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Ilúvatar is the sixth album from Swedish doom metal band Yggdrasill Burning, released on September 12th 1998. Its title and themes are once again borrowed from J.R.R Tolkien's world of Middle-Earth. It is preceded by 1997's Ainulindalë and followed by 2000's Atalantë.

Track listing

  1. "World and All That Is" - 10:00
  2. "Eruhini, Children of Ilúvatar" - 9:35
  3. "All High or the Father of All" - 11:30
  4. "Melkor and the Void" - 5:00
  5. "Dagor Dagorath" - 7:00
  6. "Before the Sun and Moon" - 9:15
  7. "The Chaining of Melkor" - 12:02
  8. "He Stood Over the King As a Tower...And...Cast A Shadow Over Him Like A Storm Cloud" - 13:00

1998's Ilúvatar was another conceptual album by Yggdrasill Burning centred around J.R.R Tolkien's mythos, this time focusing heavily on Melkor.