Imaki! The Last Transformation! is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Iron Man gives a case of Proto Dragon Fruits Lockseed and Sengoku Driver to Imaki.


  • (This episode begins Code Blue)
  • Iron Man: Here. I got something for you.
  • Imaki: What is it?
  • (Iron Man opens the case and revealed to be Proto Dragon Fruits Lockseed and Sengoku Driver)
  • Iron Man: This is an improved driver. For now, I'll give you one.
  • Imaki: Sure. Why not.
  • Rigby: Can you try this?
  • Dan Zembrovski: Can you still use it?
  • Randy Cunningham: Can you still try it?
  • Mordecai: Can you use the Proto Dragon Fruits Lockseed and Sengoku Driver?
  • Imaki: Of course I can. I'll try.
  • (At outside)
  • Imaki: Katastrophe, if you insist on getting in my way... -Proto Dragon Fruits Lockseed and Sengoku Driver- I won't forgive you.
  • Proto Dragon Fruits Lockseed: Dragon Fruits!
  • Imaki: Transform!
  • Sengoku Driver: Lock On! Dragon Fruits Arms: Mr. Dragonman!
  • (Imaki transform into Warrior Gods Rider Proto-Tyrant Prototype)
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Proto-Tyrant Prototype and Katastrophe are fighting each other)
  • Sengoku Driver: Dragon Fruits Squash!
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Proto-Tyrant Prototype slashes Katastrophe)
  • Sengoku Driver: Dragon Fruits Sparkling!
  • (Warrior Gods Rider Proto-Tyrant Prototype kicks Katastrophe)
  • Katastrophe: Aah!
  • (Katastrophe is defeated)
  • Warrior Gods Rider Proto-Tyrant Prototype: I did it. Now, I'm going back to the tower.
  • [End of Imaki! The Last Transformation!]
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