[1] ==Sketches Edit==

  • Ernie Says: up and down edition
  • Hatsune Miku: Hand in Hand
  • Cookie Monster wants Prairie Dawn's cookie, and imagines many situations where he attempts to get the cookie.
  • "When we say 'play with me', you say 'Sesame'" - with laughter
  • Zoe talks about different and same
  • Ernie and Rubber Duckie play "Duckie Says."
  • Big Bird hides objects under three different sheets, and makes the sounds they make as hints for the viewer to guess what's under each one.
  • Piano x Forte x Scandal
  • "When we say 'play with me', you say 'Sesame'" - quieter
  • Marshal Grover sees mirages of water.
  • Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn play "Cookie Monster Says."
  • Zoe tells Elmo that she's imagining a great friend, and when she asks Elmo if he would like to, he says that he already has a great friend - Zoe.
  • Ernie and Bert imagine that a banana is a phone. (remake)
  • Grover pretends that he's on the moon.
  • Ernie and Mr. Sock, Ernie's sock puppet, convince Bert to play "Perfect Pairs."
  • Big Bird talks about the importance of listening.
  • The cast sings "When we say 'play with me' you say 'Sesame'," and Ernie comments that they took turns.
  • Humphrey thinks about the things that Baby Natasha could be when she grows up.
  • KAITO & MEIKO - on the rocks
  • Grover dances alongside film footage of kids dancing.
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