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Award: Best TV Series Article
Date Achieved: January 8th, 2016

Genre Psychological Thriller

Space Adventure
Period Drama

Creator(s) Jonathan Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Developer(s) Phillip A. Leavenworth
Cuba Gooding, Jr

Rob Lowe
Haley Joel Osment
B.D. Wong
Paula Patton
Joseph Mazzello
Brie Larson
Josh Gad

Theme music composer David Julyan
Opening theme "Interstellar Main Theme"
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 65
Producer(s) Richard P. Rubinstein

Peter Hyams
Sean Vanaman
Sara Colleton
Paul Thomas Anderson
Elizabeth "Liz" Sarnoff
Moira Walley-Beckett

Executive producer(s) Jonathan Nolan

Michelle MacLaren
Chris Hanley
Lynda Obst
Sam Catlin
Jim Rygiel

Location New York, New York U.S

Birmingham, Alabama
United Kingdom

Camera setup Michael Slovis
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original channel WBC
Picture format 1080p (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1 (DVD)

Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (Blu-ray)

Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (Blu-ray)

Original run September 26, 2016 – present

Interstellar is an upcoming American science fiction adventure television series set in the Interstellar universe. The series aired on WBC on Monday, September 26, 2016.

The series is being developed by writer-producer Phillip A. Leavenworth as a continuation of the story from the 2014 film Interstellardirected by Christopher Nolan


The story continues with a team of explorers that travel through a network of wormholes to catalog new planets and examine the foundations of the universe.

Cast and characters

  1. Collins (Cuba Gooding Jr.) -  Phoenix mission pilot. 
  2. Ansen (Rob Lowe)  - Phoenix mission commander.
  3. Roth (Haley Joel Osment) - Phoenix mission geologist.
  4. Chen (B.D Wong) - Phoenix mission biologist. 
  5. Stewart (Paula Patton)- Phoenix mission physicist. 
  6. Sandstrom (Joseph Mazzello)- Phoenix mission botanist.
  7. Reilly (Brie Larson)- Phoenix mission defense officer. 
  8. CASTOR: (Josh Gad) robot AI, talkative. 
  9. POLLUX: (Ken Jeong) robot AI, quiet. 
  10. Administrator (Elyes Gabel)- Cooper Station liasion. Only seen in the pilot episode and the only actor from the film to appear in the television series, at first. TARS & CASE appear on Edmunds but do not speak. Stock footage of Ellen Burstyn and Jessica Chastain as Murph are included.
  11. Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey)- While on Edmunds, McConaughey appears in-character as part of a cameo appearance.
  12. Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway)- While on Edmunds, Hathaway appears in-character as part of a cameo appearance.


Interstellar (Complete Series)
Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 13 Sept. 26, 2016 Jan. 30, 2017
2 16 Sept. 25, 2017 Spring 2018
3 16 Sept. 24, 2018 Spring 2019
4 20 Sept. 23, 2019 Spring 2020
5 16 March 5, 2021 N/A
*Interstellar television series ran a total of 93 episodes.

Interstellar (season 1)

No. in series

No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original airdate U.S. viewers (in millions)
1 101 Pilot episode/"The Wormhole" Phillip A. Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Sept. 26, 2016 12.22
Collins (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) is a former Ranger pilot wracked with regret over the loss of a fellow pilot in a training accident a year prior. An administrator speaks to him about a new exploration mission through the wormhole. Collins is reluctant to agree to the role of mission pilot but accepts when convinced otherwise. The administrator mentions the return of Joseph Cooper and his report on what happened to his team while on the otherside, a team was sent to recontact Cooper and Brand on the planet Edmunds and was a success. The crew of that ship have returned and are preparing for a resupply. The massive ringed spacecraft Phoenix is relaunched from the docking port at Cooper Station and sent through the wormhole. Mission Commander Ansen (Rob Lowe) is critical of Collins' inclusion onto the crew citing his accident but nevertheless accepts him as a member of the crew. Collins and the rest of the crew become acquainted as Cooper Station Mission Control monitors their passage through the wormhole.
2 102

Pilot (P2)/"The Void"

Phillip A. Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Oct. 3, 2016 13.01
On the other side of the wormhole, the Ambitious establishes a trejectory for Edmunds skipping the planets Miller and Mann in the process. A freak meteor shower impedes causes the Ambitious to adjust its trejectory almost falling into the black hole Gargantua. But after a few spins around the blackhole the Ambitious is swallowed up by another wormhole before they jettison the resupply module and send it on a course for Edmunds. The wormhole opens up on a void in space, nothing forever, a few days pass until finally reaching an immense rotating torus space station. They board the space station and discover a map room that shows the positions of millions of wormholes throughout the universe which causes the crew to nickname the station Nexus. They also learn that the station exists in a kind of bubble where space-time moves faster inside the bubble but the rest of the universe moves slower, i.e for every year that passes within the bubble, a second passes for rest of the universe. Chen selects a random wormhole on the chart and robots attach a wormhole generator to the hull of Ambitious. Stewart speculates that this space station is old but it was built over a 4,000 year period but doesn't know but whom. The crew return to their ship and use the generator to travel to the location on the map.  
3 103 Pilot (P3)/"Do Not Go Gentle" Phillip A. Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Oct. 10, 2016  12.72

The wormhole opens to a desert planet orbiting a yellow star that is flaring immensely. They land on the planet where they discover a facility that was built by the "other side", hinting that others made it through the wormhole as well. They tour the planet and the facility, fight the remaining robots, CASTOR stays behind to fight as the crew flees a solar flare that is en route. They discover that many of the other side members died due to the current constant flare activity as the robots remained to construct a facility. A satellite orbiting the star states that it is prematurely taking on more mass to become a red giant. And will destroy the planet in a few hours. The crew finds fractal alien lifeforms in subterranean caverns. And takes samples. Upon deeming that it was safe to resurface, the astronauts recover CASTOR and return to one of the facilities which has a map that shows that not all human crewmates didn't die. But were reawakened and continued to explore the universe. CASTOR reveals himself to be one of the facilities robots in disguise and crashes the lander as the crew attempts to return to the Ambitious in orbit. Escape! Steal a rocket and launch the giant expands as they board the Ambitious and flee the planet as it's destroyed. They activate the wormhole generator and escape the blast wave. The wormhole exits onto the planet Earth which is also a desert world. They ditch the Ambitious in orbit and crashland on a farm in former Colorado (Cooper's farm) in the middle of a sand storm. The crew release the lifeform discovered on the desert planet and run out of oxygen. They awaken onboard Mann Station above Earth in a Med Bay. They file a report on the mission and the powers that be assign them to a complete mission of exploration after they discover that Cooper and Brand are alive on Edmunds and Plan B is being completed thanks to Ambitious' resupply module arriving. The crew surmise that saving the fractal lifeforms was apart of the plan. With a refueled and recharged Ambitious the wormhole generator is reverse engineered and the crew open a wormhole and decide to pursue the other crew and discover where they went.

4 104 "Star" (P1) Kyle Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Oct. 17, 2016 11.14
5 105 "Dust" (P2) Kyle Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Oct. 24, 2016 10.10
6 106 "Message from Home" Kyle Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Nov. 7, 2016 9.92
7 107 "Day One Dark" Jesus Trevino Phillip A. Leavenworth Nov. 14, 2016 10.11
8 108 "Mountains" Alex Graves Kyle Leavenworth Nov. 21, 2016 11.85
9 109 "Afraid of Time" Mark A. Andrade Mark A. Andrade Dec. 5, 2016 9.65
10 110 "A Place Among the Stars" Alex Graves Mark A. Andrade Dec. 12, 2016 9.76
11 111 "Running Out" Jesus Trevino Phillip A. Leavenworth Jan. 16, 2017 10.09
12 112 "Coward" (P1) Phillip A. Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Jan. 23, 2017 11.61
13 113 "Detach" (P2) Phillip A. Leavenworth Phillip A. Leavenworth Jan. 30, 2017 12.65
  • Season 2 was approved by Warner Bros. Television on May 29, 2017. Season 2 aired on WBC on September 25, 2017 with 15 million viewers. Season 2 began with the episode "Where We're Going" and concluded with the episode "First Step."
  • Season 3 was approved by Warner Bros.Television on June 4, 2018. Season 3 aired on WBC on September 24, 2018 with 10 million viewers. Season 3 began with the episode "Atmospheric Entry" and concluded with the episode "No Need to Come Back."
  • Season 4 was approved by Warner Bros. Television on May 13, 2019. Season 4 aired on WBC on September 23, 2019 with 5 million viewers. The series was cancelled on February 10, 2020. Negotiations began shortly afterward, Netflix commissioned the fifth and final season in the Summer of 2020. Season 4 began with the episode "Imperfect Lock" and concluded with the episode "No Time for Caution."
  • Season 5 was released in its entirety on Netflix on Friday, March 5, 2021. The first episode is "What Happens Now?" and the final episode of the season and series is "Beyond Time and Space."

(Interstellar-The Complete Series is available on Amazon, Blu-ray and OSD, as of Tuesday, October 26, 2021.)


The film Interstellar was released on November 7, 2014 with special engagements showcasing the film three days prior to release. The film grossed $660 million in the world box office, making over four times its original budget of $165 million. The film received generally positive reviews from audiences and critics alike and even garnered many awards including a few Oscars.

The production studio Legendary and distributor Paramount discussed that possibility of expanding Interstellar as a plausible science fiction franchise. Retail sales of the DVD and Blu-ray edition of Interstellar did much to sway the companies decision. The company launched exploratory committees to determine if there would be a market for an Interstellar television series over the spring and summer. The company sat on the concept until the box office success of Ridley Scott's The Martian and Disney's Star Wars The Force Awakens. 

On January 11, 2016, a rare direct-to-series order was given by Paramount who decided to air the television series on WBC in a primetime spot on the fall schedule. The pilot episode and the first twelve episodes were shot over the summer of 2016. The series aired on Monday, September 26, 2016 at 9pm.

Showrunner Phillip A. Leavenworth has stated that the purpose of the series focuses on "the true sense of fear, awe and discovery when dealing with the unknown that sense of awe, fear and incredible spectacle that is the unknown, unexplored universe. The human experience at extreme disadvantage being a driving force in the cooperation of disparate interests and agendas for the purposes of survival."

As of January 2022, the fate of the rest of the franchise remain unknown.

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