Indiana Jones and the Golden fleece is a 2018 fantasy action film, and the 5th instalment of the Indiana jones series. Directed by Steven Spielberg, and staring Harrison ford, Keifer sutherland, karen allen, Shia labeouff, jennifer connelly and Emma Watson. the film was based around the Golden Fleece and includes various elements of greek mythology. it is considered another film that connects the Lucasfilm universe.



Harrison ford as Indiana jones

Karen allen as Marion ravenwood

Emma watson as Alice Markson/Alice Jones

Keifer Sutherland as John H. marston

Jennifer Connelly as Ms. Athenee/ Athena

Brad Pitt as zeus

Gerald Butler as Hades

Elizabeth Hurley as hera

Idris Alba as Osiris

Eva Green as hel

Tom Hiddleston as Satan

Mark addy as God

Doug jones as the stranger/ talos/ charon


like previous indiana Jones films the film is a tribute to the films of the time, though this go around is a tribute to the Ray harryhausen films of the 60s like jason and the Argonauts and the 7th voyage of sinbad.



Due to the size of the gods it's implied that supreme leader snoke may actually be a god on par with the olympians.

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