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AumSum: The Movie is a 2022 film that will be released online, YouTube (May 4, 2022), Hulu & in Netflix (June 15, 2022) and an animated film for kids. The main characters are AumSum who goes on an adventure and the other one who is the narrator that helps him. It is about AumSum learning about science. Learning more about science, AumSum also likes to tell jokes to anyone. Before the credits, AumSum goes back to his home happy and the movie ends.


The AumSum Movie is originally going to be released in June 15, 2020, but then got delayed because of COVID-19 and moved to June 15, 2021, but then got delayed again. But then, the movie got released in May 4, 2022 to celebrate Star Wars.

AumSum's movie is also in Hindi, called AumSum: फिल्म.

Other Languages

Hindi: AumSum: फिल्म