I am a Vegetarain is 2014 comedy-drama film. This films stars


11 years old new girl, October Albertson got ginger hair and nobody like ginger people. In her bully's dinner after went to the zoo, she is a Vegetarain. Her life found it hard with she is a Vegetarain



  • Sierra McCormick as October "Ginger" Albertson/A 11 years old new girl who is a Vegetarain and Sienna call her, Ginger because she got ginger hair.
  • Hailee Steinfield as Sienna Stephens/October's 15 years teenager bully who call her Ginger then they be best friend
  • Kay Panabaker as Molly Albertson/October's 16 years teenager sister and Sienna's best friend who hate her because she is a Vegetarain and she don,t like her when October got Ginger's hair


Water ride with paint

  • Ginger: Get ready.
  • Sienna: Thanks, Ginger.
  • (Ride starts)
  • (Monster roar)
  • (Sienna scream and Ginger laugh)
  • Sienna: I got blue paint.
  • Voice: Go under the red paint and hold your mouth.
  • Sienna: What the hell is going on here.
  • (Sienna scream)
  • (The ride go under the red paint)
  • Sienna (say with the word): I hate you, Ginger.
  • (Sienna cough)
  • Ginger (say with the word): Loser.
  • (Ginger and Sienna cough)
  • Ginger: Paint on our mouth.
  • Sienna: Stop the ride.
  • Voice: OK, get the gun and shoot time.
  • Sienna: What.
  • (Ride start)
  • (Sienna scream and monster grab Sienna)
  • Sienna: Ginger.
  • Ginger: No, thank you, brownie.
  • (Monster dress Sienna like a monster)


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