Inhuman is an alternate history sci-fi/horror series on WBC that focuses on mysterious beings and happenings.


Inhuman is set in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1971. Since the series is alternate history, the town is much different. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have seceded from the union and are no longer states, causing the 3 states to form an independent country. Since Texas was first to secede, the country is known as New Texas. New Texas was devastated with a nuclear explosion when a meltdown at a power plant caused serious radiation turning many into mutants. The series mainly focuses on a man named Travis Kelly, a middle-aged man who is also an inventor. He has made multiple military-grade weapons and turrets both for the New Texas Military and for his own personal defense from mutants. The NTM is trying to contain the mutants but have failed in all of their attempts. The series also focuses on other enemies other than mutants in later episodes.


Main Recurring

Jake Gyllenhaal-Travis Kelly - The main focus of the series. He is part of the Local Militia in Flagstaff.

Martin Sheen-Gen. Armund Fenton - The General of the New Texas Military.

Andrew Garfield-Johnny Morris - A young hunter and one of Travis' friends and his fellow soldier in the Militia.

Dustin Diamond-Tom Gibson - Another one of Travis' friends and Militia members.

Linden Ashby-Terry Sanders - A scientist working with the NTM.

Miko Hughes -"Silent Pete" - A silent mutant hunter who wears a gas mask and protective gear.

Neal Huff-Det. Harrison Collins - A detective who works for Gen. Fenton.

Single Episode

Alan Meralda - An anarchist who attacks Flagstaff (Episode 1)

Sgt. Carlos Halen - The leader of the soldiers sent to contain the mutants near Flagstaff. He appeared as a mutant in the following episode. (Episode 3,4)

Mark Jameson/Mah-Jaehr - An alien who landed in Flagstaff. He resembles and passes himself off as a human and has supernatural powers. (Episode 5,6)

The Operator - The monster who Tom finds and is haunted by until it is finally killed by a man with psychic powers. It has powers that can distort your mind and make you insane. It wears a business suit and has no face. It is based on the real urban myth of the Slenderman. (Episode 7)

Mr. Brown - A mysterious man with psychic powers who was once haunted by The Operator. He kills the monster and saves Tom. (Episode 7)


#1 - "Anarchists"

Travis thinks that Johnny is a spy for the anarchists in New Mexico, while anarchists are actually preparing to attack Flagstaff.

#2 - "Silent Killer"

Silent Pete travels into Flagstaff seeking refuge, but decides to stay.

#3 - "Containment"

Gen. Fenton's soldiers go towards Flagstaff to find the main location of the mutants.

#4 - "They Hunger"

After the soldiers are infected and Flagstaff is under lockdown, Silent Pete has to hold off the town from an attack with Travis' help.

#5 - "Contact: Part 1"

An alien who resembles a human is taken in at flagstaff, only to attack the town. Gen. Fenton hears the news and tries to establish contact with what is supposedly the alien's spacecraft.

#6 - "Contact: Part 2"

The alien's spacecraft and home, known as the Ring is contacted by Gen. Fenton. The aliens on the Ring attack Arizona.

#7 - "Operation: Hornet"

Tom finds a crashed military jet while hunting, but sees an awful monster at the crash site that comes to haunt him in Flagstaff.

#8 - "Infection"

A town near Flagstaff is infected and the Militia must defend Flagstaff from the mutants.

#9 - "Open Doors"

A final episode and a ending show of open doors.

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