I saw Daddy in love with My Brother's Wife is 2013 comedy film starring Adam Sandler and Hailee Steinfeld and directed by Dennis Dugan, This film about 14 year old girl is happy when her brother got married. When her brother and her mother gone to see his cousin when she was not very good, She saw her dad in love with her brother's wife. He found out she saw him make love with his daughter-in-law. He is go enjoying his extra time with his daughter. 6 months later, Her brother found out his wife is pregnant but he did not the father of the baby is his father and he is love. Can his father and his daughter keep a secrets?.




  • Adam Sandler as Ricky Winstead
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Hannah Winstead
  • Chace Crawford as Billy Winstead
  • Amanda Seyfried as Kelly Winstead (nee Stein)
  • Courteney Cox as Michelle Winstead
  • Addy Miller as Annie Winstead
  • Rooney Mara as Elizabeth TBA


Ricky talk to Hannah, he love Kelly not Michelle and Ricky found Elizabeth found out Ricky is the father of Kelly's baby

  • Ricky: Kelly.
  • Kelly: I love Billy.
  • Ricky: But I love you.
  • (Ricky kiss Kelly)
  • (Hannah walk with a bin on her head)
  • Hannah: You son of a bitch, you love your son's wife.
  • Kelly: Hannah.
  • Ricky: What Happening.
  • Hannah: I was beat up by a bully.
  • Hannah: Elizabeth
  • Hannah: She know
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