It's Tough to Be a Elf
Directed by Butch Hartman
Produced by David Clutterbuck
Written by Chris Williams
Don Hall
Screenplay by Glenn Leopold
Davis Doi
Story by Ian Moo Young
Laura Sharples
Based on American Greetings
Starring Julia Roberts
David Spade
Steve Buscemi
Danny DeVito
Wayne Knight
Kelsey Grammer
Tom Jones
Corey Burton
Music by Steven Bramson
Editing by Paul Douglas
Production company(s) Michael Shires Pictures (USA)
Ocean Pictures
The Children's Channel Movies
Jeopardy Films
Distributor Warner Bros. (USA)
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment (UK and Ireland)
Release date(s) August 16, 1996 (with Giants Eating Children: The Movie)
Running time 9 Minutes
Language English
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It's Tough to Be a Elf is is a 1996 live-action/animated short film produced by The Children's Channel Movies and Ocean Pictures and released on August 16, 1996 by Michael Shires Pictures.

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  • This is the first Ocean Pictures short film to be rated G by the MPAA.
  • This is the first Ocean Pictures's theatrical short film.

Home video releases


  • Giants Eating Children: The Movie


  • Giants Eating Children: The Movie


  • Giants Eating Children: The Movie
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