"In Your Imagination" is a  song sung by Miku—or, more accurately, by several Mikus. Miku sings about all of the amazing places that you can go when you let your mind imagine wonderful things.She sang this Elmo song when she was preschool teacher of the day.

Written by Christopher Cerf
Publisher Splotched Animal Music

Lyrics Edit


It's incredible where you can go

In your imagination

Hitch a ride on a cloud

And go sailing off into the blue

Ask the high flying birdies

To come with you

On your vacation

There's a rainbow of beautiful colors

Waiting for you


It's remarkable who you can be

In your imagination

Glub, glub, glub

You can swim with the fishies

Or go for a walk on the moon

Or make friends with a seal

And engage him in deep conversation

While an owl with a saxophone

Plays you a rock and roll tune

You can see what you wanna see

Be what you wanna be

Feel what you're longing to feel

Just look in your mind

There's a place you will find

Where the things that you dream of seem real

It's astonishing what you can do

With your imagination

There are so many things to go over

And under and through

So Elmo is pleased to extend you

This kind invitation

You can visit a world that is simply

Too good to be true

La la la la la la

Too good to be true!


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