Indiana Jones and the True Cross is a 2019 American Action Adventure film written by Jonathan Kasdan and James Mangold, directed by Steven Spielberg. It is the fifth instalment in the Indiana Jones film series and features Harrison Ford reprising the titular role for the final time, retiring his portrayal of the character with the conclusion of the film.

Previous series instalment actors Karen Allen, Shia LaBeouf and John Rhys-Davies reprise their previous respective roles, marking the third time both Allen and Davies have portrayed their character in the series.

A new ensemble cast is also featured with Anna Kendrick, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Denis Lavant, Ryan Gosling, Teyonah Parris, Jharrel Jerome and Omar Sy.

The film was released theatrically and in IMAX select theatres on September 14th, 2019 to box office and critical success.


Indiana Jones in Teotihuacan, Mexico 1958 contends with the vengeance seeking son of his deceased former rival Belloq, whose son Claude aided by his guard Armande Assante launch an assault on him and his team archaeologists. Indy and the group are excavating the Pyramid of the Sun in what is intended to be Indy's farewell adventure, before reuniting with his ex-wife Marion and son Mutt Williams in New York.

Indy and company are closing in on the Teotihuacan Ocelot, the artifact they are after when Claude and his Parisian calvarly close in, and kill all of Indiana's associates, by gunfire and setting off the Pyramid's traps.

The temple itself is greatly damaged and the Ocelot upon landing in Indy's possession is destroyed in front of him by Claude, Indy escapes death with the assistance of emergency contact Amadeus a local digger who has prepared an escape tunnel. On the otherside the duo reconvene with Jock the pilot who escorts them away, among his plane now full of pet snakes to safety.

In the years following Indiana has gone into hiding, and remains in contact by scattered calls and letters with Marion and a reluctant to speak Mutt. He is brought out of hiding by Amadeus, who informs him that Claude had tracked down Jock and had him killed in the time that elapsed. He tells he has learnt that Claude is in alliance with Vulcan Cascade, the leader of the newly formed second Ku Klux Klan at Stone Mountain, Georgia and have abducted his wife Louie and son Klaus.

On a pit stop in Atlanta, Amadeus reveals he has set him up, to exchange his capture by Belloq and the Second KKK in exchange for his wife and son's return. A local journalist and former archaeology student of Indy's named Blue Bay aids him in escaping. The two proceed on to Stone Mountain and witness a KKK bonfire ritual where it is intended to have Louie and Klaus purged by fire. Indy, Blue and Amadeus prevent this, and Louie and Klaus join Indy and Blue as Amadeus is captured in their place.

With this it is discovered through their announcement during the ritual and further clarification by Blue's employer Jezebel Rogers that the second KKK in conjuncture with Claude Belloq to find the cross to which Jesus Christ was crucified upon. A fragment of the actual cross is recollected by Indy as being attached to the Cross of Coronado that he reclaimed from Panama Hat years ago.

The five then travel to the places containing the nails used in the Crucifixion which will point the way to the location of the True Cross. They race against Belloq's cavalry and the second KKK in Switzerland, Iran, Greece and then finally Paris claiming the nails, before by threat of Amadeus' execution in Paris the group surrenders over to Vulcan and Belloq as Jezebel reveals herself as a double agent for Belloq.

Blue appeals to the good nature of reluctant KKK initiate Calvin Tence, who had been forced into the fold after the death of his father, by brother Nathaniel.

Led to Jerusalem, in secret caverns beneath the Dome of the Rock shrine, the True cross is uncovered by supernatural direction of the nails. There the nails once forced back in activate the cross and cause the death of Vulcan and Jezebel who returned the nails to the cross. Their bodies are then horrifically reanimated and the sudden effect of stigmata hits Belloq and Vulcan's followers, as their souls are weighed for good and evil.

The rest clear and Belloq escapes judgement through the caverns, offering passage to Louie and Klaus, which in turns causes a surge of the cross' power to instead split him in half, determining a balance of good and evil in him. Indy and Blue face off against the undead Vulcan and Jezebel, unable to kill them. Indy is bitten by Jezebel and starts to deteoriate, Blue is pinned by Vulcan leading Indy to detonate concealed explosives and a cause a cave-in to allow Blue to escape. He passes his hat and whip to her, she uses the whip and help of Louie and Klaus to escape as Indy succumbs to the cave in along with Vulcan and Jezebel.

On the other side Amadeus awaits his family.

A year following Blue wearing the fedora and carrying the signature whip arrives at Area 51 with Marion and Mutt in Cairo where they are met by Sallah, who drinking all together at his home, pay respect to Indy, as Sallah informs of an artifact called the Devil's Trident.


  • Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
  • Anna Kendrick as Blue Bay
  • Denis Lavant as Vulcan Cascade
  • Teyonah Parris as Louie-Prinze Walters
  • Jharrel Jerome as Klaus Walters
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Jezebel Rogers
  • Ryan Gosling as Calvin Tence
  • Omar Sy as Bruno Walters
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