Isabella Hirozaka


’writing quotes like this will cause something strange to happen....’

-Isabella on finding out why Serenity was force fed oil.

Isabella Barkgy Hirozaka was born March 25, 1980 to the Hirozaka family, she is a Chinese-Italian and her star sign is love and power. She is the eldest child in the Hirozaka family. she is very close friends with Lily

She is the only one, aside from Fierin which can save Phantom from the perverse limbo his brother puts him through daily. Her favorite singers are Jewel, Alanis Morisette, Green Day, and No Doubt. it is revealed in Gacha studio: trouble trouble trouble her most favorite band was L7


Isabella has shoulder length messy brown hair in a ponytail, a white shirt, and a dull blue scarf, skirt, and the top of her socks is also dull blue, the rest of her socks are white, she wears black and blue shoes too.she has brown eyes with white pupils

In her magic form, she is wearing JNCO jeans, friendship necklace beads in her hair, and her hair is still brown but now longer, in pigtails, and with green highlights. and a blue shirt.Her pupils turn blue and she gets a binky because in this magic form she gets hyper and sometimes so hyper she may break her teeth.


Isabella is silly,kind,cruel sometimes, girly, bright, devoted to candy, and enjoys playing outside. She is a bit fragile too according to the Gacha Studio episode 10'000 spoons

Early life

Isabella was born Isabella Barkgy Hirozaka March 25th, 1980 to Maya Hirozaka and Baxter Hirozaka, her parents always let her go to the arcade without them. Isabella would normally clean up trash on her walks leading her to grow up a very responsible person. She might have lived in a small but not tiny 1 bedroom apartment, but she always felt happy despite that her family didn't have lots of money. Isabella cooked for her family, her favorite recipe being Honey walnut shrimp fried rice.


Isabella's hobbies are cooking, riding her bike, playing video games, painting nails, sleeping, and listening to music


“The dust problem sucks up there!”

How much money do you make when you are just normally healthy? Below negative googol? What about with the life threatening disease which makes your face sag aroun? Hmmmmmmmmmm, let me check the net worth of that guy who was rich enough to move Mall to a different place

”seems like Serenity’s gonna drink 4 more gallons of oil until her stomach gets too big and explodes”

Head wrap or Pigtails? How about both

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