Hello pepole my name is Brooklynn Robinson and im going to tell you a very shocking moment of my life.Well it was a normal day and i usal get up at 6:00 to get ready for school and brush my teeth and get into my clothes and use the bathroom and put VAGISIL on my private (i get really bad vagina burns) and i flush the toilet and go throw my pajamas on the bed and go to the living room and put on my socks and shoes then my parents take me up the hill to my aunt dede's house (not the aunt who i think saw the rake) but usally she goes to work pretty early so my aunt tina (lives by aunt dede and the aunt i think saw the rake) sit's over at aunt dede's to watch my cousins Pj & Sam.And to make sure they get ready.So then when we were making our way to the bus stop, my aunt told me we need to be careful coming down and i asked why? Then she said that she saw a thin,skinny thing and she said it had really long fingernails.And i thought to my self,oh my god i really didn't want to tell her what the creature might be so i decided to just don't tell then the bus came,  and it turned out a normal day but thought about my aunt for teh rest of ma life.

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