Irmão do Jorel: O Filme (also known as Jorel's Brother: The Movie in the American release) is a upcoming American animated musical comedy film based on the animated television series, Irmão do Jorel.


Jorel's Brother and his family is attended by the rock concert sponsored by the soft drink factory, Sprok Apple (Sprok Maçã), when seeing Lara and Yuki, a rare and anthropomorphic cat, performs in a concert. Soon, Yuki is booed off the stage for playing jazz instead of rock and is shot by a tranquilizer, who sent him to the zoo.

Lara breaks into a zoo and liberates Yuki, a rare and anthropomorphic cat. Her parents, worries over Yuki's bad influence towards Lara, who spends her days trying to be the friend of Jorel's Brother. Lara learns of Yuki's escape and plans to catch it, but Jorel's Brother's father, Mr. Edson, prevents her as they are headed to Shostners & Shostners corporation as well to save their house from being demolited by the Shostners Boss, the head businessman wants Yuki for his pet collection while Lara's parents deal with the thief. With the help of the duck Gesonel, Jorel's Brother finally agrees to join Lara on the mission to save his house.

The Shostners Boss proceeds to destroy Jorel's house and his bounty hunter, Cagliostro, tries to sequester the creature and destroy the rare Porcelain Elephant. Edson calls his wife, Danuza, and sons, Nico and Jorel, to save their home, and discovers that he has the wrong suitcase. After getting a supposed earful from the Shostners Boss, the head, Suzana Gagliostro, learns that the executives plans to retire from the Shostners & Shostners corporation after they fire William Shostners and find Yuki and manage to trace it back to Lara's home just as Guy figures out where he lives.

Meanwhile, Jorel's Brother and Lara is confronted by the intergalatic goose named Klong, but is rescued by Gesonel who steals their car and flees. Gesonel reveals that he just betrays Klong. Not wanting to put up with him, Klong gets out in the middle of the desert. He flags down another car which just so happens to be driven by Edson. Lara turns down picking him up, despite Grandma Juju's protests and Gesonel ends up hallucinating from the heat. He is rescued by the seas' beggar and his pony, Fluffy, but Gesonel leads them to the car. Gesonel sleeps, but awakens to see Sam and the Chickeraffe running beside the car, which is heading towards a cliff.

Jorel's Brother rescues Lara from the car as it lands in a lake full of killer dolphins. He reveals that he had to get rid of it so that it cannot be traced. They buy a couple of tickets for a train, and Jorel's Brother and Lara head to Japan to rescue the Porcelain Elephant. As Edson's car is fished out of the water, the executives and Suzana find evidence of Yuki being there and deduce that it is on a train. The Shostners Boss reveals that he wants Yuki for himself to make money for selling his merchandise and destroy the Porcelain Elephant. Jorel and Nico run into their brother and Lara where the boy orders them avocados. Later at night, Jorel's Brother sneaks out with the Porcelain Elephant and runs into his parents who learns of the creature's existence. Grandma Juju abandons his grandson in order to save the house. Jorel's Brother and Lara bond in the bicycle as the Magic Coconut implies that they are developing feelings for one another. In the morning, Jorel's Brother angrily tells Lara that he wants nothing to do with her anymore after Lara finds out about the chance of travel to Japan is because of her parents' job, and also about Yuki. As he gets off the train, he is confronted by Klong.

Gesonel breaks down and reveals the boy's family's hopeless love of avocados and his contradictory love for Lara and Ana Catarina and leave the two, promising to never return. As the sun sets, they spot a motel sign, but learn that it is actually in the middle of a junk pit and they get stuck. They find an exit, but it turns out to be a large tube of toxic sludge and they get trapped on a pile of trash. Steve Magal, Jorel's Brother's childhood hero, reveals that Yuki is kidnapped by the japanese Shostners executives and now has lost hope. The Magic Coconut reappears again and reveals that Yuki was separated from the other cats and his human friend in the Isle of Cats. With Lara's encouragement, Jorel's Brother, Nico, and Jorel rides in a pony Fluffy and they escape. Meanwhile, Danuza and Edson leave the train and drive to a B&B. E.B. becomes bored, especially when Danuza fails to grasp her son's good influence towards Lara. Edson discovers that Danuza drew a perfect picture of her son and Lara as a way to make up for losing it. The boys and Lara arrive at a diner, meanwhile, the Shostners Boss and Cagliostro arrive at a shopping, but Edson's pet dog, Tosh, scares Yuki and he breaks free from his suitcase and begins running amok in the restaurant.

Edson manages to escape his cuffs, but sees Danuza, Tosh, and Juju leaving by Danuza's motocycle and he solemnly allows himself to be arrested. Lara is hit with guilt over leaving Jorel's Brother, who decides to go get his father out of the jail. Cagliostro and Suzana arrive in Japan and after interrogating the locals learn that Edson was incarcerated. Perdigotto meets his cell mate, a clown named Mussarela. He was arrested for escaping the clown school without permission. Perdigotto arrives and allows himself to be arrested as Gesonel reveals that he has dug a tunnel with his laser powers to escape. Klong arrive just in time to see the group grab their things and flee through the sewer system. The group manages to come out far from the prison as Gesonel leaves to challenge Klong himself and Mussarela also leaves to begin a job as a policeman. It begins to rain and Lara and the boys found shelter in a cabin.

Nico and Jorel are forced to sit out in the rain where their brother realizes that Lara has a crush on him. Jorel's Brother begs his brothers to let Lara and Yuki stay indoors for the night and they finally caves due to Yuki's fear of catching cold from the rain. As the Shostners Boss continue their search, he hires Cagliostro to look for Yuki and send his aid, an anthromorphic lion named Napoleão, to go and recruit him. Jorel's Brother has Lara hang out with Jorel to dry up Yuki while he stays with Nico to perform a band or cooking avocados. Nico and Jorel have trouble using a giant bellows to dry Yuki, so Jorel's Brother uses his grandmother's jar of avocados and accidentally launches it out of the roof and into the woods. The two jump after it while Lara distracts Nico. Nico learns that Lara likes their brother and they find their brother's avocado jar with the killer dolphins and Klong, and get chased by them. Yuki uses his cynical criticism of them to get them to give them the jar back. Lara panics when Jorel's Brother accidentally reveals that they were in jail, but Nico and Jorel return in time to divert suspicion. Meanwhile, Cagliostro takes the job of hunting Yuki in order to impress Suzana.

The gang get ready to leave together to Brazil as Nico and Jorel grow close. When Jorel spots Cagliostro out in the front, Jorel explains to his brother that he is dangerous and convinces him to let Jorel's Brother and Lara leave ahead without them to protect them. Cagliostro proceeds to attack the cabin as Jorel's Brother and Lara distract him and escape with Yuki and the Porcelain Elephant. They end up climbing a snowy mountain where Napoleão kidnaps Yuki. Seeing his friends in danger gives Yuki the courage to fight back and toss Napoleão away up the mountain; allowing them to escape. They use Edson's credit card to buy bus tickets to Stovepipe Junction, which concerns Guy. The Shostners Boss gets interviewed for a magazine where he reveals that his love of animals stems from losing his pet Flemur which he blames his mother for. The interviewer meets with his mother and learns that Snerz loved the Flemur too much and it wanted to leave which the mother complied. His executives are saddened over not finding any leads until the former suddenly realizes Jorel's Brother's love for avocados.

As McWinkle and Gluntz zero in on Sam, Cagliostro continues to hunt for Yuki the Cat. Yuki, Ana Catarina, Nico and Jorel arrive and try to book a motel room where everyone seems to recognize Jorel and Jorel's Brother. It is revealed that Stovepipe Junction is Guy's birthplace and he was considered most likely to succeed in high school. Yuki wants to avoid seeing Lara again as her parents consider him a failure and they try to enter his childhood tree house, while Jorel's Brother sneakily shows his family photo album. They get caught, but contrary to Lara's claim, his family is fully supportive of his creative endeavors. He announces to them all that he is no longer inventing and that he is going to become Steve Magal's fan and the boyfriend of Ana Catarina leaves to his tree house angrily, much to Lara's jealousy towards Ana Catarina. Jorel's Brother goes to talk to Jorel, who admits that he feels insecure around his inner idol and fame towards his family due to their successful achievements. Yuki then reveals that he himself never had a family and lived most of his life in an orphanage (throughout the show he mentions his bizarre past with his mother, but that was all lies). The reason why he loves green eggs and ham is because he still remembers how his mother cooks them and he hoped to this day that once he find the right flavor from various diners he visited, he would find her as well. Guy feels better and apologizes. When Sam enters the house he calls Snerz, revealing that he is actually the one employed by Snerz to take the Chickeraffe to him from the very start.

A guilt ridden Gesonel tries to stall Danuza who has bought tickets for the ferry back home. McWinkle and Gluntz arrive at the Am-I household, but Sam and Guy manage to escape. It is at this point that McWinkle and Gluntz reveal that B.A.D.G.U.Y.S. is actually an acronym for the Shostners & Shostners corporation and have been trying to put Yuki in a zoo, and are enemies with Mr. Sprok. After getting an earful from their boss, the Yuki's comply with them. Danuza, Edson and Juju get on the motocycle and run to save their sons. While Lara is happy to see Jorel's Brother, Ana Catarina became jealous of Lara, even though he apologizes for splitting from them. As the ferry transforms into a submarine and dives, Jorel's Brother and Lara finally grow closer. Jorel's Brother gets over his guilt after speaking with Gesonel and Lara decides to save Yuki for real, but Lara and Yuki is kidnapped by the japanese executives and imprisoned, while Nico and Jorel arrive in Japan and gives William Shostners their grandmother's Porcelain Elephant. Cagliostro appears and scares Nico and Jorel back onto the boat. He causes it to capsize and even though they all escape, Cagliostro grabs the briefcase and makes off with Yuki.

The Shostners executives catch up with Cagliostro and manage to capture him. Jorel's Brother and Lara frees themselves from the cage in the secret room inside the Shostners & Shostners corporation and arrive to get Yuki back, but Lara gets caught. She learns about the executives' true purpose and is taken in to be questioned. Jorel's Brother is told about Lara and her many aliases and his intent to sell Yuki. Lara's mother takes Lara to the Hall of Walls, an art gallery, and Lara learns that her father used to sell Yuki's merchandise. Lara tries to break Jorel's Brother out of holding, but Yuki is still angry at Lara for using him in the band concert and is further angered at being loved by fans again. Lara sadly leaves with Jorel's Brother when Jorel tells him his brother did not want him because he doesn't fit in with her or anybody and a guilt ridden and saddened Lara tells the executives that Cagliostro is buying Yuki; letting him go to his Paint Watching job. Angry and frustrated, the three brothers argue with each other just as Cagliostro and his men arrive to capture them. The Shostners Boss puts on his met gala as Danuza and Edson attend. Danuza spots Jorel at the gala and wanders backstage to discover, to her horror, that Lara's father is selling Yuki to William Shostners.

Lara is heartbroken upon seeing her parents sell Yuki to the Shostners Boss. She tries to break him out and ends up getting the attention of both Gesonel, Tosh, and Zazá, who went to investigate the noises coming from behind a wall. Jorel points the finger at Nico, causing them to argue with one another upon seeing Cagliostro's pet collection. Jorel's Brother realizes that Yuki is actually sold to an airport for money. The brothers and Lara rushes into the airport just as the Shostners Boss realizes he has been "bamboozled". They fight Cagliostro, causing the Shostners Boss, who hijacks the plane at an airport plane, to plan to send Yuki to the zoo. The brothers and Lara storms into the plane, and fights Cagliostro and the executives. The Shostners Boss gets shocked and forcefully tries to kill Lara and Jorel's Brother while the executives let them go upon learning of Edson's mission. Jorel's Brother and Lara finally defeat Cagliostro as well as arresting the Shostners Boss and the boy receiving a kiss from Lara. The next day, Jorel's Brother's family finally retrieves the Porcelain Elephant, and Jorel's Brother happily agrees to let Lara move with them and Gesonel.


Original cast

  • Andrei Duarte as Jorel's Brother, Rambozo
  • Juliano Enrico as Jorel, Vice Consul de Hondura
  • Tânia Gaidarji as Mrs. Denise, Débora
  • César Marchetti as Mr. Edwin, Tosh
  • Hugo Picchi Neto as Nicholas "Nick", Robert Perdigotto, Steve Magal, Coco Mágico
  • Cecília Lemes as Granny Hildegard "Hilda", Samantha
  • Melissa Garcia as Lara, Granny Julianne "Julie", Ana Catarina, Catiane
  • Daniel Furlan as Gesonel, Yuki, Executivos
  • Rodrigo Lombardi as Chefe Shostners
  • Marcelo Tas as Cagliostro
  • Glauco Marques as Mussarela

English cast



The film will be released on December 23, 2020 in IMAX, RealD 3D, Dolby Cinema and 2D by Warner Bros. Pictures.


  • The teaser trailer was released on October 23, 2020 and was shown worldwide screening before Connected (2020)
  • The first trailer was released on December 23, 2020 and was shown before "Tom and Jerry", followed by a special brand reel with clips from Space Jam, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, The LEGO Movie, Jorel's Brother (although Jorel's Brother was made in 2014, way since Cartoon Network was formed), Storks, The LEGO Batman Movie, The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Smallfoot, Ninjin (although Ninjin was made in 2019, way since Cartoon Network was formed), The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Scoob! and Tom and Jerry.
  • The second and final trailer was released on January 15, 2021 and was shown worldwide screenings before Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.



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Logo Variations

  • DreamWorks Animation (Opening): The boy is replaced with Jorel.
  • TV Quase:
  • Copa Studio (Closing):


  • This is the seventh Warner Bros's musical film, since Cats Don't Dance (1997), Quest for Camelot (1998), The King and I (1999), The Scarecrow (2000), Smallfoot (2018), and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019).
  • This is the third Warner Bros.' animated film to be released for digital download while still in theaters after Scoob! (2020).
  • The end credits features live-action photographs of the main characters.
  • Benjamin Bratt's 2nd time voice acting in a theatrical film, after Despicable Me 2 (2013) and Coco (2017).
  • Kristen Schaal's 7th time voice acting in a theatrical film, after Shrek Forever After (2010), Toy Story 3 (2010), Despicable Me 2 (2013), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013), Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017), Toy Story 4 (2019), and Bob's Burgers: The Movie (2021).
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