - The mummy is one of the forms that Pennywise uses to scare Ben Hanscom. During the snowy winter of 1959 when Ben was biking around town after getting jumped and chased by Henry Bowers and his gang, he comes across a bridge that had ice on it. When Ben walked across the bridge, he saw a dark figure making loud moaning noises walking up towards where he is across the icy canal towards the bridge. Ben walked down towards the icy canal to get a better look at what was the figure and he thought it was a man in pain. As the figure got closer towards him, Ben realized it was a mummy in Pennywise's clown suit holding balloons and about to attack Ben. The mummy reached out and grabbed Ben by his neck trying to kill him but Ben got free from the mummy. Ben then ran back up the bridge and got on his bike away from the mummy.

Nicholas King as The Zombie - The zombie is one of the forms that Pennywise uses to scare and kill Belch Huggins and Belch's worst fear. When Belch is walking around the sewers looking for and trying to find and kill the Loser's club for beating him and his friends up, he hears growling and scratching noises coming from the area he is in and he thinks one of his friends are playing a joke on him and the noises continue. Belch then hears the growling and loud moaning noises coming from behind him and as he turns around, he sees Pennywise in the form of a zombie/manifestation of one of IT's prievious victoms walking towards Belch which is possibly his worst fear. Later the zombie corners and attacks Belch and dismembers him which leads Belch to his demise. The zombie clown is the replacement and new version for Frakenstein's monster from the novel which killed Belch and Victor.

Jonathan Breck as Rotting Corpse - The rotting corpse is one of the forms that Pennywise uses to scare Stanley Uris. As Mike, Stan, Bill, Ben, Richie and Bev venture around the old house on 29. Neibolt Street, Bill tells everyone to split up to cover more ground around the house. Stan stumbles upon a mysterious room which he later enters to look around all over the walls is Still Missing flyers of children that have been disappearing around Derry. As Stan was about to walk out the room to tell his friends, the door mysteriously closed by itself and wouldn't open. Stan was banging on the door but the others couldn't hear him. Stan then could hear loud creaking inside the walls and started to get frightened. A head then emerged from the wall which made Stan scream in fear. The figure that emerged from the wall was a tall, disfigured, long limed rotting corpse of one of Pennywise's previous victims. As the rotting corpse walked closer to Stan reaching out to kill him, Stan held his bird book out in front of him and named all the birds he could think of which was strangely repelling the corpse away from Stan. The door then strangely opened and Stan got up ran down the stairs and ran out the house in fear.

Sissy Spacek as Ms. Kersh - Ms. Kersh is a form that Pennywise uses to scare and lure Beverly in it's trap. When Beverly came back to Derry, she went back to her childhood house to see if her dad still lived their. Beverly noticed on the mailbox it said Marsh but when she looked away and looked back it said Kersh. Beverly then knocked on the door and appeared an old lady named Ms. Kersh who said she was a close friend of Alvin Marsh and invited Beverly in for tea and cookies. Soon, Beverly started getting suspicious about Ms. Kersh and she acted very strangely. As soon as she gave Bev a cup of tea, the tea was red and oozy like blood. Then Ms. Kersh told her run or she'll die if she stays. Then Ms. Kersh's voice changed to a very deep, sinister voice, her teeth turn red and razor sharp, her eyes turn red, and her physical appearence turned gray, wrinkly, and bony. That's when Bev realized that she is really Pennywise in the form of a witch. The witch tried to stop her from getting out of the house, but Beverly ran quickly to the door. The door wouldn't open and as the witch caught her trying to escape, the door finally opened and Beverly ran in fear and when she turned back around the house was rundown and condemned.

Dennis Quaid as Officer Ross - Officer Ross is a form that Pennywise uses to scare and lure Audra in it's trap. When Audra was a few miles away from Derry, she notices a police car behind her and she pulls over to see what she did wrong. The officer comes up towards her car window and she rolls down the window to see what Officer Ross wants. Officer Ross asks her why she's driving late at night and she said that she is going to Derry and she asks Officer Ross directions to Derry and he shows her the short cut to Derry by passing the Barrens. Audra then says thank you to Officer Ross. As Audra was about to drive off, Officer Ross's voice changed to Pennywise's voice and said "Don't You Want A Ballooon". As Audra looked at Officer Ross again, she noticed Pennywise was standing by her side window now. Pennywise then castes his deadlights, putting her in a trance with his deadlights and then later, Pennywise kept her hostage in the sewers of Derry until she was rescued by Bill. He is the replacement for the gas station attendant from the 1990 mini series and the novel.

Levi Miller, Mackenzie Foy, Mason Cook and Aryana Engineer as the Dead Kids - The dead kids is a form that Pennywise uses to scare the Loser's club which is the ghosts of some of Pennywise's previous victims. The dead kids have a dead corpse appearence and wear 1800s clothing and have died in the old ironworks after in an explosion during an Easter egg hunt. As Bev is walking to her house after hanging out and playing with Ben, Bill, Eddie and Stan, she changes into her pajamas and walks into her bathroom about to brush her teeth and straighten her hair. When Bev is done brushing her teeth, she hears a child's voice yelling help several times. Bev then notices that the voice is coming from her sink and the child then says "Help me Beverly, the clown brought us down here, we float, we ALL float". The child's voice then turns deep and sinister and says "And When you're down here with me Beverly, You'll...Float...Too". The fosset then mysteriously turns on and the water then turns into blood and overflows the sink. Bev runs downstairs to get her father that blood is in her sink. As they go to the bathroom to investigate, Al says that he doesn't see blood and tells Bev to get to bed. The dead kids later attack Mike as he is at the Black Spot where their was a bad fire. Later in the film when when the Losers were dwelling through the old Derry Ironworks, Bill remembers the tale of a group of children dying in the explosion of the Ironworks on Easter. Later while Stan is biking around town, he passes by the old ironworks and hears Pennywise's voice inside calling out "Stan" and so he went in the Ironworks. As he investigating around the Ironworks, 4 dead kids emerge from a standpipe and attacked him.

Mark Strong as Count Dracula - Count Dracula is a form that Pennywise uses to scare adult Ben Hanscom. Pennywise's Dracula strongly resembles Count Orlok from the 1922 film, Nosferatu. Pennywise's Dracula wears an old black 1800s suit, white button up collared shirt, a red sleeveless eat underneath the blazed, a black cape, has long sharp finger nails, pale white skin, blood red eyes, and razor sharp teeth. When Ben was at the library and waiting for Mike to show up, he heard noises coming from the second floor of the library and saw a dark figure waking around the second floor and thought it was somebody playing around. Ben went close by the stairs where he sees the figure and so he see who it was and yelled out for the person. Ben then hears destruction coming from the second floor and he threatened to call the police if the person doesn't come down. He then notices that the figure is slowly walking down the stairs making loud slurping and growling noises. As the finure got closer, Ben then noticed it had long finger nails, sharp teeth, blood dripping from it's mouth and holding several rainbow colored balloons. Ben then realizes it's Pennywise in the form of Count Dracula holding balloons about to attack Ben. Ben was the only person in the library that could see and hear Dracula. As Ben tried to run but was to scared to move, Dracula chomped down on his bottom lip and his jaw fell to floor and blood was dripping from his jaw which freaked Ben out. Dracula then walked closer to Ben with a bleeding jaw and reached out to attack him but then Ben ran to the exit of the library and panicked in fear as ran to his car while the people in the library watched him run out of the building and they thought he was crazy.

Jude Law as Adrian Mellon - He is a homosexual man and the very first victim of IT in 1986. Adrian was a local resident in Derry who has a huge fetish of having sexual intercourse with other men as he usually hangs out at gay bars just to pay men to have sex with him. Adrian never shows his gay personality on the outside because he doesn't want people to mock him for who he truly his. Adrian works as a local cashier at a grocery store in Derry and lives in a small but clean apartment and makes enough money to provide for himself and also his boyfriend. He has a boyfriend named Don Hagarty who he is very loyal to and doesn't care if people judge him on his sexuality as long as he is himself. Adrian has dated many men but he feels that Don is the right man to settle with. One night, Adrian gets an anonymous letter telling him "Meet Me At Kissing Bridge" and he thought it was one of his boyfriend so he obeyed the letter and went out to kissing bridge. Once he made it to Kissing Bridge at Downtown Derry, a group of homophobic teenagers gang up on him and start severely beating, stabbing and punching Adrian until he was barely alive and was completely weak. The teenagers dumped Adrian in a river close by the bridge and took off leaving his body for dead. When Adrian was laying in severe pain in the river, he noticed a dark, tall and slender figure crawling out of the water which was Pennywise of the form of a tall slender beast and the beast ate Adrian. According to the police they couldn't find out how Adrian died and thought it was murder or suicide but his boyfriend, Don said that he saw a strange creature come out the water and eat him.

Derek Mears as The Slender Creature - The Slender beast is a tall, dark, slender creature form that Pennywise uses to scare, kill and devour Adrian Mellon. The slender figure's appearance is that it has a bald head with little hairs sticking out of his head, has red eyes, gray slender skin, yellow unstrained spiky teeth, is a very unknown tall creature and wears Pennywise's clown suit. Once Adrian Mellon made it to Kissing Bridge at Downtown Derry, a group of criminals gang up on him and start severely beating, stabbing and punching Adrian until he was barely alive and was completely weak. The criminals dumped Adrian in a river close by the bridge and took off leaving his body for dead. When Adrian was laying in severe pain in the river, he noticed a dark, tall and slender figure crawling out of the water which was Pennywise of the form of a tall beast and the beast ate Adrian causing the disappearance of Adrian Mellon. The Slender Beast bears a strong resemblance to the Creepypasta monsters, The Rake and Slenderman.

Christian Bale as Officer Forgarty - He is a security guard at the mental insane asylum in Derry where Henry Bowers was taken after severe trauma at age 15. Mr. Forgarty is a hard-working man in uniform who makes sure the patients at the insane asylum will never escape. His worst fear is overgrown Doberman but he never admits it and acts like he is a tough, fearless man who will stand up to anything that comes his way. Mr. Forgarty stands at the entrance of the mental asylum holding a shot gun and he takes the day and night shift to make some extra money so he can live a normal, middle class life. One night, he catches 42-year-old Henry Bowers trying to escape holding a bloody pocket knife. Mr. Forgarty walks up to Henry Bowers and aims his flashlight and shot gun at wondering why he is not in his room. When he walks up to Henry, what he finds next to him is Pennywise in the form of a huge violent Doberman on all fours about which frightens Mr. Forgarty because it is his worst fear. The Doberman then attacks Mr. Forgarty by ripping him apart and eating his insides just so Henry Bowers can escape and no one can stop him.

Rachel Weisz as Gretta Bowie - She is a rich, snobby woman who lives in the richer parts of Derry and Eddie Kaspbrak's former love interest. Gretta grew up somewhat cocky, snobbish and spoiled and she attended Derry Junior High School along with the Losers' club. Along with her friend Sally Mueller, she was raised in the wealthier parts of Derry. As a child, one of Gretta's classmates, Eddie Kaspbrak developed an intense and deep crush on her although he never confronted and expressed intimate feelings towards Gretta. Gretta stayed in Derry her whole life and continued to stay there and lived a wealthy lifestyle. Later on when the Losers' club reunite 27 years they defeated IT for the first time, Mike explains to the others about a woman named Gretta Bowie went missing for two weeks and was later found dead close by the sewers where IT lives and nobody has been able to find out the cause of her death. Soon after, Pennywise manifests himself into the bloody corpse of Gretta Bowie to haunt Eddie Kaspbrak. As Pennywise uses this form, he taunts Eddie by saying in Gretta's voice "We all float down here, Eddie and you will too". Though her death is never shown, it is possible that she was eaten or brutally mangled by Pennywise

Odeya Rush as Young Gretta Bowie

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Don Hagarty - He is the boyfriend of Adrian Mellon and a local resident of Derry in 1986. Don and had a strong loving relationship with Adrian and much residents of Derry have been mocking them and have been trying to beat them up because they are homosexual. Don and Aidan live in a small but clean apartment together where they hope to grow a family together and they don't care if they get abused for being gay by homophobes as long as they are comfortable for who they really are. Don works as a chef at Chinese restaraunt in Derry while his boyfriend works as a cashier at a local grocery store. One night, Don returns home and doesn't see Adrian anywhere. He later finds a note that says "Meet me at Kissing Bridge" in which he thought Adrian was meeting someone else or that someone tricked Adrian so they could beat him up. Don then realizes that Adrian was beaten up by three homophobic thugs and left to die in the river underneath the bridge. Don then sees Pennywise in the form of a tall slender creature attacking and eating a severely wounded Adrian in which left him frightened. The next morning, Don explains to a grown-up Mike Hanlon about what he saw and how Adrian died in which left Mike thinking that IT has returned.


Georgie Denbrough - As Georgie is playing with his paper boat on a rainy day around the neighborhood, the paper boat started floating towards a sewer drain and Georgie tried to get the boat before it fell in the drain but he couldn't make it. Georgie looked in drain to see if he could reach it but he couldn't. As Georgie was about to get up and walk away, he heard a voice in the drain that said "Hi, Georgie" so Georgie looked in the drain and Pennywise appeared asking if he'll say hi back but Georgie didn't say a word and shook his head "No", but Pennywise said "Don't You Want A Balloon, Georgie" and said "I have red, green, yellow, blue, all colors" but Georgie said he shouldn't take stuff from strangers because his dad said so. But Pennywise said it was very smart to tell him that so he introduced himself to Georgie so they can each other. Then showed Georgie his paper boat and said "Then this isn't yours" but then Georgie said in excitement "Yes" and Pennywise then said do also want a balloon and Georgie tried to say yes but he was still questioning if he wants it or not. Pennywise then said that "Come on Georgie, you know you want the balloon". Georgie asked if he's got more balloons and Pennywise said yes and that he's also got treats, rides, fun surprises and all colored balloons. Georgie asked "Do they float" and Pennywise answered in a creepy way "Oh Yes, They Float Georgie, They All Float". As Georgie went to reach for his paper boat, Pennywise said "And when you're down here YOU'LL....FLOAT....TOO". Pennywise then grabbed his right arm really tight making Georgie scream on the top of his lungs. Pennywise's eyes turned red and his teeth turned razor sharp and completely bit off Georgie's arm and left Georgie's bloody corpse to rot.

Patrick Hockstetter - As Henry Bowers and his gang were hanging out at the junkyard after the Apoctolyptic Rock Fight with the Losers' club, Patrick starts flirting with Henry making Henry uncomfortable. Patrick then squats down towards Henry's pants unbuttons his pants and gives Henry a hand job making Henry more uncomfortable but Patrick tried to comfort him and then he pulled down his own pants. Patrick then tried to perform a blowjob on Henry but Henry ounches him in the mouth and backed away from him in disgust. Henry then was worried that he might tell the others about what happened and he threatened Patrick by telling him that he'll kill him if he does it again or tells the others. Henry then walks away angrily at Patrick. Patrick walked away feeling good about what he did and he went to his fridge hoping to dispose more animals he had killed. Patrick then lights a cigarette and masturbates as he looks at all the corpses in his fridge. Patrick then sees something fly by his face and thought it was a mosquito, then something flew by his face again and then there was more coming towards him. Patrick realizes that it was his worst fear, flying leeches and a swarm of flying leeches started attacking Patrick. The. A bunch of leeches started covering his body. The leeches were draining all the blood out of his body causing him to die from major blood loss. His body was never found after words and the only people who saw it was Henry and his friends in the junkyard and when they went to find help, Patrick's body was missing. Patrick's decomposed corpse was later found in the sewers of Derry by the Losers. His corpse bears a resemblance to Noah Clay's corpse from The Ring.

Oscar "Butch" Bowers - As Henry was walking home after discovering the tragic death and disappearance of Patrick, he hears child's laughter coming from the bushes and then Pennywise's voice is heard in the bushes calling out "Henry". Henry then walks up to where he hears the noise and finds Pennywise standing near the bushes holding red balloons telling him "Come here Henry, I've got something for you". Henry slowly walks up to Pennywise and Pennywise thanks Henry for terrorizing the Loser's club and Pennywise wanted to give him something in return. Pennywise was holding a switchblade and he handed the switchblade to Henry. Pennywise explained on how he can terrorize everyone in Derry now with his new switchblade starting with Henry's father. Pennywise whispers under his voice "Kill them all, Henry, kill them all" several times. Later Henry walked into his house with a serious, malevolent look on his face and notices his father laying on the couch blacked out drunk. Henry took out the switchblade he got from Pennywise and lifted up in the air filled with rage. Henry then stabbed his father in the chest and stomach several times with the switchblade. Oscar fell to the ground drenched in blood and coughing up blood. Henry then stood over him and slit his throat with the switchblade killing him. Later Henry dismembered Oscar's corpse and put it in a garbage bag and later disposed it in a dumpster down an alley.

Victor Criss - As Victor is walking through the sewers looking for the Loser's club he starts hearing things surrounding the area he is in. Victor then sees a huge bright light coming from the end of the cave. Victor then goes to see what it is. Once he goes to see what it is. He finds Pennywise in the form of a the deadlights which leads Victor to running in fear trying to find his friends but no one was around to hear his cries for help. The deadlights then flies across sewers chasing Victor making sure he doesn't escape. Then Victor trips on a rock and lands in the water and his foot was twisted after tripping on the rock. A long skinny demonic arm with bony fingers emerged from the dead deadlights then the arm came up towards Victor and sucks him into the lights killing him. His decomposed, bony corpse is later found by the adult Losers' still lying within the sewers.

Belch Huggins - When Belch was looking around the sewers trying to find the Loser's club, he hears a strange growling noise coming from the caves of the sewers and thought it was one of his friends playing a joke on him. Belch then hears a gargling and growling noise behind and as he turns around, Pennywise is in the form of a zombie slowly walking up to Belch and about to attack him. Belch then ran as fast as he could but everytime he turned the zombie was following him. Then Belch came to a dead end and was cornered by the zombie. He kept on yelling for help but no one was around to hear it. Then zombie then reached down and ripped out all of Belch's organs and tore off his lims as blood splattered over the walls and making Belch scream in pain.

Gard Jagemeyer, Moose Sandler, and Peter Gordon - As Gard, Moose, and Peter pin Stan to the wall of the sewers while Henry slowly put a pocket knife towards his neck hoping to kill him after beating them up, they all hear a growling like sounding surrounding the area they are in and then they see a huge light coming from the floor. The huge bright light emerges from the floor of the sewers and then turns out it is Pennywise in the form of the deadlights. The gang then lets go of Stan making him run in fear but Gard, Moose, and Peter get sucked into the light killing them and Henry and Stan watched in fear as the three were getting ripped apart and polverized by the deadlights in whci blood was splattering all over them. But Henry's life is spared as the deadlights passes him. The deadlights makes Henry's hair turn gray and his eyes turned completely clear as the deadlights goes after Stan and the other Loser's. Gard, Moose and Peter's polverized corpses were later found in the sewers and Henry was framed for it along with the other murders of Derry.

Adrian Mellon - As Adrian was walking on Kissing Bridge waiting for the anonymous source who sent him the letter, a group of violent criminals jump him from behind and then throw him to the ground. Adrian tried to get up but then the criminals grab out their knives and start stabbing Adrian several times with their knives and he was covered in his own blood. The criminals then started kicking and punching and Adrian until he was completely weak and couldn't fight back. After Adrian passed out on the ground, the criminals picked him up and threw his body into the river underneath the bridge. The criminals ran off into the woods planning no one would see what they've done to Adrian. As Adrian was slowly dying in the river, he heard something crawling towards him and it made a growling noise. That's when he noticed a tall, slender figure emerging from the river wearing Pennywise's clown suit. Adrian started crawling away from the figure but it kept on crawling towards him. The figure then grabbed Adrian's leg and started crawling up Adrian's body and ate his face and limbs. Later it was revealed, that Adrian's body was never found

Kaitlyn Winterberger - When Kaitlyn is riding her bike around her neighborhood, her mom calls her in for dinner and she does what she says as she rides her bike towards the house. When Kaitlyn is walking on the sidewalk, she hears child's laughter near a weeping willow and she walked up to the weeping willow to see what the children were doing. Then Kaitlyn heard Pennywise's laughter coming from the weeping willow and the wind started to blow fast. Then she saw Pennywise is in the tree holding balloons and says "Hi" to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn gave a little smile back to Pennywise and walked up to go say hi back. As she came closer to the weeping willow, Pennywise's eyes turned red and his teeth turned razor sharp which gave frightened Kaitlyn. Pennywise then ran up to Kaitlyn who was frozen in fear and started killing her and ripping her apart making blood splatter over the sidewalks and on the tree.

Stanley Uris - After Mike called Stan to tell him Pennywise is back and that he needs to come back to Derry, he hung up on Mike and ran quickly up the stairs into the bathroom. Where he looked at himself in the mirror and had flashbacks of all his terrifying experiences with Pennywise. Stanley then noticed a razor blade by the sink and he had an idea to commit suicide to stop all the horrible memories. He turned on the bath and quickly took off his clothes. After a few minutes in the bathroom, Patricia went to go check if Stan is alright but he didn't respond back. Patricia then noticed water was coming from underneath the door from the bathroom. She knocked on the door several times to see if Stan was alright but he still didn't respond back so she opened the door. As she opened the door, steam was fogging up the whole bathroom but it started to clear up. As the steam cleared up, Patricia noticed the bathtub was filled with blood. As she walked closer to the bathtub she noticed Stan's clothes was on the floor and saw Stan dead in the tub full of blood with his arm scrapped open and the word IT was written large in blood on the wall which made Patricia scream on the top of her lungs from the horryfing discovery.

Officer Forgarty - As he was walking around the mental asylum holding a flashlight and his shot gun making sure all the patients are in their rooms, he finds Henry Bowers holding a bloody pocket knife in his hands and was trying to escape through a broken window. He loads his shot gun and aims his flashlight him making sure he won't escape through the window. Officer Forgarty aims his shot gun at Henry making sure he won't escape and told him to turn around as he walked slowly up to him. As Officer Forgarty was walking closer to Henry wondering why he isn't in his room, he hears a growling noise coming from towards Henry. He gets a strange feeling on what the growling noise was and then he noticed a huge figure come from behind Henry which was an overgrown Doberman that had razor sharp teeth and sinister red eyes which made Mr. Forgarty be paralyzed in fear and dropped his flashlight and gun. He tried to run but the Doberman jumped up and attacked him. Henry watched as the Doberman was ripping apart and eating Officer Walker's insides with it's razor sharp teeth.

Tom Rogan - When Tom made it to and was ridiong around Derry in a taxi hoping to find kill Bev for leaving him in Chicago, he told the driver to stop the taxi and said he could walk back on his own. Tom then walked out of taxi and the taxi drove away as he walked closer to Derry. As he continued to walk to Derry at night, he hear a female voice coming from the bushes calling out "Tom" several times. Tom walked in the woods where he heard the female voice coming from and stumbles across the old abandon sewers where IT lives. As Tom stared at the entrance to sewers, he then noticed Pennywise in the from of Bev saying "Hello Tom" standing a few inches away from Tom in which frightened and confused Tom. Bev then said "You want a balloon, Tom, they float, they all float, they all float". Bev then started morphing into a rotting corpse version of Bev as she said in Pennywise's voice "And when your down here with us, Tom, you'll...float...too!". As Bev fully morphed into a rotting corpse version of herself, Tom screamed at the top of his lungs as the rotting Bev reached out to grab Tom. Tom's corpse is later found in the sewers by the adult Losers'.

Henry Bowers - While Bill, Ben, Bev, Eddie, Richie, and Mike were all back at the hotel they were staying at to talk about how Pennywise comes back every 27 years, Henry Bowers slowly breaks inside through a window and grabs a huge kitchen knife hoping to kill the Loser's club once and for all. Then Eddie heard Henry making noises coming from upstairs and went to go see what it was and told his friends to stay downstairs while he investigated. Eddie noticed muddy footprints and broken glass all over the floor upstairs. Eddie grabbed a fire poker and slowly followed the trail of footprints which lead to his bedroom. As Eddie slowly opened the door he went to go see who is in his bedroom. Then Henry Bowers closes the door and attacks Mike from behind. Eddie tried to fight him off but he was to strong. Henry then grabbed the kitchen knife and sliced him in the arm and stabbed him twice in the chest. Eddie called for help and which attracted Bill, Mike, Bev, Ben and Richie's attention. They saw Henry strangling Eddie but they all fought back against him as they pinned him to floor and they stabbed him several times in the chest and stomach with the kitchen knife.

Eddie Kaspbrak - Bill, Bev, Ben, Mike, Eddie and Richie enter the sewers hoping to fight Pennywise again and defeat him for the final time. As they investigating around the sewers, spiders and spider-webs were everywhere on the walls and it got them in the way of finding Pennywise. Bill hears noises coming from the other side of the sewers and Bill runs as fast as he could to see if it was IT luring them into a trap. Bill then runs around the sewers calling out "Where Are You" and the others followed him. Then suddenly, they heard noises coming from the floors in the sewers. Bill bent down and put his head against the floor to see what was making the noises in the floors. Then a huge spider leg popped out from the floor making them all panic in fear and run as fast as they could. Then two other spider legs popped from the floor which got them trapped. Then suddenly a IT came through the floor as it's true form, a huge gigantic female spider like creature. The spider chased the Loser's around the sewers leading them to where Audra is kept hostage. The spider then cornered the Loser's as they had no where to run and then IT formed into the deadlights. Bill, Richie, Mike, Ben and Bev go into a trance after looking into the deadlights but Eddie blocked his eyes so he can't look into the deadlights. Eddie quickly grabbed out his inhaler from when he has a kid when they first defeated Pennywise and said "This is battery acid you fucker" and he sprayed the spider with his inhaler several times but it didn't stop it. The spider then made a loud growling sound then picked up Eddie, crush his his body making his body bleed uncontrollably and IT started eating him.

Pennywise - After Eddie got eaten by IT, Bill, Bev, Mike, Ben, and Richie returned to there normal selves after stop looking into the deadlights. The spider then crawls up towards the others hoping that they will be next. The spider then rises and increases it's power by fully turning into the deadlights but they all looked away before they could be caught in the trance again. Bev grabbed out her slingshot and amo from when she had as a kid from when they first defeated IT and was hoping that she would defeat the monster but then the sewers start to shake making her drop her slingshot. Bev tried to find it but the deadlights were to bright and she could hardly see a thing. Then Bev found the slingshot and amo and aimed it towards the center of the deadlights. She then shot right in the deadlights causing the monster to to blow up, get killed and cause a huge shockwave. Bill then got Audra down from the spider web and then entire sewer caves started to shake and it was starting to collapse. They all ran as fast as they could hoping to make it out in time. Sooon Richie found the way out and they all jumped out of the sewers and into a lake as they watched the sewers collapse and made a huge fiery explosion killing and ending the reign of terror of IT. Later the next morning, police officers and news reporters surrounded the area. Meanwhile the remaining survivors from Pennywise's finale rampage went to go on to live normal, happy lives away from Derry.

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