I Will Always Remember What You Did Last Summer is a 2016 horror slasher film and the final sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, I Will Never Forget What You Did Last Summer, I Wanted To Know What You Did Last Summer and I Remember What You Did Last Summer. This films stars Britt Robertson, who return to play Sophie Miller. With Georgie Henley, Naomi Watts, Brad Pitt, Imogen Poots, Don Shanks, Emma Stone, Meaghan Martin, Brenda Song, Justin Bieber, Jacob Smith, Hayden Panettiere, Erica Durance, Sally Field, Erik Knudsen, Emma Roberts and Kate Beckinsale.


Sophie and her family go to a hotel for vacation and meet a group of college students who are also vacationing. But everything soon goes wrong when Sophie's "uncle" pays a little "visit".



  • Britt Robertson as Sophie Miller
  • Georgie Henley as Luna Miller/Sophie's 17 year old sister
  • Naomi Watts as Shelly Miller/Sophie and Luna's mum and Ben's younger sister
  • Brad Pitt as Kendall Miller/Sophie and Luna's dad
  • Imogen Poots as Jennifer Miller/Sophie and Luna's cousin and Kendall's niece
  • Don Shanks as Fisherman/Ben Willis
  • Emma Stone as Nina Harrison
  • Meaghan Martin as Rebecca Hicks
  • Brenda Song as Gia Wong
  • Justin Bieber as Kyle Kessler
  • Jacob Smith as Brad Watson
  • Hayden Panettiere as Jamie Myers
  • Erica Durance as Olivia Wade
  • Jessica Tyler Brown as Sharon Miller/Jennifer's sister
  • Erik Knudsen as Judd Bronson
  • Emma Roberts as Sally Roberts
  • Kate Beckinsale as Dr. Natasha Roberts/Sally's mother who was first killed in opening in the movie


  • The Miller Siblings
  • Sharon Miller
  • Jennifer Willis
  • Judd Bronson


  • Dr. Natasha Roberts - Forehead slashed open with hook, hooked in stomach, head smashed into wall repeatedly and gutted alive.
  • Kyle Kessler - Hooked to death when Ben Willis pulls him into a closet.
  • Gia Wong - Throat slashed with hook, throat organs ripped out and hanged by ceiling fan.
  • Sally Roberts - Hooked in arm, arms sliced open, hooked in chest repeatedly, hanged by metal pole and sliced open.
  • Nina Harrison - Hooked in throat and decapitated with machete.
  • Olivia Wade - Impaled with flying boat propeller which goes through her stomach.
  • Rebecca Hicks - Stabbed in eyes with hook, and eyeballs and tongue ripped out of her face.
  • Brad Watson - Hooked in cheek, hooked in heart, hooked in arms repeatedly and set on fire finally killing him.
  • Jamie Myers - Shot in the chest by accident by Sophie Willis.
  • Shelly Willis - Hooked in the heart and heart ripped out of her body.
  • Kendall Willis - Head smashed in Tv three times and hooked repeatedly in the back and back sliced open with hook.
  • Ben Willis - Head smashed open with shovel by Sophie, pushed off roof by Luna and decapitated by Sophie.
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