Ice Age: Rise of the Mammoths is a 2019 American 3D computer-animated comedy film directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier. It is the sixth installment of the Ice Age Franchise, and is a sequel to Ice Age: Collision Course


Everything is great in the Geotopia, but after she returned from her holiday, Erica and baby Eric got kidnapped by Manny's nemesis, evil lord Derek who got his revenge on Manny a long time ago (when he was a teenager). Manny, Diego, Sid, Peaches, Shira, Crash and Eddie is on the mission to rescue them.



  • Ray Romano as Manny
  • John Leguizamo as Sid
  • Denis Leary as Diego
  • Emma Bell as Erica
  • Kevin James as Jace (Erica's husband)
  • John Goodman as Lord Derek
  • Queen Latifah as Ellie
  • Chris Wedge as Scrat
  • Jennifer Lopez as Shira
  • Seann William Scott as Crash
  • Josh Pock as Eddie
  • Chandler Canterbury as Eric (Erica and Jace's son)
  • Keke Palmer as Peaches
  • Wanda Skyes as Granny
  • Adam DeVine as Julian
  • Jessie J as Brooke


Derek and his mammoths chase Erica and got her after they got baby Eric

  • Erica: Why Manny wanted me to look...
  • (Erica found Eric gone)
  • Erica: Eric.
  • Erica: Eric, Eric, ERIC.
  • Derek: He your kid.
  • Erica: Thank you.
  • Derek: You are a sloth.
  • Erica: He is my son.
  • Derek: I know Manny is Eric's father, yes or no.
  • Erica: No.
  • Derek: Get her.
  • Eric: Aunt Erica.
  • (Erica screams and runs)
  • (Derek and his mammoths chases Erica and Erica screams)
  • Erica: Marshall.
  • Marshall: Erica, I was look for you.
  • Erica: Marshall, look out.
  • (Derek pushes Marshall very hard and Marshall screams)
  • Erica: Marshall, Marshall! MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Erica screams super loud)
  • Milton: Erica, Marshall.
  • Eunice: ERICA.
  • Sid: Mum, Dad, what you are doing.
  • Milton: Looking for your brother and sister.
  • Sid: No, I wanted my big sister
  • Manny: That is your brother, Sid.
  • Sid: Marshall.
  • (Marshall screams)
  • (Ellie saves Marshall)
  • Marshall: Thanks.
  • Fungus: Marshall, where is Erica, I wanted her.
  • Erica: Move, get out of here.
  • (Erica runs)
  • Manny: That is Erica.
  • Diego: Manny.
  • Manny and Ellie: Eric.
  • Sid: Ready.
  • All of the mammoths: Ready.
  • Julian: One.
  • Peaches: Two
  • Erica: Look out.
  • (Erica falls on Julian)
  • Peaches: Aunt Erica.
  • Erica: Sorry, Ethan.
  • (Derek's mammoths run)
  • (Erica screams and runs)
  • Peaches (angry): Leave her alone.
  • Eric: Peaches.
  • Peaches: Eric

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