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In Limbo is a two-part episode event in Vargas & Shane. They are 8th and 9th episode of the show's season 2.


Part 1

The JACTF investigates the deaths of two local politicians in a bathroom at a charity event, but when it's revealed that both had died of drug overdoses, the team gets suspicious of their private lives. Meanwhile, Vargas, feeling guilty, tries to reach out to Cisneros' family, but her plan backfires with serious consequences.

Part 2

As Vargas is hospitalized after being shot, she ends up encountering old friends and foes alike in her unconscious mind, while her family and friends send prayers for her and the task force debates on how to deal with her shooter, who is one of the last people they ever expected.


Part 1

When the bodies of two local politicians are discovered in a bathroom at a charity event, the JACTF is assigned to investigate. Costas reveals in her autopsies that both men died of drug overdoses. With the team now focused on their private lives, Vargas suspects that the politicians may have underlying secrets. She and Etheridge question the ex-wife of one of them; she reveals that her ex had a thing for prostitutes. Investigating further, Ramsay and Scott discover that each murdered politician was also involved in illegal gambling. Shane and Scalieri suggest sending someone undercover to check out any leads on the gambling ring; they send Lowry posing as a new floorman. Lowry overhears from mobster Ben Long and his cronies that they need $500.000 of their debt that the murdered politicians owed and relays this to Chapel. Fox checks their financial records and discovers that both men were in debt with Long. After finding evidence of their involvement, the JACTF raids the casino. As Chapel and Lee arrest Long, Vargas fights with Long's main henchman Freddie Reese and eventually knocks him down and arrests with with Scott showing up afterwards.

Also, Delgado and Finn inform Vargas and Shane that they are still investigating who vandalized Vargas's car. Vargas admits that she's made some enemies in her life as a cop other that Gordon and his family. As Shane tells Henderson about Vargas' car, she expresses her belief to Shane that Vargas has gotten herself in too deep since her father returned to her life.

Shane prosecutes Long and his minions, who are defended by Ray Bradshaw, who uses underhanded tactics to get his clients off. Following Devlin's advice, Shane uses one of the arrested henchman to testify against Long and Reese in exchange for a shorter sentence and being imprisoned across the country so he won't be killed. Long, Reese and other mobsters are ultimately found guilty.

Meanwhile, Shane notices that Scalieri and Shaw were working on a secret case and informs Devlin about it. The two confront Scalieri about it and she reveals that her old boyfriend and fellow CBI agent Brad Cooper was recently murdered and she suspects that it was Fred Olsen, the father of a teenage child molester Malcolm who kidnapped, raped and murdered the younger brother of Scalieri and Cooper's old high school friend years before, but got off after his father lied about his alibi and their lawyer had a great defense. Cooper had called her saying that he found something on Malcolm, but was found murdered when she went over to meet him.

Meanwhile, Vargas informs Shane that she still feels some guilt over what happened to Cisneros. Lee, who overhears the conversation, says to both of them that she is concerned about Carmen since her last confrontation. Vargas acknowledges that and tells Lee that if anything happens to her, to inform everyone about Carmen. At the end, Vargas goes to the Cisneros' family home, but Carmen isn't there. Although the family knows that Cisneros' death wasn't entirely her fault, they aren't ready to see her just yet. As Vargas was heads back to her care, the grief-stricken Carmen comes out of nowhere and confronts Vargas at gunpoint. Vargas tries to talk Carmen down, but she furiously refuses to listen and shoots her twice in the chest and stomach. As Carmen runs off, Vargas manages to dial 911 before passing out...

Part 2

After being shot, paramedics arrive and Vargas is taken to the hospital in serious condition. As doctors attempt to stabilize her and prepare her for emergency surgery, a weak Vargas hallucinates that "Gordon", dressed as a doctor is suffocated her with a breathing tube before losing consciousness once again. Later, Devlin, Shane, Delgado and Angela arrive at the hospital where they learned about Vargas' condition. Then, Vargas mysteriously wakes up outside of the hospital and goes inside where she sees Shane, Angela, Delgado and Devlin in the waiting room. Vargas attempts to talks them, but they don't appear to hear her. Then, a young woman (Rowan Blanchard) emerges from the shadow, telling Vargas that nobody can hear her because she is dying. Vargas refuses to believe the woman but then follows Shane and Angela to her hospital bedside. She is horrified to see herself in bad condition and realizes that she is between life and death right now.

Vargas becomes afraid that she's going to die before her time, but the woman tells her that she must follow a light if she wants to wake up. As a confused Vargas tries to figure out the answer to this, the woman vanishes. After a quick moment with herself, Vargas sees the ghosts of "Weber", outside as they both write "cop killer" in blood on the window. Vargas quickly rushes out of the hospital as "Weber" call her out. Meanwhile, Etheridge and Lee arrive at the Cisneros' family home, and questions the family members about the shooting. They all deny any involvement as Cisneros' parents explain the conversation they had with Vargas before the shooting. Then, Lee notices that Carmen is absent and inquires about it; Cisneros' father responds that Carmen didn't turn up because she was working. Later, Lee informs Etheridge that Carmen had threatened Vargas previously and believes that she's the shooter. Scalieri and Ramsay arrive and confirm that the police found a gun to use to shot Vargas hidden near the scene and that it belongs to Carmen. Later, the police arrive at Carmen's place to arrest her but find that she's gone.

Meanwhile, a confused Vargas walks around a dark alley, when the same woman from before reappears, trying to comfort Vargas and then reveals herself as her "angel". She tries explains about their connection, but Vargas tells the woman that she has never seen her before. As she attempts to follow the woman, she finds that she is sinking in to the ground. Then, Vargas wakes up at a fun fair, where she is shocked to see her 5-year-old self playing along with her parents. She opens up to the woman about her trip to the funfair and they witness her 5-year-old self talk to another slightly older girl, near a ride, but Diego arrives and angrily confronts the girl, causing her to run off. The woman asks Vargas about the girl, but as they listen to Diego telling his daughter off for talking to a 'stranger', Vargas tells her that the girl knew Diego, but her father brushes her off. Later, Diego talks to Vargas in her bedroom, apologizing for his outburst, telling Vargas that she is his only daughter. Then, Vargas and the woman watch Diego go outside, confronting somebody from the shadows, but they notice a 5-years-old Vargas was watching her father. The woman asks Vargas about the girl's age but Vargas tells her that she never learned how old the girl was and admits that she knew Miranda as her sister.

Back in the present at the hospital, Scalieri tells Shane and Devlin that the police are looking for Carmen. Then, Henderson arrives and confronts Shane who explains about Vargas' condition. As Henderson stands by her daughter's hospital bed, Shane tells her that she will call Aldridge, but Henderson argues against it, blaming Diego for Vargas being in a coma. Shane disagrees, however, telling Henderson that the other part of Vargas' family has the right to know.

Back in the past, at a train station, Vargas questions the woman about her personal life. The woman tells Vargas that she had a tough relationship with her mother because of a man become involved in their life. He became obsessed with her mother and she did with him in return, causing the woman losing interest on her daughter. As Vargas and the woman ride a train, Vargas suddenly collapses in pain. At the hospital, Henderson and Shane calls the doctor as Vargas has a seizure. Vargas runs into a empty train barrier, attempting to gets the driver's attention but is horrified to find 'Gordon' in the wheel. Vargas runs away from 'Gordon' but she collapses in anger as she suffers a flashback to the night when Gordon first raped her. Then, Vargas wakes up in a old apartment where 'Gordon' appears in the shadow and tries to comfort her, confessing his feelings and explaining that he fell in love with her when he first meet her. But when Vargas asks 'Gordon' about the other girls, he admits that he never had 'true feelings' for them, explaining that he was looking for attention, but a whimper from the woman convinces Vargas that 'Gordon' is lying. Vargas tries to escape but 'Gordon' overpowers her into the floor, trapping her in his grip as he tells Vargas that he wouldn't her go again.

As Vargas is stabilized, the JACTF argue over the situation with Vargas and Carmen, which results a fistfight between Scott and Ramsay. Then, Chloe Hartman, her son Jack, Sergeant Everett and Detective Thora Price arrived and break up the fight. Hartman orders the team to sort themselves out by finding the person who shot Vargas, not make things worse, describes Vargas as a good person who fought adversity so many times. Later, Hartman comfort Henderson, who breaks down and opens up about her last conversation with Vargas, hoping their arguing isn't the last thing she'll say to her daughter. Elsewhere, Angela suffers a panic attack and runs off, with Chelsea and Jonathan quickly running after her; they eventually catch up and calm her down over her sister.

Meanwhile, Vargas mysteriously wakes up in a fishing boat in the middle of nowhere. Then, 'Gordon' appears and attempts to seduce her but the voice of the woman convince her to fight back. A furious 'Gordon' then lashes out at Vargas, accusing her of using him. As Vargas defends herself, 'Gordon' reminds her that he gives Angela to her. A flashback shows Gordon talking to 13 years old Vargas about having a sibling. Vargas told Gordon that she is fine as a only child, but Gordon convinced her that she will become lonely, telling her that she would have somebody to look out for. After some thinking, Vargas decided that she indeed wanted a sibling. In the boat, Vargas admits that she wasn't too sure of that decision, but ultimately admits her love for Angela. Then, 'Gordon' tells Vargas that he never wanted to hurt her that night, blaming her stubborn refusal to babysit Angela, but Vargas objects, reminding that at 15 she had her own life, without him, Angela or her mother involved. Vargas quickly notices the river starts to shake violently as she starts to have an another seizure in her hospital bedside. Then, the 'corpses' of Weber, Detective Lucas Rodney (Corbin Bleu), Kyle Lenhart (Nick Zano), Tommy Hill (Randall Park) and Barbara Kinney (Adrienne Barbeau) appear and violently attacked Vargas before dragging her into a deep bottom of a river. Vargas struggles to swim until a mysterious 'mermaid' pushed the 'corpses' away and rescue Vargas, who left shocked to see the same woman again. As the woman swims Vargas to safety, she tells Vargas that she must continue her journey without her help. Vargas tries to convince the woman to continue to help her, but the woman admits she is scared and warns Vargas that she doesn't understand her situation before swimming away, leaving Vargas to continue swimming to safety.

In present day, Chapel and Shane questions Cisneros' parents over Carmen's whereabouts. As Eduardo and Sonia tries to defend their daughter, Shane warns them that they can't protect their daughter as she explains about Vargas' condition and her latest seizure. Sonia tells Shane that she overheard Carmen talking to her friends about killing a cop. Sonia admits that she believe Carmen was kidding, not imagining her daughter would actually try and do it as she breaks down. Meanwhile, Aldridge arrives at hospital with Martinez and her grandma Cara. Henderson gives them the cold shoulder, but is shocked to discover Martinez and Cara know about Diego. Then, Aldridge and Cara visit Vargas by her hospital bedside. Cara blames herself for Vargas' condition, admitting that she didn't tell Vargas the truth because she was scared for her granddaughter's safety, but Aldridge assures her that it wasn't her fault that Vargas got shot. Meanwhile, Henderson tries to comfort Angela, but she rejects her. However, Delgado convinces Angela to opens up to her mother. Then, Angela tells Henderson that Vargas always made her feels safe and opens up about their secret bond, admits she looks up to Vargas as more of a second mother than a sister.

Meanwhile, Vargas walks through a mysterious forest, trying to find a way out. She hears a young, different girl's voice calling her name. Vargas follows the voice where she saw a young girl who revealed as a young Angela during a flashbacks. Then, Vargas finds herself up in a sinking car with a young Angela, terrified. As she struggles to escape, Vargas had a flashback where she saw herself rescue a young Angela from in a sinking car. She then shoots the window, freeing herself and Angela, and swims to safety. Then, Vargas suspiciously sees a man wearing a rabbit mask and in the suit. Vargas then saw a 'vision' which sees the same woman getting attacked by her mother's boyfriend. Convince that her 'angel' is in trouble, Vargas chases the man throughout the streets before quickly catching him. She removes the man's mask but is shocked to see Cisneros. Cisneros tells Vargas that she can't save the woman, but Vargas promises that she wouldn't allow the woman to ends up in same place as her. Then, Vargas loses her balance, and ends up in train tracks. Cisneros reminds Vargas that she can't be the hero every time as the train goes past Vargas.

Then, Vargas wakes up in a mirror finding herself in the same apartment again. As Vargas attempts to break the window, the same woman appears in the apartment out from the shadow. Vargas gets the woman's attention and tries to warns her that her mother's boyfriend will attack her, but the woman tells Vargas that she can't rescue her because it's already happened. As Vargas tries to convince the woman to escape, she sees the woman's reaction where they both hears Gordon's voice. Then, Gordon furiously arrived at the apartment, confronting the woman for putting her sister in danger. Vargas is horrified to discover the woman is herself as she remembers the whole incident with Angela and the sinking car, including where Vargas got drunk while watching her sister. Then, 'Vargas' accused Gordon of being a unfit father, reminds him that she saw him going to a stripper club while he was supposed to be spending time with his daughter. Gordon violently attacks her but she fights back and runs into a bathroom for safety. Vargas attempts to break the mirror but she notices a blood leaking on the floor. Vargas continued to attempts escape until she witnesses the attack in her mind, watching herself being raped by Gordon. As the blood rises up below her, Vargas quietly apologized.

Meanwhile, Carmen sneaks into the hospital dressed as a nurse, carrying a kit. She visit Vargas' hospital bedside, vowing to ends her life. At the same time, Vargas goes to a bathroom where she comfort herself. When Vargas asks the woman why she didn't tell her the truth, she admits to Vargas that she was embarrassed. In the present day, Carmen is about to inject poison into Vargas' IV tube, until Diego arrives and stops her before confronting Carmen. Carmen realizes that Diego is Vargas' father as she furiously blames both of them for her brother's death. Diego tells Carmen the truth about how her brother really died, but Carmen refuses to believe him before squeezing Vargas' breathing tube, causing her to start to suffocate.

Vargas mysteriously collapsed and struggled to stand up. Then, Gordon arrived and comforts Vargas while the woman attempted to convince Vargas to fight, but she starts to lose consciousness. Carmen violently attacks Diego but she is no match for him. As Gordon is about to forced himself on Vargas when his son Bridger arrive from the shadows and orders Gordon to stop. Diego fights back against Carmen forcing her to retreat. Bridger stands up to Gordon over his actions, but Gordon insults Bridger's personal life as he calls his son a 'dirty mistake'.

As the JACTF and the MCS arrive at the hospital on high alert, Vargas becomes unstable forcing Diego to call the doctors in. As they try to re-stabilize his daughter's condition, Diego apologizes to Vargas and convinces her to fight before leaving to find Carmen. Hearing her father's words in her head, Vargas drags herself to living room while Bridger violently attacks Gordon. At the hospital, Carmen comes out of hiding, and ambushes him; the two fight it out before holding each other at gunpoint as the JACFT, MCS and the police, arrive. In limbo, Vargas trashes the room and pour the gasoline into the floor. As she is about to light it up, Gordon grabs her and throws her to the floor, overpowering her once again. Shane tries to talks Carmen down, explaining that her brother's death wasn't Vargas' fault. Carmen breaks down, opens up about her relationship with her brother and brands Vargas as a 'thief' for stealing him away from her, but Shane strongly defends her friend. Gordon breaks down, as he opens up about the first time when he saw Vargas and the moment that he fell in love with her, all while holding Vargas' lighter as he vows to make her his woman. Carmen breaks down, admits that she was wrong for shooting Vargas, and decides that she won't put her family though the pain of losing her to prison. She starts to turn the gun on herself, in front of a horrified Shane, but Jack, who manage to sneak behind her, grabs the gun and tackles her to the ground as other officers help put her in cuffs. As Gordon starts to light himself and Vargas on fire, Bridger stabs him in his back before furiously knocking him off Vargas. She runs off as Bridger promise to his dad that he wouldn't have Vargas again before lighting himself, Gordon and the room on fire. Diego, Hartman and Scalieri comfort Shane as Carmen is arrested and taking away crying. Vargas wakes up, floating in the sky as the woman counsels her to move on from the past and her mistakes, and look ahead into the future. Vargas admits she is worried that she will make more mistakes, but the woman promises her that she will find her way.

Two weeks later, Vargas wakes up from coma. As Vargas share a moment with her colleagues and family by her hospital bedside, she tells them the truth about her father, which shocks some of them. Also, she convincing Angela to give Henderson a chance as she reminds Angela that Henderson is her mother, and praises Shane for how she handled Carmen. Then, Diego arrives in handcuffs escorted by uniformed officers. Vargas at first thinks that Henderson turned Diego in to the police, but Diego told her that he turned himself in, explaining that he is tired of running, and that he wants to do the right thing and face the consequences of his actions. As Vargas becomes worried about her father's safety, Hartman promises her that he will be kept somewhere safe so his enemies wouldn't find him. Vargas tells Diego that she forgives him for keeping secrets including his family, faking his death, and having another daughter, but Diego gets confused at that last statement, telling Vargas that she and Aldridge are his only daughters. As Vargas tries to explain about her discovery of Diego's "another daughter", Aldridge reveals the truth to her sister; the girl she met as a 5-year-old was her; she explains that she went to the fun fair to tracks her father down but she ended up meeting her sister. A flashback reveals a young Miranda told a young Vargas that she knew Diego, but before she could reveal their connection, Diego scared Miranda off. Later, Diego met up with Miranda again outside her home; he lied to Miranda that he has to leave for a while, but assured that he loved her. Vargas is shocked upon learning the truth, Diego admits that he was trying to protect his daughters by keeping them separated, but never guessed that they would meet each other again years later. Diego says his goodbyes to Vargas, Aldridge and his family again as the MCS escorts him away. As they are about to leave, Henderson rushes outside and apologizes to Diego for her harsh attitude and forgives him for leaving. Diego promises to never leave again once he is released as Hartman and Everett drive him to jail.

At the end, after everyone else has gone home, Vargas grabs a photo with herself, baby Angela, Henderson and Gordon and cuts Gordon out of the picture. She decides to take the mystery woman's advice and move on with her life.


Main cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Cast

  • ??? as Carmen Cisneros
  • ??? as Ben Long (Part 1 only)
  • ??? as Ray Bradshaw (Part 1 only)
  • ??? as Freddie Reese (Part 1 only)


Part 1

Part 2

  • Ariel Vargas (to "young Ariel): Hey!
  • Young Ariel: What are you doing?
  • Ariel Vargas: I am coming to rescue you.
  • Young Ariel (in confusing face): From what?
  • Ariel Vargas: Your mother's boyfriend. He will hurt you, very badly.
  • Young Ariel: You can't because it is already happened.
  • Ariel Vargas (tries to break the mirror): Don't say that, I still got time. I wouldn't let anybody hurt you. I promise.
  • Young Ariel: Ariel, you are not listen...
  • Ariel Vargas: You need to get out of here. Please, you need to trust me.
  • Gordon Fontana (voice): Ariel!! Ariel!!!
  • Ariel Vargas (looking at Young Ariel's confusing face): Gordon?
  • Young Ariel: You don't understand anything.
  • Ariel Vargas: What are you talking about? Hey, hey, hey!!!!!

  • Ariel Vargas (to "young Ariel" who is sitting in the chair next to Ariel's hospital bedside, last scene, after ripping Gordon out of her picture): You was right. I need to move on. (Smile)