Announcer: Previously on 101 Dalmatians Rescue Rangers. Redeye disguises herself as a dog name Grammy. She’s robbed the famous necklace, Lucky falls in love with her and freezes her. Until that night, Wart & Frax want into ruins of Queen Wispwax’s palace. Then they saw coming out of the rubble, was revived itself…. Queen Wispwax! And now 101 Dalmatians Rescue Rangers!

(Episode begins, when Lt. Pug blow his trumpet)

Lt. Pug: Attention, puppies. Today its pebbles hunt day. So when you muggiest look some pebbles to put in the buckets and then I’ll put the score number in the back board, and if you fooling around when you collected all the pebbles I’ve got five briefly inside I got all the stuff to come back here. Understandy? Once you have some score the first one can get this golden pebbles cup if you win. Got? Good. Then let’s get to it. Lucky with Cadpig, Rolly and Spot was Team Pebbles Orange, and Tripod with Duke, Crimps and Bop was Team Rocky Pebbles Pink. Okay here are five maps to find all the pebbles where we going. There’s woods, rocky mountains, beach, mine and quarry. Okay then… DISMISS!!

(They all marched away.)

(101 Dalmatians Rescue Rangers Opening Theme)

(They marched the woods and Lt. Pug stops.)

Lt. Pug: First to find the pebbles is woods. Here we are. Now there were some rules to followed pebbles hunt day. You have to collected all the pebbles and put them in the bucket and then I put the score board. The minutes are 2. So you can put some pebbles in quickie and no fooling around, okay. Team Pebbles Orange you look on this route and Team Rocky Pebbles Pink you look some pebbles in the route. Okay then? Then let’s do it. Start now!

(They start to look some pebbles. Lucky found 1 shiny pebble. Rolly found a big pebble, Cadpig found 2 pebbles and Spot found a hole one pebble. Then the team came back and put them into the bucket)

Lucky: Okay we’ve got 5 pebbles we got and we put them in the bucket.

Rolly: Well, that’s that.

Tripod: (Singing) Works on that on the bark, feel my thunder on the bark, put some pebbles in the bucket and get some more all around

Cadpig: So now we going to get some more in the woods before times is up.

Spot: And remember no fooling around.

Voice: Hey mutts look what we got. (He throws some nuts at them)

Spot: What was that?

Squirrel: We are the Squirrel Bullies and we going to throw some nuts at you.

Lucky: We are going to teach them a lesson then we going back.

Rolly: Right, let go!

(They start fighting at them as the Squirrel Bullies throw some nuts at them.)

Lt. Pug: Now let’s see what’s in the bucket. Hmm. Team Rocky Pebbles Pink has got 21 pebbles and Team Pebbles Orange has got 5 pebbles. So I’m put on the board. Now pack the things up and it’s going to the seaside. But first I’ll get the lazy Team Pebbles Orange they where attacking those rats.

Tripod: All packed sir.

Lt. Pug: Good, now it’s time to come here with me with my grabber hands in briefly no. 1 Come with me and watch.

(He opened the case)

Fat Squirrel Bullies: Hey you dogs…

Lt. Pug: Hmm?

Fat Squirrel Bullies: Here some nuts.

(He throw some nuts at them.)

Lt. Pug: Stop and leave.

Fat Squirrel Bullies: Oh.

Lt. Pug: Now watch closely.

(He grabs Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot.)

Lt. Pug: Like I told you, no fooling around. So you’ve got five and they got twenty-one. No word. Let’s go.

(They walked off)

(Squirrels Gang watch.)

Squirrel leader: Well I guess they gone. Maybe next time.

(At Rescue Rangers Headquarters)

Gadget: Morning, Chip. How are you?

Dale: Do you want a nut cereal?

Monterey Jack: Eh, what’s up, Chipper?

Zipper: (Squeaking)

Chip: I check on the screen there’s Fat Cat, some Cyclobots, and there’s some kind of Monster. But I don’t know who? (Beeping) Huh? It’s Frax and Wart?

Gadget: Hey, what’s that yellow thing?

Chip: No way! She’s back! I better warned the Dalmatians!

(They arrived at the seaside in live action scene)

Lt. Pug: Now here is the rocky mountain. Now there where rules here. No playing on the mountains and no walking. Just collecting pebbles and put it on the bucket. Now all the teams must find different kind of pebbles in this place and put it into a bucket and then once you got all the pebbles and count them then I wrote the score on the board and then we shell moved on. Okay, then? START NOW! And Team Pebbles Orange… no fooling around.

(They start to look some pebbles and collected them. Lucky put some 2 pebbles; Rolly & Spot brought 2 pebbles and put them into the bucket.)

Lucky: Okay, we got four pebbles in the bucket. Let’s find some more. And remember what, Pug has say. No fooling around.


Rolly: Rolly, here.

Chip: This is Chip. Where are you four now?

Rolly: We at the seaside doing a contest.

Chip: You better be careful. Fat Cat will coming with the Monster of the Monster Prison. Please be careful! And also Wart and Frax was coming with someone who comes to ruler the Earth. (Want off)

Lucky: Who’s coming?

Cadpig: I don’t know who it is.

Lucky: Hmm, I wonder who it is?

Rolly: Guys? What sorts a Monster of the Monster Prison will be this time?

Spot: And what it’s do?

Freezard: I’ve got something for you! Ha!

(A big green cobra monster blast a snow powder at Lucky and the gang making explode

Lucky: Ah!

Spot: (Clucking)

Freezard: I’m Freezard! And I’m going to turn you into an Icicle Rangers! (Laugh)

Rolly: It’s Fat Cat, guys!

Cadpig: And some army of Cyclobots!

Lucky: You’re right! Let’s do this!

Lucky/Rolly/Cadpig/Spot: Rescue Rangers away!

(They start fighting some Cyclobots)

Lt. Pug: Now let’s see what’s in the bucket. Hmm. Team Rocky Pebbles Pink has got 34 pebbles and Team Pebbles Orange has got 4 pebbles. So I’m put on the board. Now pack the things up and it’s going to the Rocky Mountains. But first I’ll get the lazy Team Pebbles Orange attacking and bitten those peoples with a golden heads.

(He watch as they continual fighting Cyclobots)

Tripod: All packed sir.

Lt. Pug: Good, now it’s time to come here with me with my nosily speaker in briefly no. 3. Come with me and watch.

(They walked to fighting area and stopped)

Lt. Pug: Okay. We at… Uh! We at here. Now after I take out my nosily speaker in briefly hold your ears and watched.

Tripod: Right.

(He opened the case)

Freezard: Hey! You with that case! (Lt. Pug, Tripod, Duke, Crimps and Bop look up at Freezard and gasp in horror) It’s snow time!

(He released the snow liquid from his mouth and went to Lt. Pug, Tripod, Duke, Crimps and Bop)

(The five dogs got coved in snow)

(The case got shut and frozen it, even the dogs)

Freezard: Ha-ha!

Rolly: Oh no! Lt. Pug!

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) I think they giving you a cold shoulder, fatty. But you got a piece of me if you want. Come on!

Rolly: You going to pay for this, Freezard!

(He fires the laser beam on his mouth at Rolly and went into him!)

Spot: Rolly!

Lucky: Guys, look out!

(The beam went to Cadpig and Spot and went inside too!)

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) You’re next, small fry! Come on!

Lucky: I don’t think so!

Freezard: (In Steve McGowan Voice) Get in my belly! Haha!

(Inside Freezard’s belly, Rolly, Cadpig and Spot have icicles over them.)

Spot: W… w….. W…. where are we?

Rolly: We…. In… the… freeze… zone.

(Commercial Break)

(Back outside the beach)

Lucky: Give back my friends, Freezard!

(Cyclebots grab him)

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) Now I gotta!

Lucky: Uugh!

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) Now look at boss, Fat Cat! He’s ready to slash you. With his claws. So now you going to kill you. (Laugh)

(Something blast at him and Fat Cat.)

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) Who fired us? Huh?

Fat Cat: Huh?

Lucky: Huh?

(It was Wart and Frax)

Wart: We’re back!

Frax: (In Grahame Clements Voice) Bet you didn’t see us again, didn’t ya?

Fat Cat: You have a nerve coming here!

(They run off to them)

Lucky: What?

Fat Cat: Now have you found a strange light coming in the mountains, what I tell you about this afternoon?

Frax: (In Grahame Clements Voice) Yes, Fat Cat sir, we found out that somebody who comes back. Wart?

(He opens the paper)

Wart: (Reads) “Frax & I have found someone who come back to you. As some military kills her for 2 months, she comes back alive so she’ll be happy to see you. Ladies and Gentlemen, you royal highness…. Queen Wispwax!

(She appeared)

Fat Cat: Queen Wispwax! It can’t be!

Lucky: So that’s what Chip and his friends warning us about.

Queen Wispwas: Fat Cat, how nice to see you again. Back from haven! Thanks to leave me behind and betrayed me.

Fat Cat: I though you’re dead!

Queen Wispwas: I was. But now I came back for my rightful place!

Fat Cat: You have no place any longer! I’m the leader of the boss!

(They start fighting)

Lucky: This is bad! Pug! They need help. Mom, bring me the Ranger Express. Quick!

Perdita: (Radio) Roger.

(He rushed to frozen Lt. Pug, Tripod and his gang. And put them into the loading wagon)

Lucky: The express arrived!

(Lucky went inside the express and set off to Dearly Farm, while Fat Cat still fighting Queen Wispwax.)

Fat Cat: (Yells)

Wart: Do think they enough?

Frax: (In Grahame Clements Voice) I sure. (He blast him)

Fat Cat: What did you do that?

Frax: (In Grahame Clements Voice) Okay, you two, time to return to the Jail Factory.

Fat Cat: Okay. (Sighs) You be a sure of that, Queen Wispwax.

Queen Wispwax: I sure you could.

(They at the Jail Factory)

Mole: Hey look! It’s Fat Cat.

Snout: Wart & Frax where back too.

Mepps: (Gasp) Look! It’s Queen Wispwax!

Mole: She alive?!

Snourt: Queen! You’re okay! We’re thought you’re dead.

Queen Wispwax: No. I brace myself using my powers before the rubble hit me. And I asleep for whole week. I use this yellow light to someone to unburied me.

Mepps: Wow!

Mole: Great power!

Wart: Yeah. Very impressive, is she?

Fat Cat: And I’ve captured the Rescue Rangers.

Queen Wispwax: Chip and his friends?

Mepps: Not Chip and his friends, Chip’s very brave Rescue Rangers were 101 Dalmatians and the chicken.

Wart: But he caught three.

Queen Wispwax: So… the Dalmatians and that hen become the Rescue Rangers.

Wart: And one Rescue Rangers didn’t catch.

Queen Wispwax: In that case, I shell have it. Fat Cat! Get the last ranger.

Fat Cat: Of course. Freezard!

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) Yes, boss?

Fat Cat: Let’s go. We’ve got to get the last Rescue Rangers.

(At Dearly Farm, Lucky look behind the hay to see Lt. Pug, Tripod and his gang in bed. They where unfrozen and passed out.)

Lucky: Tibbs, do you think they be okay?

Sergeant Tibbs: Yes, Lucky, they’ll be okay. They seemed they frozen like rock and they brains freeze. Looks like we’ve have to cancel pebbles hunt day.

Lucky: Yeah, right. (He walks sadly outside the farm.) Chip’s right, Queen Wispwax was back and they come to destroyed us. But my friends where in Freezard. Now what can I do? (Beeps) Lucky, here.

Chip: (Radio) Lucky, it’s Chip, I want you to come to our headquarters to see us, Gadget has made something to free your friends.

Lucky: Huh?! Another new weapons. Okay I’ll be on my way!

(Cuts into Rescue Rangers Headquarters)

Dale: Lucky will be here shortly.

Chip: Yeah right.

Monterey Jack: Here he’s comes.

(Lucky arrives)

Chip: Lucky, glad you made it. Now, Freezard has captured your friends inside the freeze zone. So Gadget has made something for you to rescue your friends.

(She opens the lid)

Lucky: What it is?

Chip: This is a Heat Blaster. By program on this weapon, you can switch any type. Switch this was fire balls mode. (He blast at the targets) Then switch to the beam mode. (He fire at the target then the beam comes out and the target burned) And then most of all… Watch this. To switch this, the barrelled comes out, then it will make a perfect rifle! And then… pressed this trigger…. (He fire then the big beam comes out) The solar beam comes out. (The target explode)

Lucky: Wow! Brilliant!

Chip: Okay, the case with three Heat Blaster where inside when you rescue your friends, when you have a Heat Blaster with.

Lucky: Right, I understand. So where’s Fat Cat & Freezard now?

Dale: Lucky, there’s a call for you. It’s Fat Cat.

Fat Cat: (Phone) Hello, Rescue Ranger, now you are going to challenge me?

Lucky: Yes I am, Fat Cat. When shell I challenge?

Fat Cat: (Phone) In the forest. If you win you get your friends back, and lose Freezard will swallowed you up.

Lucky: (Paused for 5 second) Right. I’m on it.

(He want to Hover Board with the case with Heat Blaster in)

Chip: Right, you know what to do?

(Snow powder few all over the Hover Board and frozen it)

(Snow powder went all over Lucky.)

Chip: (Radio) Lucky! Switched beam mode!

Lucky: Right! Beam mode ready.

Freezard: (In Steve McGowan Voice) Prepare to join your friends in my cold belly dungeon!

Lucky: Alright then, beam mode ready!

Lucky: (Groan) Fire!

(The balls comes out from Freezard’s mouth and Rolly, Cadpig & Spot are out. Cadpig wakes up)

Cadpig: Lucky!

(They ran to frozen Lucky and picks him up)

Spot: He’s frozen!

(Cadpig take the

Freezard: (In Steve McGowan Voice, Groan) Oh, no! They’ve escaped!

Rolly: This isn’t over yet!

Lucky: Let’s do this! R.R Badge Holder!

Freezard: Huh?

Lucky: Freezard, you’re under arrest for freeze people and swallowed my friends!

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) Oh, yeah? I’ll show you guys!

(He throws a handful of nuts and bolts onto the ground, where they transform into a squad of Cyclobots.)

Rolly: Let’s do this!

Lucky: Guys! Have these! (He throws the weapons)

Spot: What’s that?

Lucky: These are Heat Blaster, by press the trigger and heat ray comes out.

Rolly: Wicker!

Cadpig: Wow!

Pongo: Everything was all okay.


Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice) You not done yet, Rescue Rangers!

(He removed the DNA Patch and grows)

Lucky: Oh, no! He’s turn big! Here Ro-Dog, boy.

(Ro-Person let it go and the Ro-Dog went to them. They climb aboard and the Ro-Dog stands up with its weapon.) Rolly: Okay, let’s do this!

Freezard: (Growl)

(They fight for combat)

Lucky: Take some of that! Buzz Cut full power!

(Ro-Dog tossed the Buzz Cut, but Freezard dodge it)

Freezard: (In Tom Clements Voice/Laugh) (Deep Voice) Have some icicle, Rangers!

(He throws the icicle on the Ro-Dog and then explodes)

Lucky: We’ll show you, Freezard!


Chip: Lucky.

Lucky: What is it, Chi- I mean Agent 78?

Chip: I bet is time to use Shadow Force Robot.

Lucky: Right. I vote Mode Blue.

(Freezard Groans)

Lucky: Fire!

(Freezard Groans)

Lucky: Your time is up!

(Freezard Groans and he turned back into a card)

(Lucky suck the card with the sucker)

Lucky: (To Freezard as the freeze card) They’ll be no more making snow till Christmas!

(Commercial Break)

(That night in the Jail Factory, Fat Cat around sulking)

Queen Wispwax: And so, my royal villain Fat Cat has moved to the new place called the Jail Factory after my palace was destroyed.

Fat Cat: You just wait and see, my queen.

Lucky: Here’s your coco for you, sir.

Lt. Pug: (Sighs) Thanks Lucky.

Lucky: Tripod, how you feeling.

Tripod: Fine, Lucky. Thank you. Right, guys?

(Dalmatians Agreed)

Lucky: And our pebbles hunters’ day was cancelled because you are frozen.

Lt. Pug: (Sighs) It’s okay, Lucky. We can start all over again next time.

Tirpod: So you’re new Heat Blaster was beautiful.

Lucky: Thanks. And also I have some very bad news.

Cadpig: What kind of bad news?

Lucky: Now, everybody. This is very danger about what happened. Queen Wispwax had returned. So now she back in the leader. That if we destroyed her, she’ll destroy us. And she was going to rebuild her palace in this city.

Lt. Pug: Then how?

Tripod: Are we going to use our weapons?

Lucky: I not sure.

(Doors open)

Roger: Animals. (Pants) I just heard the message from City of Sinclair City Hall. You all my Dalmatians are Rescue Rangers… yeah.

Anita: We heard Chip on our phone about Queen Wispwax has back. So you figured it out, how you going to beat her when you are the Rescue Rangers.

Roger: That’s right you, guys. You going to beat her. And we must!

Announcer: Next time on 101 Dalmatians Rescue Rangers….

(Band Music)

Roger: There was a circus in the City Of Sinclair.

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