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Bruno Heller

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Bruno Heller

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July 10, 2019

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Intervention is the third episode of DC's Injustice series. It will be aired on HBO and Netflix.


Johnathan and Martha Kent are inside their house, making breakfast for themselves.

"So how have you been holding up lately?" Martha asks

"I have been doing fine. I just still can't get over what happened in Metropolis" Johnathan explains.

Martha sits down next to him. "It's okay. I already know that our son-"

Martha is cut off as an explosion erupts from the outside, hitting the kitchen. Sending both Martha and Johnathan Kent back into the safe part of their house. Through the giant wall appears Mirror Master and multiple United States soldiers.

"Mr. and Ms. Kent," Mirror master says as he cocks his rifle. "I'm Mirror Master"

Superman is in the sky flying as the American soldiers are firing their machine guns at Superman. Superman, responding with attacking back with his heat vision. A missile hits the Man of Steel but to no effect.

He then speeds off in the distance.

Superman makes it to his parent's house to see it in flames. He goes inside of the fire before seeing a broken shard of a mirror. Inside the chard is Mirror Master himself.

"I have your parent's, Superman. Go back to fighting space wizards if you want your parents back!" Mirror Master says.

"If you hurt them. I WILL KILL YOU!" Superman threatens

Mirror Master doesn't respond. Superman leaves the house.

In the Brother Eye station, Wonder Woman is giving a speech to many members of the Justice League (e.g. Batman, Cyborg, Raven, Flash, Nightwing, Martian Manhunter, etc.)

"In this week's tragedy, we have to understand what Superman is doing is for the greater good. I, Princess Diana, ask who will be joining him?" Wonder Woman says to everyone.

Everyone silent.

"I'll join. My friend's lives were affected by what Joker did. Two of the friends were killed and the rest... gone. I don't even know what happened to them," Cyborg explains. "But I'll join him, even if it means it would stop these criminals from hurting others"

Green Lantern walks forward as well. "I'm in"

Raven walks forward. "I'm in"

Flash walks forward. "I'm in"

Wonder Woman looks over at Batman. "Bruce?"

Batman doesn't respond and looks disappointed. He begs in walk away in response along with Nightwing walking with him. Everyone confused, still looking at him.

"Bruce?" Wonder Woman says in confusion.

The alarm goes off at the Brother Eye computer, causing everyone to turn at the emergency alarm. Wonder Woman turns it off, revealing Superman in the other end.

"What is it, Clark?" Wonder Woman asks.

"It's Mirror Master. He's taken my parents along with the United States army being involved." Superman explains.

"We're on our way" Wonder Woman explains as the members follow Batman.

Later that night, many of the soldiers begin to see a green light, a golden hue, and multiple bright colors before being blasted by Green Lantern and Raven. All the members begin charging in as they fight them off using their weapons and bare hands.

They manage to bust into the facility to see Mirror Master. Wonder Woman quickly reaches to him and wraps his neck in her golden lasso.

"Release them both. Now!" Wonder Woman demands

"Wouldn't you... Like that-" Mirror Master responds.

She begins choking him before he presses a button on his wrist that activates the release of both parents.

"Good," Wonder Woman says as she knocks Mirror Master out.

Batman calls both Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. Both of them walk to the Batcave.

"Dick, Damian. I wanted to check how you guys are doing. These past few days have been hard since the Joker bombed Metropolis and I know some of you had friends there," Batman explains. "I wanted to check up on you guys. To see if you were okay"

"Yes, Batman. We're okay" Dick Grayson says as an angry Damian doesn't respond. They hear footsteps to see Superman walk down the stairs. Both Damian and Dick walk away from bot Batman and Superman.

"My parents were taken. Where were you?" Superman asks.

"Not taking the law into my own hands," Batman replies.

"You know very well that Joker had to be stopped! Did you regret what the Joker has done?!" Superman yells.

Batman looks at Clark. "Every time... but it's not up to us to know what's right and what's wrong."

"Bullshit, Bruce. I'm here to scare the ones who hurt innocents. To make sure what happened in Metropolis never happens in any other place!" Superman explains.




  • First appearance of Mirror Master
  • First appearance of the United States Army
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