Intelligent Pachycephalosaur
Intelligent Pachycephalosaur is a theory made by DinosaursRoar/Dylan Hooton himself. He saw a published reasearch made in 2004 by Jack Horner, who argued that the dome was "an ephemeral ontogenetic stage", the spongy bone structure could not sustain the blows of combat, and the radial pattern was simply an effect of rapid growth. Dylan suggested that Pachycephalosaurs (with high domes such as Pachycephalosaurus, etc) in general may have had, despite having small brain cases, high-leveled intelligence. He speculate that Pachycephalosaurs may have been the true smartest non-avian dinosaurs ever evolved, possibly having the intlligence like early hominids. So it is possible that, even though there is no current evidence of stone tools made by Pachycephalosaurs themselves, they may as well had, using their grasping hands (or, if their arms were to short for that, their grasping feet if their feet were for manipulating and grasping like some modern birds) to manipulate objects and chip the stones to make them sharper. Due to their possible intelligence and tool-making abilities, they may likely had evolved from herbivorous species and later became omnivorous, much like what happened with humans, later developing larger brains (requiring slightly larger brain cases to house them) like Pachycephalosaurs and develop tool use. It is likely that if this theory is true and if dinosaurs had never went extinct, Pachycephalosaurs would have ruled the entire Earth instead of humans.

Which Theory Is Correct

Do you think that Pachycephalosaurs with "high-domes" were very intelligent omnivores with early hominid-like intelligence?

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