Impulse: Flashpoint Action, Adventure, Fantasy, film.


(rumored) Bart's father after Original Timeline meets Barry Allen.


  • "Flash (Theme)" performed by Hans Zimmer courtesy by Hans Zimmer
  • "Wonder Woman (Theme)" performed by Hans Zimmer and courtesy by Hans Zimmer
  • "Stay Me" performed by Remy Zero courtesy by Remy Zero
  • "No Mercy" performed by Kit courtesy by Kit
  • "Son of Flashpoint" performed by John Debney courtesy by John Debney
  • "Killed from it" performed by Arley R. Swaby courtesy by Arley R. Swaby
  • "Turn It" performed by Junkie XL courtesy by Junkie XL (DC Comics Soundtrack)

Credits Cast

  • Papo Swaby Nixon as Dr. Ricky (uncredited)..,,, Bart's Enemy.
  • Yanet Swaby as Dr. Dawn Oraunts (uncredited; deleted scene) Bart's meets his aunt.
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