Ike and Squeaky is an American hand-drawn theatrical animated short series produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures nimation. It was released on April 12, 2023. Ike and Squeaky is similar to classic cartoons with cats as antagonists/antiheroes: MGM's Tom and Jerry, Warner Bros.' Tweety and Sylvester, Paramount Pictures' Herman and Katnip, Terrytoons' Little Roquefort, and Hanna-Barbera's Pixie and Dixie, Pumpkin' Puss and Mushmouse and Motormouse and Autocat.


A thin black-and-white cat named Ike, who lives in a big peaceful house. His rival is a mischievous brown mouse named Squeaky, who can trick the cat or making friends with the cat. Ike is chasing Squeaky around the house before it's too late.

Cast and Characters

Main Characters

  • Ike the Cat - Ike is a smart cat who loves to relax and chase mice. He has black fur, gray face, white patch on his torso, white tail end on tail and white paws with one black sole on it. His favorite trick is catching his rival, Squeaky, by using his own inventions and weapons. Ike is trying to get Squeaky during the game of cat and mouse. At the end of their rivalry, Squeaky gives a friendship handshake to Ike. He made his first appearance on Feline Follies. Ike is voiced by Kevin James.
  • Squeaky the Mouse - Squeaky is a mischievous mouse who lives in a mouse hole. He has brown fur with tan face and tan patch on his torso. Squeaky is afraid of cats (especially his feline rival, Ike) and humans. He tries to make friends with Ike after their rivalry. He made a first appearance on his solo shorts, The Friendly Alley Cat and his own series, Feline Follies. Squeaky is voiced by Patton Oswalt.

Minor Characters

  • Marina - Marina is an adult woman who works as a housemaid. She is Ike's owner of his house. Marina doesn't like big mess and troubles from Ike. She is afraid of mice (especially Squeaky) as her murophobia. Marina made her first appearance on Smashing in the Living Room. She appears on several Ike and Squeaky cartoons (such as Ike the WatchcatPicnic BattleMomma's CatDinner Chaos, etc.). Marina is voiced by Leah Remini.
  • Clyde the Bulldog - Clyde is Ike's canine enemy and Squeaky's best friend/bodyguard. He lives in a dog house from outside of Ike's house. Clyde is inspired by Spike from Tom and Jerry. He usually beats up Ike from catching Squeaky. Clyde is trying to stay in his dog house before he goes to sleep. He made a first appearance on Here Doggy, Here Boy. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.
  • Skittle - Skittle is an alley cat who lives in a trash can from the alley. He is Ike's feline partner who tries to eat Squeaky. Skittle has dark gray fur, light gray patch on his torso, light gray tail end on tail, white paws, and light yellow face. He is wearing red headband on his forehead and sports tape on his tail. Skittle says his catchphrases "I'm going to get you, mousey!" and "Who did that?!". He made a first appearance on Kitty in the City. Skittle is voiced by John DiMaggio in his Dayton Allen impression. 
  • Cubby - Cubby is a young brown mouse. He is Squeaky's nephew. Cubby is afraid of Ike just like his uncle. He made a first appearance on Squeaky's Nephew. Cubby is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.
  • Sasha - Sasha is a female light yellow cat. She is Ike's love interest and Squeaky's date. Sasha loves male cats just like Ike as her boyfriend. She loves to sing and play with mice as her favorite gift. Sometimes, Sasha doesn't like Ike ruining her life from Squeaky. She made a first appearance on Have a Mice Summer. Sasha is voiced by Christina Hines.
  • Quicky - Quicky is a friendly cougar. He came from the zoo as Squeaky's playmate. Quicky loves to catch cats (especially Ike). He made a first appearance on New Friend from the Wild. Quicky is voiced by Harry Shearer.


The additional animation of Ike and Squeaky is animated by Saerom Animation and Rough Draft Studios (some cartoons only). Also, the cartoon is made by hand-drawn animation software, Pencil 2D.


  • Due to its success, Ike and Squeaky is also the main flagship of Sony Pictures Animation.
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