Indiana Jones and the Devil's Quandrant (also tentaviley titled in some countries as Indiana Jones and The Devil's Triangle is a 2012 adventure film and the fifth installment in the Indiana Jones films. This film is written by David Koepp and directed by Steven Spielberg.

The film features Harrison Ford, Karen Allen and Shia LaBeouf all reprising their respective roles from the previous Indiana Jones instalments which were that of the iconic whip cracking archeologist hero Indiana Jones, feisty headstrong love interest Marion Ravenwood and short tempered street smart son Mutt Williams.

The film serves as a direct sequel to the previous 2008 David Koepp written and Steven Spielberg directed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The film pays homage to pirate films of the 1950's and was released theatrically on May 4th, 2012.

It was a commercial and large worldwide box office success and received like its' predecessor positive reviews as well as grossing well above its' budget and taking place as the highest grossing installment of the franchise. The film is distributed by Paramount Pictures and Lucasfilm Ltd and boasts a supporting ensemble cast comprising of Vincent Cassel, Jessica Alba, Lucia Rijker, Mélanie Laurent , Olivier Martinez, Isabelle Huppert, Andrews Sachs, Josh Lucas, Thomas Lennon and Mark Consuelos.


The film begins in 1958 Paris where Indy arrives with his wife Marion Jones after an urgent telegram from Marion's father's former love Mama Serana Mortar summons them requesting their help in reclaiming the Ring Of The Great Eyptian God Osiris. Their rebellious son Mutt who has been in trouble with the local college he has been enrolled in gets ahold of the telegram as he is serving out his suspension from school.

He with his college tuition books himself a flight to Paris and arrives at the same time his parents trailing them along until he is discovered. As they meet with Mama Mortar they hear a French businessman mogul named Cavalier Flanger stole the Ring from them and has it on a temporary display in his large main street museum and after that has it booked it for a private sale to an overseas client.

Indy, Marion and the tag along Mutt under disguises accompany the carnies on the ring recovery mission and upon returning it to the apartment building of the carnies find themselves engaged in a confrontation on the building roof with the businessman Cavalier, his men and American concubine met at the museum Gabrielle Le Crete, who posed as the museum's curator aiding them.

The carnies and Mutt engage Cavalier's men as Indy and Marion engage Cavalier and Gabrielle. Gabrielle in the ensuing battle is accidentally knocked off the rooftop and is left dangling off a small beam. Indy after knocking down Cavalier along with Marion attempt to hoist Gabrielle back up but hearing voices projected by the ring in Marion's pocket she comes to slip pushing up for it instead of reaching for their hands'. Gabrielle then unwittingly falls to her death and the ring is knocked over to Mutt who wrestles with the emerging Cavalier for the ring before the Parisian police come before them and they are placed under arrest.

At the station Indy, Marion, Mutt and the carnies are bailed out by carnie Frederick the Entertainer who had chose not to get involved in the ring recovery mission or battle on the roof. Soon after the bail out Mama Mortar entrusts the Ring with Indy stating that the great god Osiris of the vast deserts of Egypt had three treasures which were his most powerful and most prized: the first being the ring the Mortar family were entrusted eons ago to protect after the God vanished in the battle against the mighty Joseph, his belt of pure Egyptian gold and the crown fashioned to him to by the preceeding pharoah out of his most prized gold bricks, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds.

Mama Mortar tells Indy, Marion and Mutt before they depart on a flight back to England that the greedy businessman was just a lackey serving a higher master who wishes to assemble all of Osiris' most prized, powerful possessions as together they reveal the secret of the untameable sea and the unleash the Beast which lies dormant beneath it. Indy, Marion and Mutt then return to England and soon Admiral Felonius Watkins and American actress Hamlet Le Crete the younger sister of Gabrielle arrive in Paris at the cell of Cavalier and interrogate him on the matter of the people who stole the Ring of Osiris.

Hamlet herself interrogates on who is responsible for the death of her sister and after learning Cavalier left her to die she slips delivered wine from Admiral Watkins with poison which kills him slowly and silently before her before her and Admiral Watkins depart. Indy back at Marshall College researches into Ring Of Osiris and the god himself learning the story behind him and his most prized possessions which pertain to the tales of the Bermuda Triangle and that it is believed by documentated tales of the lost scriptures that Joseph and the Staff Of The Almighty faced off against the deity's wrath as he prepared to unleash a Beast of the deep he created.

Indy learns that once are all assembled they grant an audience with another dreaded beast of the deep named Aquaceon, also known as the Guardian set in place by Joseph after his defeat of the god Osiris and that only the Guardian can with Osiris' three powerful, most prized treasures utilise them to reveal the fourth marker of the Pacific Ocean which makes the Bermuda Triangle become the Bermuda Square which in turn at its' marker reveals the location of the dormant Beast of the Deep, and grants one the chance to release it.

Indy after a dysfunctional following family argument with Marion and Mutt comes to receive yet another telegram this time from Admiral Felonius Watkins whom wishes to seek an audience with the adventurer and his two companions from Paris, France so as to discuss the proccuring of the three prized possessions of the great Egyptian God Osiris. Indy agrees to meet prepared to deal with Admiral Watkins and strikes the fancy of the femme fatale Hamlet Le Crete whom secretly wants vengeance on Indy as she blames him for the death of her sister.

They come to congrengate in Ecuador all three of them with Admiral Watkins, Hamlet and their motley crew. They also come to deal with a cult of Ecuadorian primitives who abduct the group and plan to sacrifice them on a sacrificial stone to their cult leader who bears the Crown Of Osiris which Admiral Watkins has informed Indy is the only possession of Osiris' they still haven't found as he has proccured the Ring and they have found and proccured the Belt.

Indy is able to release himself along with Marion and Mutt from the crazed cult members and after untying Admiral Watkins and his motley crew they face off against them. The cult leader takes a liking to Marion, Hamlet and the strong crew member Iron whom he deems Goddesses and has them to tend to him as companions. Indy, Mutt and the others come to release them and accidentally in a confrontation with the cult leader immolate him severely burning and disfiguring him which grants them time to relinquesh him of his crown and have his own cult followers turn on him.

The group then returns to the Ecuadorian village they arrived in and at a town square market villa are pick-pocketed by a young man who leads Indy and Mutt into an ambush. There they are met by an archeologist named Samdock a former friend of Indy's late father Henry Jones Sr. who tells that Admiral Watkins wishes to unleash the Beast of the Bermuda Square and they must not allow him to proccur all three of Osiris' prized possessions.

Upon hearing this Indy and Mutt are tranquilised with darts by Admiral Watkins' crew member Maestro and Samdock's sons: Pick-Pocket, Vice and Gregorio who led them to him are tranquilised as well before him and finally Marion are taken down with chloroform. Indy then awakens in the cargo hold of Admiral Watkins' ship The Ship Merchant where he is tended to by Hamlet who tells Indy who has seemed to suffered a bit of short term memory loss that that they were ambushed by a crazed competitor hoping to seize the possessions for himself but Admiral Watkins saved him, his wife and son and brought them to his ship.

Hamlet then leads Indy up towards deck but several of Watkins' patrolling men attack and the two do battle before escaping to the deck where Hamlet by cattle prod tazors down Indy before his wooden stake rope bound wife Marion, son Mutt and Samdock and his sons who are tied to barrels. Admiral Watkins appears above on a railing and welcomes him aboard the Ship Merchant and tells that him and his little family stole a very important ring from him and he needs it along with two very other important artefacts to have an audience with the Guardian of the Fourth Point of the Pacific.

Admiral Watkins searches through Indy's clothing and comes to find the Ring which he throws to the ground as Iron above spirals down the Belt and Maestro hands over the Crown which together fuse and then spin off into the ocean creating a large whirpool. Admiral Watkins then consults with his books and tells Indy what he doesn't know of the story of the great god Osiris and the two fearsome beasts of the Bermuda is that the Guardian Beast can have an audience with a large collective and will not bring harm to the one who bears the staff of the almighty the staff which had once been in the possession of it's master: the great and honorable savior Joseph.

Admiral Watkins then instructs Maestro and Iron to throw Samdock and his barrel bound sons into the whirpool as Admiral Watkins hands the three fused possessions to Indy and him and Hamlet force him overboard into the whirpool as they hold the bound Marion and Mutt. Indy, Samdock, Pick-Pocket, Vice and Gregorio swim their way into a revealed alcove cave which upon entering is depleted of water and Indy releases Samdock and his sons of their bindings.

The five then continue on into the large water cave system and come across a horde of undead mutated sailors which lead the way to an enormous, monstrous crab like crustaceon creature with a booming voice which reveals itself as the Guardian Aquaceon and demands to know who exactly seeks an audience with it.

Indy with the three infused possessions approaches the large water pool connected to an ancient temple wall which Aquaceon has emerged from and shows the three infused possessions of Osiris and says there is a man of evil intentions wishing to unleash the Beast of the Bermuda Square who is threatening to kill his family unless he proccurs the Key from the great Guardian of the Bermuda Triangle.

Aquaceon through reasoning with Indy presents the key which materiliazes through water.

Aquaceon says his honorable intentions should thwart the evil intentions of the man threatening harm upon his family as his master's honorable intentions thwarted the evil ones of the wrathful one known as Osiris and that however to have the key only he can grant he must figure which one of the four surrounding pools contains the chest with the key inside.

He tells that once his skin makes contact with any of the pools the undead among them will attack and should he not get the chest and key himself before the ticking which will sound expires the entire cavern will be lost to the Waters of Bablyon which will make them like the undead amongst them.

Indy's first pool is wrong despite his deciphering and his calculated guesses and soon they are facing off against a swarm of the mutated undead sailors among them as Indy continues to search the pools and the ticking sounds.

Pick-Pocket after fending off a horde of enemies decides to proccur the key himself and he is warned by a roaring Aquaceon not to interfere as if he does he will join him on the other side of the gateway into the purgatory of Babylon.

Pick-Pocket with a flash bomb temporarily blinds the attacking horde of dead sailors and the giant crab Aquaceon as he lunges into the correct pool containing the chest but then is pulled upright by Aquaceon which attempts to drag him away.

Samdock and the others begin attacking the legs of the giant crab and soon Indy dipping his whip in Aquaceon's blood begins whipping at the creature with his now power imbued whip which wards it off and forces it to release Pick-Pocket.

Aquaceon roars and states they will all suffer in Babylon for their treachery and the cavern begins to flood just as Indy and Vice proccur the chest.

Samdock and Gregorio heave the injured Pick-Pocket away as it begins to flood and as they reach the entrance and the flood is about to be cut off Samdock is hit with a splash of the wave of the flood.

He then begins to mutate and die out and under a possessed state attacks the group leaving Pick-Pocket to destroy him by smashing in his rotten head with a rock.

The group then come back the whirpool and surface back to the Ship's Merchant.

Once aboard the key is taken from Indy and him and the others are then tied to pillars as Admiral Watkins degrees that Mutt and Marion be executed before Indy's eyes before they then exterminate him as well as they longer have need for the famous Dr. Jones.

Hamlet overhearing this and arguing with Admiral Watkins on this is struck across the face and then proceeds to pull up the contact of the carnies from Paris who were the guardians of Osiris' ring.

They then arrive by a circus boat and stage a storming of the boat as Hamlet releases the group from their bindings and kisses Indy passionately despite him not returning the kiss, she apologizes for her actions and then is struck in the face by Marion.

The battle breaks out and the carnies are all soon apprehended just as the Admiral with Osiris' three treasures opens up yet another whirpool in the ocean at a specific spot he has Iron steer towards.

He then cocks his gun threatening to shoot Mutt and Marion unless both Indy and the suddenly good intentioned not out for blood faux actress Hamlet dive into the whirpool and bring the Beast of the Bermuda to the Surface.

They proceed to do so and as they find themselves able to breathe underwater as had been possible with the caves of Aquaceon they come across a monstrous 60 foot long eel revealed to be the beast of the Bermuda.

Indy begins to see the spirit of Joseph and Hamlet the spirit of the wratful god Osiris commanding the beast to awaken.

The two then frantically swim their way to sure as the massive eel follows.

Upon reaching the surface and Indy cracking the eel in the face with his whip the monster pushes up its' long spiral tail and binds Hamlet's legs dragging her down and drowning her as Indy reaches out for her arms.

Indy then surafaces and is pulled aboard the ship's merchant as the eel surafaces as well.

The boat is attacked and Iron accidentally steers the Merchant into a nearby rock cliff formation.

There Indy, the carnies, the Samdock sons, Mutt and Marion run ashore followed by Admiral Watkins, his men, Iron, Maestro and Mr. Gears.

The carnies remain at the edge stating they cannot continue as they are upon the Tip of Truth the cursed cliff upon which the almighty Joseph and great Osiris faced off with their respective beasts of the deep.

Indy, Marion, Mutt, Pick-Pocket, Gregorio and Vice continue on and are eventually cornered by Admiral Watkins and his men.

The spirits of Joseph and Osiris return and the monstrous eel rises devouring many of Watkins' men even biting and paralyzing Iron.

A mutated Hamlet undead Hamlet appears having surfaced from the sea and attacks but on Indy's persuasion drives her attention towards attacking Admiral Watkins.

The spirit of Joseph possessing Indy and the spirit of Osiris possessing Watkins come to do battle but eventually resolve in the heat of battle and abandon their hosts as they together turn Osiris' beast on Watkins and his three lieutennants.

Iron, Watkins, Maestro, Mr. Gears and the mutated Hamlet then combust and are absorbed by the eel which burns away back into the ocean as the whirpool closes.


  • Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
  • Karen Allen as Marion Jones
  • Shia LaBeouf as Mutt Williams
  • Vincent Cassel as Admiral Felonius Watkins
  • Jessica Alba as Hamlet Le Crete
  • Andrew Sachs as Samdock 
  • Josh Lucas as Pick-Pocket
  • Thomas Lennon as Vice
  • Mark Consuelos as Gregorio
  • Noah Hathaway as Cavalier Flanger
  • Mélanie Laurent as Gabrielle Le Crete
  • Isabelle Huppert as Meanna Cork
  • Lucia Rijker as Iron
  • Olivier Martinez as Maestro
  • Mathieu Kassovitz as Mr. Gears
  • Mathiew Almaric as Gerard The Geologist
  • Sebastian Roché as The Tinkerer
  • Mary Kay Place as Mama Serena Mortar
  • Mackenzie Foy as Little Valerie Mortar
  • Sami Bouajila as Mime Marconi
  • Guillame Canet as Mime Larceni
  • Anna Consigny as Spots
  • Emma de Caunes as Dots
  • Anais Demoustier as Poodle
  • Jean-Hughes Anglade as Frederick The Entertainer
  • Daniel Auteil as Paris Begger
  • Jean-Pierre Bagri as Carnie Building Landlord
  • Richard Bohringer as Parisian Police Captain
  • Michel Bouqet as Parisian Painter
  • François Cluzet as Parisian Deputy
  • Jean-Pierre Darrousin as Parisian Deputy
  • Wills Ganga as Cult Leader
  • Victor Medina-San Andreas as Cult Executioner
  • Roland Ruby as Ecuadorian Forewarner
  • Masha Mendieta as Ecuadorian Villager
  • Wills Canga as Ecuadorian Seller
  • Scott Wilson as Aquaceon
  • Mido Hamada as Osiris
  • Jonah Lotan as Joseph
  • Indiana Jones
  • Marion Jones
  • Mutt Williams
  • Admiral Felonius Watkins
  • Hamlet Le Crete
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