Invasion from Space is a 2013 SyFy Channel Original movie.


A team of UFO experts are sent to a small farming town in Kansas to investigate reports of extraterrestrial activity, only to discover that this is only the prelude to a full-scale invasion. Sealing themselves and a handful of survivors into the church as the aliens attack, they quickly realize that no help is coming and that they are on their own.


  • Eric Balfour as Jeremy (The lead UFO expert)
  • Emma Bell as Angela (One of the UFO experts)
  • Kevin Zegers as Paul (One of the UFO experts and Angela's boyfriend)
  • Jamie Chung as Cindy (One of the UFO experts)
  • Shawn Ashmore as Alex (One of the UFO experts)
  • Casper Van Dien as Mark (One of the UFO experts)
  • Keri Russell as Stephanie (One of the UFO experts)
  • Davetta Sherwood as Eliza (One of the UFO experts)
  • Kathy Baker as Sheriff Diane Bowder (The town sheriff)
  • anthony rogers as Fred (A police officer)
  • TBA as Connie (A police officer)
  • richard couch as Michael (A police officer)
  • Bruce Davison as Pastor Frank Anderson (The church's pastor)
  • Melinda Dillon as Dorothy (A church survivor and a very tough and competant elderly woman)
  • TBA as Jeannine (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Patty (A church survivor)
  • Cameron Boyce as Tim (Patty's son)
  • TBA as James (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Elliott (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Dana (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Jason (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Wanda (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Tess (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Paige (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Rick (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Janice (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Ben (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Jake (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Kate (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Monica (A church survivor)
  • TBA as Duane (A church survivor)


Mark - Shot in the back by an alien's ray-gun while the group is fleeing the crop circle.

40-50 Townspeople - Killed when the aliens invade.

Dana - Shot in the head by an alien's ray-gun when she looks out a church window.

Elliott, Jason, & Jeannine - Incinerated when an alien shoots the gas tank of their truck as they try to escape, causing it to explode.

Stephanie - Accidentally shot in the stomach with a shotgun by Fred when she is mistaken for an alien.

Paul - Shot in the chest by an alien's ray-gun when he leaps in front of Angela, the alien's original target, in a sacrificial effort to save her life.

Connie, Pastor Anderson, Tess, Rick, Janice, Jake, Kate, & Monica - Killed when an alien ship destroys the church.

Fred - Shot in the chest by an alien's ray-gun while trying to tell the group to not give up.






Eliza? (Abducted)

Sheriff Bowder? (Abducted)

Michael? (Abducted)


Patty? (Abducted)


James? (Abducted)




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