In The Light of the Sun is American death metal band Morgue For Maria's third album, released on December 15th 2009. It is preceded by 2007's Vital Organs, and features Eternal Guardians drummer Michael Olivera, due to Joseph Lewis Junior's abscence.

Recording and Joseph Lewis Junior's absence

The album was recorded between September 2008 and January 2009, but a few additional songs were left without drums after Joseph Lewis Junior sprained his ankle, cutting back the slated March 2009 release date. A friend of Lewis Junior's and the drummer from Eternal Guardians, Michael Olivera, filled in for him, and the band re-recorded all the songs with Olivera drumming, thus giving him credit on the album. In an interview about his involvement with Morgue For Maria's album, he said: "Joe's a good friend of mine, and I'm honoured that his band [Morgue For Maria] wanted me to fill in for him. It's a pretty different experience playing in Morgue For Maria though, as I have to play twice as fast, due to the fact that Eternal Guardians is more toned down than Morgue, but it was still an awesome experience with Jordan's deathly grunt and Pete, Devon and Aleks' shredding guitars surrounding me. The band are one of my favourites, and I'm not being a kiss ass".

Promotion and release

The first single, Bite Me, was released on September 13th 2009 to promote the album. The band played "Bite Me" to end their August 19th show in New York, but it featured a different guitar solo from Jordan "Madman" Marcus. The night before the album's release, December 14th, Morgue For Maria played a one off show in New York City in to celebrate the release of the album, with concert goers recieving a free copy of In The Light of the Sun upon purchasing tickets. The band also invited Eternal Guardians to play at the show, and the band did, with Mike Olivera and the other members playing a one off gig, as on hiatus.


The album was generally well recieved by critics, and was noted as the band's strongest release since their debut. Robert Effeld of Metal Hammer said the album was a rare and triumphant death metal release, and praised Mike Olivera's drumming. However Jeffrey Lamb of Metal said: "The album is an all over the place work. It's not cohesive, another dissapointment from Morgue For Maria". Lamb, and the website, have been known for their disliking of the band with their previous releases.


On the band's website, frontman Jordan "Madman" Marcus confirmed that the band would be touring the US to promote the album, going into the new year. They also confirmed that a few international shows would follow, in the UK and Europe. Jordan also expressed interest in playing in Australia and New Zealand, as the band has never before. They have replaced Daysend for the upcoming Metal Oceania 2010, due to Daysend's commitment to the new album. Jordan has confirmed the band will be appearing at Metal Oceania 2010. In early 2010 following Joseph Lewis Junior's permanent departure from the band, and the recruiting of former Fervor drummer Jon Karr, the tours were questioned, but the band resumed the touring with their new drummer shortly after. On March 17th the band release a promo on their site for the Metal Oceania 2010 shows, reading "The Fuckers Are Going Oceanic". The band also said the date tickets go on sale, March 27th 2010 for their fans in Australia and New Zealand.

Track listing

  1. "Bite Me" - 5:00
  2. "In The Light of the Sun" - 7:45
  3. "Feel" - 5:45
  4. "Nothing More Nothing Less" - 4:00
  5. "Broken B*tch" - 4:34
  6. "Tie Me, F*ck Me" - 7:00
  7. "Face Melter" - 4:10
  8. "Eighteen Thousand & Ninety Eight" - 5:00
  9. "Krusher" - 9:00
  10. "The Beast That Roamed" - 8:55


  • Jordan "Madman" Marcus - vocals,
  • Devon MacKinley - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Casey Kellerman - bass
  • Aleksei Mikelov - rhythm guitar
  • Peter Ulman - guitars
  • Michael Olivera - drums
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