Inferno is a ninja in Infinity Comics.


Hattori Chiba was a member of a ninja clan that was wiped out by a rival clan, along with Chiba's wife and son and himself. Chiba and his family were killed by the American Ninja. In Yomi, a demon attempted to recruit him into his army but Chiba instead escaped from Yomi.

Returned to the land of the living, Chiba renamed "Inferno" and seeks revenge for the death of his family and clan. He eventually killed the American Ninja, only for him to return from Yomi as the Shadow Warrior.


  • American Ninja; the brother of Ed Tobias, he became an enemy when inferno mistook him for Ed Tobias himself.
  • Shadow Warrior; Ed Tobias, the assassin who killed Hattori Chiba and his family. Inferno eventually killed Tobias only for him to back as the Shadow Warrior.
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