I Will Never Forget What You Did Last Summer is a horror-thriller-slasher movie and it is a fourth sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer.


A group of friends run over a man but he disappears when they get out the car. They agree to never speak of this. A few weeks later, they are taunted by Ben Willis and they must stop him once and for all.


  • Peyton List as Mandy Bates
  • Evan Peters as Bobby Davis
  • Peyton Meyer as Shane Gibson
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Kate March
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Amy Woods
  • Bella Thorne as Lauren Ritter
  • Jake Weary as Steven Moser
  • Katharine McPhee as Beth Peters
  • Chris Zylka as Henry Wade
  • Kirsten Prout as Amber Rivers
  • TBA as Megan Banks
  • TBA as Daniel Marks
  • Shyloh Oostwalt as Brianna Dawson
  • Olivia Holt as Nicki Walker
  • Dove Cameron as Vicky Cambridge
  • Dustin Milligan as Jim Cross
  • Jade Pettyjohn as Bree Evans
  • Jack Griffith as Tracy Duncan
  • Matt Lanter as Lance Bayer
  • Don Shanks as Fisherman/Ben Willis
  • Aimee Teegarden as Jane O' Hara
  • Amanda Righetti as Amanda Richardson
  • Andrew Garfield as Oliver Helms
  • Lucas Cruikshank as Brady Davis
  • Jennette McCurdy as Sophie Taylor
  • Regina Hall as Deputy Sherrie Blake
  • Emma Roberts as Felicia Newman


Mandy, Bobby, Shane, Kate and Daniel


Sophie Taylor- Hooked in back 5 times

Brady Davis- Decapitated with machete

Lance Bayer- Hooked in eyes

Tracy Duncan- Throat slashed

Vicky Cambridge- Hooked in the back, thrown off the school railing

Jane O'Hara- Slashed to death

Nicki Walker- Hooked in chest

Jim Cross- Hooked in throat several times

Brianna Dawson- Hooked in mouth

Amanda Richardson- Hooked through chin

Oliver Helms- Hooked in neck

Steven Moser- hooked in mouth

Amber Rivers- Hooked in face 8 times

Felicia Newman- Face bashed with mirror, Hooked in ear, Throat slashed

Deputy Sherrie Blake- Blown up by Molotov cocktail

Megan Banks- Gutted

Henry Wade- Burned alive

Beth Peters- Stabbed through chest with pruning shears

Bree Evans- Hooked to death

Amy Woods- Hooked in throat

Lauren Ritter- Hooked in head

Ben Willis- Hooked several times in the face

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