It's Kristen
Genre Comedy
Created by Kristen Wiig

Lorne Michaels

Starring Kristen Wiig

Zack Braff

Maya Rudolph

Rachel McAdams

Bill Hader

Chelsea Peretti

Laura Dern

Don Cheadle

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Opening Theme "It's Kristen" Theme
Location New York, NY (Season 1 - 2)

Los Angeles, CA (Season 3 - )

Country Of Origin USA
Number Of Episodes 44
Running Time 23 minutes
Original Channel: NBC
Original Air Date October 15th 2017 - present
Produced by Lorne Michaels

Kristen Wiig

Steve Higgins

Directed by Beth McCarthy Miller

Various Others

It's Kristen is an American comedy television series produced and broadcast by NBC that premiered on October 15, 2017. The series was created by Lorne Michaels and Kristen Wiig, who stars as a fictionalised version of herself. The series follows Kristen in her life as an actress, writer and producer in New York and later Los Angeles. Also starring are Zack Braff as her boyfriend, Zack; Maya Rudolph as her manager, Maya; and Rachel McAdams as Kristen's sister, Rachel. It's Kristen often features guest stars, and many of these appearances are by celebrities playing versions of themselves fictionalised to varying degrees. The show has been hailed as a female-centric version of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm and has reached critical acclaim.


Five years after leaving Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig is still living in her Manhattan apartment, while getting the occasional Hollywood film to keep her profile up. Along with her writer boyfriend Zack, she's trying to produce a sitcom for NBC. With the pressure to relocate to Los Angeles from her manager and the overbearingness of her singer sister, Kristen's life is chaotic, and her frequent encounter with her successful friends make it even more of a struggle.

Towards the end of season 2, Kristen and Zack's sitcom is greenlit at NBC, but the network wants to move production to Los Angeles. Kristen agrees, but Zack backs out. Kristen ends up living with her manager until the sitcom becomes a hit, and Kristen starts living a Hollywood lifestyle, but the struggle of dealing with her more successful friends is still apparent.



  • Kristen Wiig as Kristen, a socially awkward but funny actress and writer; a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, Kristen is struggling to make it big, despite the success of her films previously.
  • Zack Braff as Zack, a low-level television writer with minor credits. He seems to genuinely love Kristen, but is often left frustrated with her decisions. He ultimately breaks up with Kristen when he can't handle the pressure of relocating to Los Angeles.
  • Maya Rudolph as Maya, Kristen's manager who is based in Los Angeles. She's hard-hitting and stubborn, but wants what's best for Kristen. She's married with four kids and is relieved when Kristen finally relocates to the west coast so she can be closer with her kids.
  • Rachel McAdams as Rachel, Kristen's overbearing and complicated sister. She's a popular singer in Los Angeles and is overwhelmingly excited when Kristen relocates to the city.


  • Bill Hader as Brett, Kristen's therapist in season 1. He relocates to Los Angeles to become an actor. In season 3, Kristen casts him on her sitcom.
  • Chelsea Peretti as Chelsea, Kristen's best friend in New York. She get's pregnant and married in season 2. Kristen convinces her to relocate to Los Angeles with her director husband in season 3 to help her develop her TV series.
  • Laura Dern as Laura, Kristen's unexpected rival in Los Angeles, she's a popular actress and producer who loses her primetime slot to Kristen's show.
  • Don Cheadle as Max, the network producer of Kristen's show. He tries to be a mentor and friend to Kristen but she's not particularly interested.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lin, after producing a successful musical in New York, Kristen's acting school friend moves to Puerto Rico at the end of season 1, but to Kristen's surprise, he shows up at an audition for her TV show in season 3.

Various other notable people make guest appearances throughout the series.


Season 1

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Pitch Kristen takes her idea for a soap opera parody series to her former bosses at NBC, but getting to 30 Rock from her apartment proves difficult, especially when both her sister and manager are in town. 15th October 2017
2 Dinner Party Kristen's manager throws a dinner party for her clients, and when Kristen ends up sitting with both Susan Sarandon and Taraji P Henson, disaster ensures. 22nd October 2017
3 Management Since Maya is going back to Los Angeles, Kristen has one last chance to land a pitch with the executives at 30 Rock for a few weeks, but Zack seems to be in an odd mood. 29th October 2017
4 Pitch Again 5th November 2017
5 Engagement 12th November 2017
6 Musical 19th November 2017
7 Appointment 26th November 2017
8 Future 3rd December 2017
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