Imprisoned is a 2016 science fiction film.


Inmates (Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Alba) at a prison for mutants plot to escape to the outside world.


Main Cast

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Spider-Bat, the mutant son of an employee at the prison, as such he was taken immediately after birth and raise by other inmates. He has no actual name. His mutation is very odd as it gives him both spider-like and bat-like characteristics
  • Jessica Alba as Electroshock, Spider-Bat's girlfriend and an electrokinetic
  • Billy Crudup as Bruce Johnson, a mutant with glowing blue skin.
  • Cillian Murphy as Dr. Johnson, the head doctor at the prison.
  • Eric Bana as Dr. Blaze, a doctor at the prison who is secretly a pyrokinetic
  • Gary Oldman as Sergeant Ghoul, a mutant military veteran with a skeletal appearance
  • Eva Mendes as Roxanne/Sand, a mutant with the ability to turn into sand
  • Gary Sinise as Silverwolf, a leucistic mutant that resembles a werewolf
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Dr. Manning


  • Ben Foster as Devon, one of two inmates trying to escape at the very beginning
  • Cayden Boyd as Warren, the other inmate trying to escape at the very beginning
  • John Alexander as Johnny Goblin, a mutant that resembles a goblin
  • Brian Steele as Trolling Stone, a mutant that resembles a stone troll
  • Doug Jones as Flying Fish, a mutant that resembles a winged fish

Post-Credits Scene

  • Bruce Campbell as a Loud Bar Patron
  • Doug Lennox as Albert the Bartender
  • Djimon Hounsou as Agent Night
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