Into the Bombardment is a next generation flight simulator coming out for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, as well as the PC. The game takes place in South Africa, where a conflict between Mercenaries, Superhuman fighter pilots, Drug Cartels and Terrorist Militias is brewing, while the South African government is in exile.


There are a total of seven playable characters in Into the Bombardment, as well as a character that can be played by entering a cheat code at the options menu.

  • Tyson Morgan II - A British punk by heart who fights for the Firestorm mercenaries, he usually remains calm in battle, but when provoked, can show signs of a volatile temper. He mainly flies American planes for air-to-air missions, or for air-to-ground missions.
  • Samantha Silacci - An Italian American woman who is generally a friendly person, but has a bad side most people would want to avoid being on. She is also a generally forgiving person, and a close friend of Tyson. Her choices of planes are usually European planes built in NATO for air-to-air missions or air-to-ground missions
  • Drago Zhukovsky - A Russian mercenary who works for the Jade Mercenaries. He mainly flies P-51 "Mustang" fighters for air-to-air, but is open to flying any other World War II fighter planes for any mission. He is generally a straightforward and honest person who wants to save the world from being taken over the the Super humans, he also can be a bit emotional when feeling anxiety.
  • Aleksei Kohler - A Polish-German mercenary who works for the Jade Mercenaries as well. He is a generally laid back person who mainly flies U.S. Navy planes for dogfighting and ground attack. He can be a bit of a hard head when going on sorties with mercenaries he does not get along with.
  • Skylar Sixx - An alternative lifestyle girl who also flies American planes, as well as the occasional Chinese plane. She is an intelligent person with many flying skills. She can get angry when times get rough, but still keeps her head up.
  • Mason Lewis - A redneck American rookie mercenary who flies mainly Korean War-era American fighter planes, as well as Vietnam War Era American fighter planes. He is an arrogant person, who thinks America is superior to every other country in the world.
  • Autumn Zephyra - a psychotic goth girl who is usually an aggressive sadist who shows no remorse for her enemies, at one point in the game, she allies with the superhumans, until she is betrayed by them. She flies a mix of German World War II fighter planes, Modern Day Russian planes, and modern day American planes. She can only be played by entering a cheat code at the options menu


The game features a fully interactive music scores, which are Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Metal, Classic Metal, Rock Rap, a licensed soundtrack by Bones and Angels and Airwaves, as well as 90's grunge and Death Metal. There is also for the player to upload their own playlists if they do not wish to listen to any of the provided soundtracks within the game. Lastly, the PC version of the game features the ability to play Spotify, Pandora, Jango, or any other online music streaming applications.


Into the Bombardment features a multiplayer story mode, where the player may create their own mercenary. 


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