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Inevitable Tragedies, Authoritarian Societies is a 2013 American Anthology Drama film written and directed by David Cronenberg, Terry Gilliam, Darren Aronofsky and Kathryn Bigelow starring an ensemble cast comprising of: Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Natalie Portman. Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts, Amanda Righetti, Ellen Page, Emma Watson, Kevin James, Logan Lerman and Mickey Rourke.

The film is based off the 1978 Peter Carey Short Stories: The Fat Man In History, Conversations with Unicorns, Windmill in the West and A Schoolboy Prank which were altogether assembled in the 1978 collective novel Peter Carey's Collected Stories.

The film secured the Palm D'Or and was the opening best film at the feature film festivals run on March 18th to March 24th, 2013 and was released for a brief theatrical run on March 27th, 2013 to critical claim and a cult following.

It deals with controversial elements such as homosexuality, violence, cannibalism, religion and sexual abuse.


The film chronicles four unrelated tragic stories, two of which are largely routed in fantasy and the other two more in bizarre reality.

The Fat Man In History

The story revolves around overweight Alexander Finch (Kevin James) an obese Cosco worker, part time cartoonist existing in the era of a future Mauxopian Dystopia where genocide is coming down on the overweight individual community, who are being discriminated against as a source of blame for the future's poor economy and all the remaining good funding of the time going to the support of the lazy obese community.

When the revelation act comes down upon the overweight daydreamer he escapes to a house run by a thin, beautiful woman named Florence Nightingale (Naomi Watts) and headed up by an angry bandit of surviving, obese men.

Sex and violence ensues in the house as Florence Nightingale is revealed as being the one behind the fall of the the world's economy and the conductor of a sick experiment turning obese men savage.

The story ends with Finch fleeing the house as Fantoni (Danny McBride) the leader of the other angry fat men cannibalise and brutalize Florence (real name revealed as Nancy Bowles) who had the one housemate with no name through her experiment eat himself to death.

Conversations with Unicorns

Guy (Gerard Butler) is a clergyman at a church near a local woodland range containing a herd of unicorns who are in danger from ravenous hunters.

He attempts to save the unicorns by appealing to the creature's leader Moorav (Ian McKellan) and the Hunter leader Paresh (Ian McShane) but only gets through to the Hunter's daughter Tanya Nightshade (Natalie Portman).

Moorav and Paresh are ignorant and arrogant, Moorav having his faith placed only in an unforseen god be believes is one of them and whom determines their inevitable fates and Hunter Paresh simply sees them as mere deer like creatures which they have the American right to hunt and have as trophies.

Guy consults with his priest (Geoffrey Rush) who warns not take the wrong path and end things in bloodshed, as thou who kills a sacred creature like a unicorn is truly a beast among men.

Guy then steals the weapon of the Hunter's son and comes to Moorav to show the weapon which has claimed some of their herd's lives and that there only salvation is evacuation as the hunting party is coming out tonight.

Tanya attempts to disuade her father and Moorav asks Guy that what he holds is merely an instrument made of the will if God and to prove his point he shall bring it upon him as an example.

Guy in frustration of his ignorance obliges and ultimatley kills Moorav.

He buries the corpse before the eyes of Tanya as the other Unicorns flee in horror believing him to be the devil.

He then later comes to commit suicide after disgracing his church and Tanya dies after a domestic disturbance breaks out at her residence with her and her father.

Windmill In The West

An unnamed soldier (Leonardo DiCaprio) is tasked with controlling a remote post at the deserted desert border of the U.S crossing over into Mexico.

He goes insane after an accident and loses his way in the desert.

Descending to certain death, further into the abyss with no oasis and unfortunatley madness he finds solace only in scorpions he takes delight in luring out and inflicting pain upon.

Eventually a rescue helicopter is dispatched to retrieve the soldier and crashes tragically upon coming to his location.

Only one survives who is gravely injured (Tobey Maguire).

The soldier envisions a conspiracy involving the supernatural he comes to murder the gravely injured soldier and he himself then ends with luring out more scorpions for his demented amusement.

A Schoolboy Prank

Three men: Sangster (Logan Lerman) a respectable Baltimore attorney, McGregor (Adam Hicks) a journalist and Davis (Freddie Highmore) a conservative Baltimore writer assemble in their Wisconsin home town to meet with their former P.E teacher Turk Kerkshaw (Mickey Rourke) to console him about some tragedy.

It is revealed Turk Kerkshaw's dog has died and seeing as he was only raised by a single, alcoholic abusive father who was hard upon him to toughen him up and his only affection came from dogs leaves Turk with devastation.

Turk had been an abusive teacher who discovered that the three were homosexuals at their young ages and toughened them out.

Emotionally breaking each one and in his drunken stupor he insults them on their sexuality and McGregor and Davis devise the plan of a revenge prank to play back on Turk upon him.

The three come to Turk's house and McGregor and Davis proceed to nail his dead, muddy dog's corpse to his front door to be discovered.

From there the authorities chase them and in an alley they are attacked by a former classmate they refuted the advances of.

Him and his group sexually abuse Sangster and kill Davis after doing the same to him.

McGregor shoots down a couple before being arrested as Sangster escapes back to his wife Isabelle (Emma Watson).

Sangster from there deteoriates into hallucinations and madness seeing the dog that had been pinned as does McGregor.

Eventually Sangster on the day of McGregor's release come to Turk's home to apologize for what they did and discover his aunt instead and that he died of a heart attack that night.

Sangster relays his apology upon her instead telling everything.

She informs the two of Turk's tragic family history and as Sangster and McGregor step out of the house Sangster briefly sees the dog across the street with Turk and Davis before all three vanish.


The Fat Man In History

  • Kevin James as Alexander Finch/ Teddy
  • Naomi Watts as Nancy Bowles/ Florence Nightingale
  • Danny McBride as Fantoni
  • John Pinette as May
  • Louie Anderson as Milligan
  • Emeril Lagasse as Glino
  • Robbie Coltrane as The Man With No Name
  • Alison Lohman as Deirdre
  • John Michael Higgins as Danko

Conversations with Unicorns

  • Gerard Butler as Guy
  • Geoffrey Rush as The Priest
  • Ian McShane as Hunter Paresh
  • Natalie Portman as Tanya Nightshade
  • Chris Colfer as Hunter's Son
  • Ian McKellan as the Voice of Moorav

Windmill In The West

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Soldier
  • Tobey Maguire as The Victim

A Schoolboy Prank

  • Mickey Rourke as Turk Kerkshaw
  • Logan Lerman as Sangster
  • Emma Watson as Sangster's Wife Isabelle
  • Adam Hicks as McGregor
  • Amanda Righetti as McGregor's Diane
  • Freddie Highmore as Davis
  • Kaya Scodelario as Davis' wife Terry
  • Eleanor Tomlinson as Bartender
  • Ellen Page as Jane