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Infinite Dragon God Roar
Kanji インフィニットドラゴン神の咆哮
Rōmaji Infinittodoragon-shin no hōkō
Parent Magic Infinite Dragon God Slayer Magic
Users Arthur "Uther" Pendragon

Infinite Dragon God Roar (インフィニットドラゴン神の咆哮, Infinittodoragon-shin no hōkō) is a basic Infinite Dragon God Slayer Magic.


The user inhales then roars a fiery dimensional energy from the user's mouth and to the direction that are facing, causing dimensional damage to the opponent and the surrounding area.


  • Dimensional Damage is when the area is literally destroy in the dimensional plane, meaning that anyone in that dimensional damage, can be killed instantly, fall (phase) into the ground and into the dimensional abyss.


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