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I Wanted To Know What You Did Last Summer is 2013 horror film and is a sequel to I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, I Know What You Did Last Summer, I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer and I Remember What You Did Last Summer, starring Britt Robertson, Danielle Panabaker, Alex Pettyfer, Amanda Seyfried, Sean Faris, Emma Bell, Kirsten Stewart, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Daryl Sabara, Kay Panabaker, Don Shanks, Taylor Momsen, Lizzy Caplan, Drew Van Acker, Pixie Lott, Meagan Good, Ginnifer Goodwin and Amanda Bynes.


A group of college kids spend their summer vacation in the bahamas but things went wrong when Ben Willis comes to the bahamas to kill the kids.


The movie begins at Fort Myers, Florda where the finestone college students learned of the violent murders of Ben Willis (Don Shanks) from their history teacher Mrs. Rosie O'Neal (Ginnifer Goodwin). When the school year was over the college students Sophie Miller (Britt Robertson) and her two older sisters, Hannah (Rosie Huntington Whiteley) and June (Taylor Momsen), Sophie's boyfriend Robert Boyce (Daryl Sabara), bossy girl Janet Conner (Amanda Seyfried), abusive Cameron Regon (Sean Faris), smart girl Nancy Stein (Emma Bell), sisters Vivian and Michelle Ross (Danielle and Kay Panabaker), playfull Stanley Richardson (Alex Pettyfer) and timid girl Bailey Taylor (Kirsten Stewart) boraded a boat at 7:30 pm to go to tower bay island for summer vacation in the bahamas. Forgeting to close the school, Rosie goes to her classroom to get her keys but instead gets chased by Ben in the hallways. while being chased Rosie hides in one of the lockers but untill Rosie hears footsteps in the hall, Ben impales Rosie through the locker with a machete.

Meanwhile, at 9:30 pm the students were unaware of Rosie's absense. the kids got off the boat and went into a hotel to unpack there things and went to bed. The next morning they were met by Shuritta Shore (Meagan Good) the new manager of the hotel and other kids who were vacating there artist Kate Boyd (Lizzy Caplan), rebel Phillip Marks (Drew Van Acker), rockstar Tamara Waterson (Pixie Lott) and supermodel Daneka Lund (Amanda Bynes). and they were invited to swim at their swimming pool by Tamara. While Nancy is getting dressed Ben comes into her room and slashes her to death with his hook. After they got back from swimming Tamara discovers Nancy's bloody room and her dead body, Tamara screams in terror and gets chased by Ben. Just as Tamara was about to reach the docks of the island, Ben slits her throat right before dumping her dead body in the ocean.

That night, the kids were playing games untill Phillip asked Kate out on a date to the bar of the hotel where Shuritta works at. Phillip goes to the bathroom to take a shower and Ben comes in the bathroom and kills Phillip by slicing his back open through the shower stall with his hook. When the kids went to bed, an angry Kate goes to the bathroom with Vivian to look for Phillip only to find his dead body and Ben in the shower stall. Kate and Vivian reacted quickly but Ben impales Kate to the wall with a machete.Vivian runs out of the bathroom with Ben right behind her. And Ben finally kills Vivian by stabbing her in the face with a pair of ice skates.

The next morning when Sophie is going to take shower she discovers the bodies of Vivian, Phillip and Kate. She wakes everybody up to what she discovered. Sophie and the others and Shuritta go into the bathroom to find bodies gone and Shuritta thinks this was all a joke to get attension from Sophie. She angrily goes open her bar but gets strangled to death with a telephone cord by Ben in the lobby. At noon, Janet and Cameron start a realationship and they talk about their feelings and they started make love in Nancy's room. While Bailey finished swimming she gets out of pool and heads inside the hotel. Right when Bailey was opening her door to her room, Ben hooks Bailey in the chest 7 times killing her. While Cameron and Janet are having sex they were also killed by Ben when he impales both of them with a machete to the bed and to the floor. The coastguard calls Robert to let him know about the murders of his friends and Robert believes him.

And he warns the others and finds Stanley missing. Stanley instantly gets drunk in the gathering twilight after hearing what Shuritta said about Sophie. While a drunken Stanley was swearing way too harshly Ben appears and slits his throat and rips his larynx out violently killing him. Ben then reveals himself as Sophie, Hannah and June's uncle which very much shocking to Daneka, Michelle and Robert. When Robert was about to break up with Sophie, Ben kills Robert by hooking him in the stomach 4 times and in the chest. And Sophie, Daneka, June, Michelle and Hannah all flee to the attic. Just as they reached for the attic, Ben catches up to them and he hooks Michelle in the mouth just as she looks back buying the girls time to shut the attic door. Ben breaks the door down and kills Daneka by spliting her in half with the same machete that he used to kill Janet and Cameron. June picks up a baseball bat and knocks out Ben and the girls flee yet again to the kitchen to arm themselves with knives. Ben pops up at the entrance and Sophie gains the upper hand and beheads Ben. And they headed for the storm shelter and finds the dead bodies of their friends and Shuritta. They headed home to Florda and Sophie, Hannah and June choose to went their separate ways to different homes to start new lives.


  • Britt Robertson as Sophie Miller
  • Danielle Panabaker as Michelle Ross
  • Alex Pettyfer as Stanley Richardson
  • Amanda Seyfried as Janet Conners
  • Sean Faris as Cameron Regon
  • Emma Bell as Nancy Stein
  • Kristen Stewart as Bailey Taylor
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Hannah Miller
  • Daryl Sabara as Robert Boyce
  • Kay Panabaker as Vivian Ross
  • Don Shanks as Fisherman/Ben Willis
  • Taylor Momsen as June Miller
  • Lizzy Caplan as Kate Boyd
  • Drew Van Acker as Phillip Marks
  • Pixie Lott as Tamara Waterson
  • Meagan Good as Shuritta Shore
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Rosie O'Neal
  • Amanda Bynes as Daneka Lund


  • Danielle and Kay Panabaker both starred in the 2006 film Read It and Weep.
  • Alex Pettyfer and Amanda Seyfried both starred in the 2011 film In Time.



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