Island Terror is a 2013 SyFy Channel original movie.


A group of sixteen college students are asked to go to a deserted island in the South Pacific and live there for a period of 3 months so they can learn survival skills and techniques. Shortly after arriving, however, they realize that they are not alone...

There are things on the island with them... Things that only come out at night... Things with appetites for human flesh... Things... . . . Not from Earth...


  • anthony rogers as Keith (The leader of the men)
  • TBA as Elizabeth (The leader of the women and Keith's girlfriend)
  • richard couch as Derek (Keith's best friend)
  • TBA as Brooke Hogan as Vera (Derek's ex-girlfriend, whom he makes up with)
  • TBA as Mitch (A practical jokester)
  • TBA as Ethan (A panicky and shy student)
  • TBA as Julie (Ethan's on-and-off girlfriend and the "bitch" of the movie)
  • TBA as Ben (Derek's cousin)
  • TBA as Cindy (A sorority sister)
  • TBA as Jenny (A sorority sister and Cindy's best friend)
  • TBA as Crystal (A sorority sister)
  • TBA as Erik (A fraternity brother)
  • TBA as Lauren (A sorority sister)
  • TBA as Camaria (A sorority sister)
  • TBA as Aaron (A fraternity brother and Erik's best friend)
  • TBA as Lindsay (Lauren's twin sister)
  • TBA as Jeremy (A fraternity brother)


Lauren - Killed (off-screen) by an alien when she runs into it on the beach.

Julie - Mauled by an alien after she panics, separates from the group, and runs off as they try to escape on a raft.

Mitch - Killed (off-screen) by an alien while he is trying to make a spear.

Lindsay - Mauled by an alien while hiding inside a tent.

Erik - Disemboweled by an alien while trying to make a stand with Aaron.

Aaron - Mauled (off-screen) by the alien that killed Erik after he tries to flee from it.

Crystal - Mauled (off-screen) by an alien while trying to flee from the aliens.

Alien #1 - Stabbed repeatedly by spears by the group.

Ben - Mauled by an alien after he tries to make a stand.

Jeremy - Mauled by an alien after it ambushes him in the jungle.

Cindy - Mauled (off-screen) by an alien after it pulls her into a bush.

Ethan - Mauled by an alien after it ambushes him in the campsite.

Jenny - Mauled and decapitated by an alien after it ambushes her in the jungle after after she panics and runs off into the jungle.

Alien #2 - Stabbed in the back with a machete by Keith, then axed in the head.

Derek - Throat ripped out by the alien after it drags him out of the tent that he and the other three survivors are in.

Keith - Mauled by the alien after he tries to make a stand.

Alien #3 - Set on fire by Elizabeth, then hacked apart with a machete by Vera.




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