Seikatsu Symbol
Aedra Gauntlet}
 Official Name Infinity Crystals
 Alias Infinity Gems, Infinity Stones
 Universe Earth-646
 Lead Designer
 Additional Designers
 Place of Creation Unknown
 Place of Destruction
 Current Owner Cody Cuidightheach (Power Crystal)
Yang Xiao Long (Mind Crystal)
 Previous Owners
First Appearance

The Infinity Crystals are special dust crystals, the six singularities of the cosmos at the beginning of the universe compacted as gems/dust crystals by the Cosmic Gods. Each of the six holds dominion over a critical, and vital aspects of existence.

Due to each of the power the stones has when used, the user will be badly wounded without using devce to regulate the energy. Shown by Cody with the Mind Crystal, he was able to freely use the crystal with no side effects, or damages when using the Aedra Gauntlet to regulate the energy.



Space Crystal

Mind Crystal

Reality Crystal

Power Crystal

Time Crystal

Soul Crystal


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