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Infinite Dragon God Slayer Magic
Kanji 無限の点滅神の魔法
Rōmaji Mugen no Metsujin Mahō
Type Caster Magic
Lost Magic
Ancient Magic
Users Delta
Emrys "Luna" Ambrosius
Arthur "Uther" Pendragon

Infinite Dragon God Slayer Magic (無限の点滅神の魔法, Mugen no Metsujin Mahō) is a legendary lost ancient magic passed down from the Infinite Dragon God Ophis.


The magic is passed down by the Infinite Dragon God Ophis to the Humans to use in the Dragon/Human War in Fiore, and Skyrim. The magic is capable of causing destruction with its SS-Class spells such the Infinite Dragon God: Infinity of the Void, which drains all into the abyss of the void. The magic requires tremendous amount of Mana to cast, and such only selected few can use it. The magic is that of fire in appearance, with the color differ's from Magi to Magi. With Merlin having blue, and white and Delta that of orange and pink.


Arthur's Spells

Basic Spells

Advance Spells

  • Infinite Dragon God: Creation of Ashes
  • Infinite Dragon God: Infinity of the Void

Unique Spells

  • Infinite Dragon God: Transformation of the Dragon God

Sacrificial Spells

  • Infinite Dragon God: Recreation of the Soul