Indiana Jones: And The Quests (2008 film) Adventure-Action 2020 film.


  • Oliverio Swaby as Dr. Indiana 'Indy' Jones (born Henry Jones, Jr.); adventurer and Mutt's father.
  • Yonady Swaby as Henry Jones, IV; Mutt's son and Indiana's grandson.
  • Oliver Swaby (Lincoln Oliver) as Mutt Williams (born Henry Jones, III); Indy's and Marilen's son.
  • Solangel Cardenas as Marilen Ravenwood
  • Harvey Swaby as Jeffrey; Mutt's best friend.
  • Jesus Pino as Victor McWill; Indy's former friend and main secondary protagonist.
  • Rene Fabio Sabariego as Oliver; main former antagonist and-turned-protagonists.
  • Dailet Aguilar as Madame McVicky; main antagonist.


  • "Indiana Jones Theme" performed by Hans Zimmer courtesy by Hans Zimmer
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